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Best AM4 Motherboard For Overclocking

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A standard Am4 motherboard

If you are a heavy gamer or a computer user that is constantly in need of more power and smoother operations on your computer, then overclocking will be your best bite. When it comes to overclocking, you cannot be so sure of your options, a motherboard that supports overclocking is always a great choice. 

AM4 motherboards are known for their strong overclocking potential. Whether you are building a new gaming computer or possibly looking to upgrade your computer with a fantastic motherboard. A choice around the AM4 motherboards will surely gladden your heart. 

Regardless of your budget or wants, we have put together a list of the finest AM4 motherboards for your overclocking needs and to get you going at every point. So let’s get started. 

Our Top Three Picks Of Best AM4 Motherboards For Overclocking 

ASRock B450M PRO4

Water Cooling Motherboard For Overclocking


No doubt the AsRock B450M is our first point of reference when it comes to AM4 motherboards that can easily overclock. This motherboard is uniquely designed to answer this need and give you that perfect balance that you will always crave when it comes to your gaming needs. 

The micro ATX motherboard comes with USB 3.1 hubs, followed by the HDMI options for your connections. The water cooling feature will allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted balance when you play so hard and all in. There are 4x SATA slots to take home, while the memory runs on the DDR4 slot.

The pricing, being just slightly above $100 will make you wonder if the listing is anything to go by. This motherboard works great with the 5th generation of Ryzen CPUs and will provide the best support for your gaming needs. When it comes to higher clock speeds, this is one motherboard you can trust. 

The 2933MHz memory speed doesn’t put this motherboard over the top players, regardless still, there is just some much to get from it.  The very fact that the motherboard is budget-friendly, adds up to the list of things to admire. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Water cooling compatible 
  • DDR4 memory support 
  • 3x SATA slots 


  • Not great for advanced use 
  • Micro ATX motherboard 

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Gigabyte AB350

Fantastic Cooling Motherboard For Overclocking


Gigabyte is a big name in the industry when it comes to motherboards and other computing peripherals of huge importance. They have constantly supplied the market with seasoned products that meet the expectations of the growing public and the needs of the market. 

The Gigabyte AB350 is the product of choice for this category, and here is why this motherboard is no ordinary player in the industry. The cooling infrastructure of this motherboard, empowered by the smart fan 5 technology makes this motherboard a thing for everyone. 

There are never heat issues to contend with, and when it comes to overclocking this is an essential consideration to put to mind. The motherboard works great with the 7th generation Ryzen CPUs, and it gives you fantastic coverage when higher clock speeds are the thing to kill for.

The price tag is slightly above $100, meaning you get a budget motherboard for the price and this works well for everyone. It is so easy to throttle your Ryzen CPUs to a higher frequency on this motherboard. If you are a fan of RGB led lights, this motherboard doesn’t fall short here. 

Pros And Cons 


  • DDR4 Memory support 
  • Fantastic cooling 
  • RGB lighting 


  • Weak graphics support 
  • Poor memory modules 

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Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero 

RGB Lighting Motherboard For Overclocking


Perhaps the solid I/o shield should be the first point of reference for this motherboard, this is, however, never the finest feature that comes with this amazing motherboard. The 8-channel audio is a feature that you cannot ignore since you will want to have the finest stereo when you play your games. 

There is DDR4 memory support, an almost regular feature with the motherboards today. For gaming enthusiasts, there is a massive deployment of RGB lighting to grace your gaming screens and make you stand out for good. The price is relatively just above $250 and this may be a concern. 

When it comes to performance, especially overclocking, this motherboard is a champion. It houses a fine Post display, and onboard buttons for your manual twerks,  while the heat sink will give you the best protection against heat and how this affects your computing operation.

You will enjoy world-class performers on this motherboard. When it comes to higher clock speeds, you also get the best as with just a single click you can overclock and as well cool your motherboard with ease. You are in for a good run here, if overlooking is your most important need. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Fantastic RGB lighting 
  • Great for overclocking 
  • 8-channel HD Audio 


  • Cost 
  • Bulky heat sink

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Being in control of the variables is an option we all desire, and the fact that we can easily overclock our computers for improved performance and more speed is a fancy idea that adds up in the long run. So here we have listed the best AM4 motherboards for overclocking. 

If budget is not a consideration you hold dear to your heart, then the Asus Rog Crosshair will be the best pick for you in this category. Where you are unwilling to spill the bills, the Gigabyte AB350 will make a great choice. You can check for other motherboards on Amazon 

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