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Best budget AM3+ Motherboard

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Motherboards are one of the greatest computer parts that must be given careful consideration at all times, and choosing the right motherboard for your computing needs will be the right way to start your operations.

You will not need to break the bank for the motherboards on this list, however, you will have the best boards regardless of your pocket and this is what we seek to give with our well-researched and curated list.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Budget AM3+ Motherboard

Asrock Motherboard ATX DDR3 AM3+ Motherboard

6 SATA Budget AM3+ Motherboard


This motherboard allows you to enjoy the large offerings of the AM3 and AM3+ platforms, as it is compatible with both platforms. With this motherboard, your options are largely met with great satisfaction.

The motherboard comes with a budget price and has a 46GB capacity as well as a long list of connectivity options, ranging from the multiple 2× PCI-Express slots, and 6 SATA3 ports. A long line of USB ports, an audio jack, and 1 LAN port for your gaming and streaming needs.

You get plenty of headers; there is a beautiful compatibility match with the AM3 and AMD3+ connections, so you will not have to worry. Just in case you wish to downgrade your computing needs to a lower version.

You get impressive gaming support on this Motherboard, which will allow you to load your games and other 3D operations with ease. Much of the operations will be dependent on the graphics card and CPU you will choose to connect this motherboard with, regardless, this is a great card.

Pros And Cons


  • Plenty of connection options
  • 6 SATA 3 ports
  • Plenty of fan headers


  • Not great for overclocking operations
  • The motherboard lacks upgradable features

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Gigabyte motherboard 78LMT-USB3

Multiple Display Budget AM3+ Motherboard


The beautiful motherboard from Gigabyte ranks as the most popular card in this category, and this is for many good reasons. Prime among them is the fact that this motherboard works great with a long variety of CPU series, and this of course gives you an avalanche of options.

For the programmer and builder, the long line of options is a great delight. This motherboard works on multiple series such as AM3+, FX, and Athlon II series.

Therefore, you can choose again, it is the AM3+ that ranks best for you. The popularity attached to this motherboard, comes from Amazon, as it is an amazon choice.

The motherboard comes with a superior 4+1 power design that makes use of minimum power consumption and keeps you afloat on your bills.

Similarly, the motherboard runs on an integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics card, covering the cost of a graphics card and motherboard all in one.

Moreover, just in case you are thinking of expanding your display options, this motherboard supports multiple displays.  On the connections, you get multiple ports, such as HDMI, and DVI, 4 USB 3.0 ports with an amazing 5Gbp/s speed. Making transfer of data, seamless on this motherboard.

Pros And Cons


  • Integrated graphics card
  • Support for multiple CPU series
  • Great for multiple displays


  • Cost
  • Integrated graphics card

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Asus Crosshair V AM3+ Motherboard

Gaming Budget AM3+ Motherboard

Asus has something great for the budget computer builder and this is the Asus Crosshair, from the industry giants. A great offering with seasoned features that will surely blow your mind.

The budget AM3+ CPU comes with an extreme Engine Digi combination for your enhanced functions and support, the SupremeFxIII will afford you a gaming experience you will surely appreciate.

While the native BIOS support makes overclocking your CPU on this motherboard an easy feat to attain.

You get support for 4 memory slots, and 10 SATA ports as well as 6 PCI slots for everything you will want to connect to your computer, in addition to the USB ports that are very much in abundance.

The Gigabit LAN experience is also a great place to start from, as one of the features, you are endowed with when you opt for this motherboard. Gaming on this motherboard is one act you will always enjoy for all that it cost.

Pros And Cons


  • Great for gaming
  • Budget motherboard
  • ATX form factor


  • 32GB ram maximum capacity
  • Limited connection options

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There are many things you will want to do on a computer, and this is where the choice of a motherboard comes to play. It must be great, to give you the best offerings at all times and get you ahead in your computer-related operations.

The best Motherboard for AM3+ is our review for today and if you are building your computer on a budget, you are in luck as we are careful with the boards we display on this list.

The goal is to ensure that you have cheap motherboards that offer a strong line of compatibility options for you and your gaming needs

For your smooth operations on your computer, your choice of motherboard will define largely the other parts of the computer. Especially the CPU and then the graphics card, your choice here will define and determine the build of your computer in the end.

The Gigabyte ranks highest on the options available on this list and this is because it works with a great variety of CPU series, unlike the other motherboards you are not limited to a particular motherboard if you opt for his amazing motherboard.

In addition to the selection, it offers a great estate of user-friendly features.

For other amazing CPUs in this category, check it out on Amazon

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