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QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software of its time, and this program is equipped with seasoned accounting features that make it a top industry player in the accounting sector.

QuickBooks is suitable for all businesses and the accounting needs of these businesses, ranging from tracing your daily business accounting transactions to staying updated about your finances and helping you make informed business decisions.

To run effectively, you will need a computer with an enabling environment for QuickBooks operations. Such a computer must be fast enough, carry out smooth computing operations, and provide adequate storage for your files and presentation needs. Let us look at the best computers for QuickBooks and why they qualify for this strong podium finish.

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Computers For QuickBooks

Asus UX534FTC-AS77

16GB RAM Computer For Quickbooks


Strong battery life is one necessary feature of a good computer, as sometimes accounting operations will demand you stay in a nice quiet environment to think things through and make informed decisions.

The over 8+ hours of battery life available on this computer will provide you with this strong support.

The Asus UX534FTC-AS77 is built to cover your diverse accounting operations, with high-end professional usage, pairing up your spreadsheets, while supporting you with great speed and visuals.

The 16GB of ram is sufficient for your multitasking operations, while the 10th generation core i7 processor, with a rapid 4.9GHz speed, will guarantee the smooth running of QuickBooks. Providing support for your other platforms like Zoho.

Tax based inputs, sales tracking, and invoices are created on the go, on this computer. As the 512GB storage serves as an adequate backup for space to cover anything and everything.

The 92% screen to body ratio, Nano edge bezels, and NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 dedicated graphics card gives you clear visuals and a clean display at zero cost. These features are packed in the ergo life design of this computer.

There is a 2.0 screen pad, which allows you to write, and edit documents without hitting the keypad, while the 15.6-inch wide display, coupled with the amazing 3840×2160 resolution is sufficient for your smooth accounting needs.

Pros And Cons


  • Screen pad
  • Nano edge bezel
  • 10th generation processor


  • Absence of thunderbolt support
  • Heavy

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Acer Aspire 5

i7 CPU Computer For Quickbooks


A system with the latest processing power will add more brilliance to your accounting operations, and boost the performance of QuickBooks. This is what the Acer Aspire 5 offers, an amazing 11th generation processor with breathtaking configurations.

The Core i7 processor has a clock speed of 4.7GHz, which is excellent to perform high-end accounting needs and the smooth running of QuickBooks.

 You get solid viewing angles when you work on this computer, as the NVIDIA GEFORCE dedicated graphics card, does just great when it comes to providing you with clear-cut visuals.

The 16GB of ram, will load QuickBooks within a split second and allow your other accounting programs like Zoho to run in cohesion with QuickBooks. You get 8 hours of battery support on this computer and a fabulous 15.6-inch widescreen display.

The 512GB space is adequate for everything you will want to save on your computer, while the stylish aluminum finish on this computer gives it an extra layer of class.

There is a backlight keypad and a fingerprint scanner on this device.

Pros And Cons


  • Thin and portable
  • 512GB of storage
  • Great battery


  • Processor speed could be better
  • Can’t be used for heavy gaming

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HP Envy 17

9 Hour Battery Computer For Quickbooks


If you want to run QuickBooks without lags and loading issues, this computer does a perfect job on this and performs at ultimate speed.

For your bill management, accounting for business, and freelancer tracking. The HP Envy is one computer you can trust, and here is the catch; the HP Envy comes equipped with a 16GB ram, to aid your processing requirements.

The 4Hz clock speed of this computer will process your spreadsheets, documents, and files without hitches, while the 1TB storage is enough space for everything you will need to save.

The 17.3 inches FHD IPS display of this computer adds so much to it, affording you such a large screen estate for your accounting operations.

The dedicated NVIDIA GEFORCE graphics card will ensure you get clear visuals and the over 9 hours of battery, will give you enough bandwidth time to work on your computer.

Pros And Cons


  • Top overall performance
  • 4k UHD display
  • 1TB storage


  • Absence of touch screen support
  • Not suitable for heavy gamers

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They are two versions of the QuickBooks software, the QuickBooks Online, and Desktop versions, giving you options on which one version to use as you proffer lasting solutions to your accounting needs.

The online version of the QuickBooks software needs no installation of any kind, you get your jobs saved via the cloud and you can access them once you login to your platform.

Making invoices, tracking expenditures and income as well as creating financial statements are best done using the QuickBooks software. Whatever is your accounting need, this software has the right options for you.

The 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor on the Asus Aspire 5, gives it a perfect spot here as the best computer for QuickBooks. The amazing processing power and top-level graphics offer seasoned value for users across the world, the battery life is yet another impressive delight.

You may find it difficult to settle for a choice between the HP Envy and Asus, the processing speed and display quality should guide your options here if you choose to settle for one. You can get other interesting computers for QuickBooks on Amazon.

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