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Best CPU Coolers For i5-8600k Air And Liquid 

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Standard CPU Coolers

The core i5 to date is one of the most amazing CPUs from Intel, and it has held a place of prestige and pride in the computing space for years now. When you overclock your computer, you are often exposed to the issue of heat, and this can hamper your computing operations. 

Whether your goal for overclocking your computer is to have a perfect condition for your gaming needs, editing operations, or possibly to play your best games at smooth ease. The truth remains that you will require a cooler to dissipate the heat and allow your computer to run smoothly. 

Here are the three best options you can go with for your smooth gaming or editing operations on an overclocked computer. The list contains both air and liquid coolers for your browsing pleasure. 

Our Top Pick Of Best CPU Coolers For Core i5-8600k 

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Smart Fan Sensor CPU Cooler For Core i5-8600K


With 4 great pipes having direct contact with your heat sink. You are otherwise guaranteed a life of pure bliss, as you navigate through your gaming environment or editing world. With zero fears of your system breaking down anytime soon. And this is what cooler master offers you. 

Known for quality, the cooler master is a big name in the cooler space. As they have constantly chunk out the best products at all times for the budding public and market. There is customizable RGB lighting in this cooler which makes it great for the gamer that loves lights. 

The smart fans add to the smooth running of your cooler, as it helps to deal with heat just from any corner. The cooler sensor is easy to mount, and this adds up in the long run for beginners who may not have so much time to spare. When it comes to Intel processors, cooler masters are a partner brand.

This is one of the best-sold coolers in recent history, and it adds to the fact that the cooler finds a perfect balance between price and performance. You have nothing to lose. With a price that is on the $50 mark, you are set to enjoy perfect temperature control under peak loads. 

Pros And Cons 


  • 4 heat pipes
  • Smart fan sensor 
  • Customizable RGB lights 


  • Cheap material quality 
  • Best for Intel CPUs 

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Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler 

Quad Air Inlet CPU Cooler For Core i5-8600K

If copper heat pipes are anything to go by, then the massive 3 copper heat pipes available on the Cryorig H7 tower cooler will surely gladden your heart. You enjoy 120mm PWM fans, as they give you a fine airflow system that beats the numerous offerings on this list. 

The cooler is an air cooler that comes with a Quad air inlet, allowing you to enjoy the full potential of your computer without a single reason to fret just over anything. The perfect thermal management will provide the best support for you at a higher clock speed. 

If your Core i5 is overlooked for gaming or you intend to do the same, you are home to the best kind of support from the cryorig cooler as it offers you a brilliant line of features to take home. The Quad air inlet will guarantee a better airflow and offers a great heat dissipation technique that is just great.

You can easily overclock your core i5 to 4.6GHz with this cooler and enjoy undisrupted speed and ease. With the hardest computing operations on the go, you can easily enjoy over 80° perfect cooling under peak loads, when you opt for the cryorig air cooler. 

Pros And Cons 


  • 3 copper heat pipes 
  • 120mm PWM fan 
  • Quad Air inlet 


  • Hard to install 
  • Cost 

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Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB

RGB Lighting CPU Cooler For Core i5-8600K

Water coolers are greatly desired by a long list of persons, who believe they provide a better option over the air coolers. There are many arguments to counter this side of the discussion, but wherever your bias lies, air and water coolers are two great options to try every day. 

Thermaltake gives us the option here with the fine water cooler it sells with ease, and it is brilliant in all definitions. Let’s begin with the dual PWM fans with a 240mm feature that helps the cooler carry out its function of cooling down your computer without stress. 

The presence of the high-efficiency radiator shows just how great this cooler works and the reason the water coolers are greatly preferred. You will need no refill here, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The close loop liquid CPU cooler dissipates energy with smooth ease. 

The cooler is budget-friendly and durable, it will last you years of use as you go all out for your high-end CPU operations with no glitches. Thermaltake gets it all perfectly packed up, with this amazing water cooler. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Sync RGB lighting 
  • High-efficiency radiator 
  • Dual PWM 240mm fans 


  • Best for beginners 
  • Cost 

Check it out on Amazon 


Sometimes you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the best things, such as choosing the best cooler for your core i5 processor. While this list carries a bunch of 3, the choice of whether or not it should be a water cooler or an air cooler will always leave you cut in between two lines. 

Cooler Master takes the day as the best cooler for core i5. The feature list of this cooler is brilliant and its ability to last you the years of use makes it just great for everyday use. If you are open to more coolers in this category, you can easily choose Amazon. 

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