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Apart from gaining large grounds in the digital markets, cube computer cases are also becoming a favorite of pro gamers due to their size and style. Despite having a compact size, they are large enough to contain diverse forms of the motherboard and other basic components in different sizes that necessitate a computer’s excellent performance. 

Because of its unique style, finding a cube computer case that will provide equal or more value for your money can be quite tasking and that is why I took the time to select the best three cube computer cases that have good value options for price, features, durability, and functionality.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Computer Cube Computer Case


Corsair Carbide Series Air 540

360mm Radiator Cube Computer Case


The Corsair Carbade Series Air 540 is built with dual chambers that serve as a cooling agent to the CPU, graphics cards, a motherboard that is compatible with ATX, Micro ATX, E-ATX, and Mini ITX, memory, and other PCI-E components.

It employs 140mm intake and exhaust fans to provide airflow at very low noise levels. It also supports either six 120mm fans or five 140mmdaans, a 240mm or 280mm top radiator, and a 240mm, 280mm, or even a 360mm radiator on the front panel. 

The build of this Corsair cube case employs a brilliant cable routing system that employs creative and innovative ways for hiding cables and pumps in the case to prevent a clustered and tangled routing system.  It also features a tinted oversized flush-mount acrylic side panel that displays the content of the computer case. 

To further compliment other features integrated into this computer case, it is equipped with two internal hot-swap drive bays, and easy to reach dust filters that are easy to maintain. It allows for easy and smooth upgrade and maintenance for the fast and satisfying performance of the computer components. 

The Corsair Carbade Series Air 540 can also support a maximum GPU  length of 12.59 inches, and the maximum CPU Cooler height of 6.69 inches. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is built with dual chambers that serve as a cooling agent to the computer.
  • It has a brilliant cable routing system.
  • It has an acrylic side panel


  • The window panel is made of plastic.
  • It does not have enough dust filters.

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Golden Field

Extra Ventilation Cube Computer Case


Compact sized and well built to support either a 120mm cooling fan, or a 120mm water cooling radiator,  as a cooling agent for the case’s components, the Golden Field computer case maximizes its internal space for highly customizable layouts where all the components can be easily displayed and positioned to function effectively.

Its motherboard is compatible with a 270mm display card, a MATX motherboard, and a 170mm ITX motherboard and or intelligently empowers all these features for excellent output. It also supports a 2.5” SSD and a 3.5in HDD as a storage facility for the computer.

The Golden field computer case has a well-perforated frame that provides extra ventilation to the computer without letting dust into the computer. It also provides for a USB 3.0, a USB 2.0, a headphone port, and a microphone port functions of ports. It requires a tool-free Installation and removal process.

Pros and Cons


  • It requires a tool-less installation process.
  • It supports both air and water cooling system.
  • It is compact-sized.


  • It comes without any fans or radiators.
  • The panels are not connected to each other.

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Thermaltake Core V21

HD audio port Cube Computer Case


The Thermaltake core V21 cube computer case is designed for use in either a vertical or horizontal layout on the motherboard for the best viewing position. It supports an ITX and ATX motherboard compatibility with a hidden cable design that provides a clutter-less cable design when all the computer components have been assembled. 

Furthermore, this cube computer case supports both air and water cooling systems while offering diverse options in its cooling performance. It employs a pre-installed 200mm fan at the front panel and compatibility with both DIY and AIO LCS that ensures outstanding cooling performance.  

It also allows for easy external modular upgrades for dual systems and it can easily accommodate various overclocking components to boost performance.

This cube computer case is further equipped with a hidden drive bay, five expansion slots, two USB 3.0 ports, and an HD audio port.  It is highly functional and is backed by a three-year warranty that covers defects.

Pros and Cons


  • It supports two types of cooling systems.
  • It has a hidden cable design.
  • It is backed by a three-year warranty 


  • The instruction manual is not elaborate.
  • It has one processor count.

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Cube computer cases are a stylish case design that has ample space to comfortably accommodate all the requirements for a high-end computer. Its design allows for proper ventilation and easy mobility and this makes it an ideal choice for different purposes.

Cube Computer cases are spaciously built for easier cable management, proper ventilation, and suitable positioning and arrangement of all the necessary peripherals needed by a gamer. Moreover, their size and style make it easy to move to more convenient locations, and they do not take up much space compared to the structural build of other computer cases. 

I hope that the content of this article was helpful in your choice for a cube computer case. In the event where you still want to search for more options, you’ll find them on

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