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Best Multi-Meter For Computer Repairs

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Although computer operators use diverse tools to perfect spoilt computer hardware repair, certain tools are mandatory for such repairs. One of those tools is Multi-meter.

A Multi-meter is a simple tool used in measuring electric current, voltage, and in some cases, resistance. For the choice of the best multi-meter, below are our best three picks:

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Multi-Meter

Fluke 287 True-RMS Electronics logging Multi-meter

The performance indicated Multimeter For Computer Repairs


The Fluke 287 TRUE Multi-meter is known for its outstanding feature of allowing the electrician to use systems as the Fluke test tools among others, to take instant measurements of data for an easy solution to an identified problem.

Besides, the Multi-meter quickly documents design, performance, and graphical display trends. Its unique logging and graphing capabilities eliminate the need to download logged readings to a PC to detect the trend

Furthermore, The Fluke 287 also can continuously log data for over 200Hrs. multiple sets of measurement information can be displayed at once, giving a clear range of data and required values.

Over time, the electrician is faced with the challenge of rushing down to a client’s residence, to fix computers upon request but, with this Multi-meter, operations can take place at the convenience of the operator, which is in line with the transition from the analog to digital technology pattern.

Pros And Cons


  •  Saves time
  •  Accuracy
  •  Convenience in operation


  • Discourage site visit
  • Cost

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Proster Auto-Ranging Digital Multi-meter

Budget-Friendly Multimeter For Computer Repairs


This is a nice auto-ranging multi-meter at a very affordable price, which goes for as low as $20.  It has a standard battery compartment with a 9volt battery pre-installed. It also comes with a stand to enable ease of use.

It measures DC voltage, AC voltage, frequency among other measurements. One of its major advantages is the clicking sound it makes while you turn the knob alongside the beep that indicates the readiness of the device to measure.

Additionally, one of the major features of this device is its durability. It also has an amazing quality and feels. The manual attached to the meter makes it quite easy to use over a short period. As far as accuracy goes, the device is confirmed to give accurate readings.

Moreso, the Proster Multi-meter is designed with a bright backlight that enables you to make use of the device in a room with little or no light. It also comes with all required accessories for measurement such as – standard probs, alligator probs; instruction manual, zip-up case.

Pros And Cons


  • Good readings
  • Easy to use
  • Large display and lots of choices for measurement


  • Not as accurate as of the fluke
  • Its technology friendliness is not great

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Amprobe Am-570 Industrial Multi-meter

Backlight LED Multimeter For Computer Repairs


This industrial multi-meter has some great features. Its AC/DC measures up to 1000volts with AC/DC currents up to 10amps. It also measures capacitance, frequency, and temperature. It also has a non-contact voltage sensor.

Similarly, it comes with the backlight LED light, which also helps to enhance one’s view. One significant feature of this multimeter is that it warns against improper testing making testing more effective and accurate.

Equally, the Am-570 has unique built-in safety features, which quickly verifies the presence of voltage and even stray voltages with low independence mode.

Unlike other multimeters in its class, the Am-570 has a low pass filter that allows you to read voltage and frequency on variable frequency drives.

Likewise, it speeds up HPAC measurements by eliminating the need for manual calculations with dual thermocouples for differential temperature measurements.

The large backlit dual display allows you to collect and record critical measurements on an analog bar graph that detects noise on the line.

Also, the device comes with a flashlight that helps illuminate your workspace. The rubber tilt stand affixed to the back of the multi-meter ensures its balance; you could change parameters at will.

Pros And Cons


  • Dedicated DC volts and amps
  • Nice Backlit display
  • 6000-count


  • Auto-ranging is relatively slow
  • A bit heavy

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With all the reviews stated above, it is clear that our three best picks offer slightly similar functions. However, there are some obvious differences in the capabilities of our choice of multi-meters.

Over the years, there has been a variety of Multi-meters in existence, the list is inexhaustible. Inventors create new Multi-meters to suit the contemporary needs caused by the change in computer systems among other electronic devices.

Multi-meters are helpful in troubleshooting cable-related issues with or without power supply flowing hence, it is regarded as a best friend to the electrician as it is also a handy tool that can be carried along in the pocket.

Furthermore, aside from being good for repair, to qualify as the best multimeter, it should be fast in testing for continuity, have speed in the update, and possess better Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) capacity.

Following the challenge in the choice of the best multi-meter, factors such as quality, the satisfaction of purpose, as well as other distinguishing features like value among other considerations, should be looked out for, to assist in the decision process.

If you are a mobile computer repairer, the best choice for you remains the Proster auto-ranging digital multi-meter. The Proster meter is relatively portable and poses no stress during repairs. With the aid of the zip-up leather case, you can easily move the multi-meter from place to place.

On the other hand, the Amprobe Am-570 has proved to be of great value to computer contemporary computer repairers. The device measures all standard ranges accurately. It is used for the most complex form of troubleshooting and would always give the best readings.

Lastly, the Fluke 287 True-RMS Electronics logging Multi-meter although quite expensive seems to have all the requirements to top the list of best multi-meters for computer repairs.

It offers multiple logging sessions without download. This meter also carries a magnetic hanger that helps you hang the meter while working for easy viewing.

For other great multi-meters for computer repairers, check Amazon.

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