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Desktop Water Cooler

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A desktop is a computer that is designed to be placed in a single spot and cannot be moved anyhow because of its size and its requirement to connect to power to function effectively. A desktop consists of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, Central Processing Unit (CPU), disk storage, motherboard, power supply, speakers, printer, etc.

These components are placed beside each other or arranged well for effective and easy use. Before the advent of the modern desktop, a computer can fit a whole room because of its size. It was around the 1970s that desktop computers that could fit a desk instead of a whole room were introduced. 

The desktop can be classified by their sizes which are further divided into two and they are full size and compact. The components of full-sized desktops are connected by cables or wireless connections and are characterized by their separate display and processing components. Compact desktops are not as big as full-sized desktops.

The power consumption is low and it is designed to do simple tasks like document processing audio and video playbacks, accessing web-based applications, and browsing the web.  

Water Cooling

Water cooling is a method that is used to lower the temperature of the computer processors and other components of the computer such as graphics cards.

This method makes use of water rather than air as the medium of cooling. Computer processor speeds have increased dramatically in recent years because the heat given off by processors has also increased including the noise associated with the equipment, such as fans, which are used to keep the equipment running at a safe temperature.

As a result of this, water can conduct heat about thirty times faster than air can. A water cooling system allows the processor to run at higher speeds which at the same time reduces the system noise drastically. It has been predicted by some industry experts that the water cooling systems will become standard for personal computers in the near future and this is the case nowadays.

Water Cooling System

A water cooling system makes use of water for instance: a car, computers, etc. water cooling system for an electronic machine circulates the water in a loop between the heat source and cooling radiator. In a desktop, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Graphics Processor Chip (GPU) generate the most heat and this is as a result of changes of trillions and quadrillions of transistors that take place. 

A company located in Germany has launched a new device which will be used to prevent water-cooled personal computers (desktop) from ever spilling liquid on the internal parts of the computer. It is referred to as the Aqua Computer’s Leak shield. 

The Aqua Computer’s Leak shield will use a vacuum pump which will be used to create negative pressure through a personal computer (desktop) water cooling system. The effect of the negative pressure can pull liquid back into the cooling system even if there is a situation like the presence of a hole or crack in the piping, it will not affect the vacuum pump. 

In a demo released by the company, the Leak shield was shown running on several water-cooled personal computer (desktop) parts. The Aqua Computer leak shield then proceeds to drill holes into the piping and Central Processing Unit (CPU) water block, however when the Leak shield is turned on, the liquid continues to flow through the system without any major spills and the vacuum pump pulls in ambient air around the holes. 

It can be said categorically that the system can continue to operate for a short time without any issue even when a situation like minor leaks arises. Also, events like drastic damage, such as a completely broken lid of a graphics card water block which usually leads to leakage of fluid, with the use of the Leak shield it no longer leads to a leakage of fluid.

The Aqua Computer Leak shield was marketed as the safest liquid system in the world and this has been testified to by buyers. The Leak shield is also programmed to monitor the internal pressure of the cooling system. Also, if the leak shield detects any change whatsoever, the device is programmed to record and evaluate those changes by letting the user know about potential leaks that may occur. The device can also be programmed by the user to automatically shut down the personal computer (desktop) if any leak occurs. 

More so, the leak shield itself is shaped like a hockey puck and can be fitted on a water cooling reservoir bottle. The leak shield also comes with other components like an alarm buzzer, RGB lighting, and an OLED screen, which can be used or acts as a status screen. The Leak shield also comes with a USB port which can be used to draw power or connect to a power source. 

Pros and Cons


  • No major nor minor leaks of fluid
  • It comes with other components like USB port
  • It monitors the internal pressure of the cooling system


  • It can take days to boost when the negative pressure is readjusted
  • It needs regular maintenance 


In conclusion, a water cooling system eliminates the use of large and noisy fans. Whereas the leak shield works with the Aqua Computer Ultitube water coolant reservoirs. The company has also created a separate version with an adaptor kit that can be mounted to 120mm and 140mm fan mounts. 

When it comes to readjusting the negative pressure inside the cooling system, it can take hours to days to readjusted, however, this depends on the system and the air conditions and this was published in a FAQ on the product. The leak shield does not generate any noise whatsoever. 

Water cooling is used to deal with the special requirements of the data center nowadays because the data center is often assigned the most convenient available space, rather than a space that is specially designed, servers may be contained in too small an area or one that cannot be adequately ventilated. Water cooling is sometimes referred to as liquid cooling because various other substances are sometimes used instead of, or in addition to, water.

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