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How Much Does A Gaming Keyboard Cost?

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A gaming keyboard

Pretty sure that you have a lovely idea of how you want your gaming setup and well-estimated prices of all the hardware – well, except the gaming keyboard in most cases.


Unlike the gaming monitor with a price that the size and other features can easily estimate, the prices of a gaming keyboard ( for which a mechanical keyboard is most suitable)  can not be quickly figured by mere guesswork for some reasons.

Some of these reasons include the brand name as some manufacturers have keyboard features that are unique to them, the size, and sometimes, the RGB lighting feature can also affect the prices of gaming  keyboard (I haven’t seen a gamer that doesn’t like RGB lights)

Well, let us get straight to the business of the day – how much does a gaming keyboard cost?

As earlier stated, the cost of a gaming keyboard varies according to the brand and other distinct features that are designed to make gaming fun.

We have a couple of gaming keyboards that have been classified under different categories so that you can easily find the best of the best with the prices attached to them.

Best Razer Gaming Keyboard

Best Corsair Keyboard

Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Best RGB Mechanical Keyboard


Knowing the price of a gaming keyboard can help you get a headstart with your taking setup.

I  hope that this article was resourceful and helped you find a gaming keyboard that you like and within your pocket value. You can still check other articles on our website for other gaming keyboards that you might like. 

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