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How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming

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There are a lot of things to put into consideration when setting up a gaming PC or before playing a game. These include your graphics, resolutions, speed, and memory – especially the memory. 

Using the right RAM size provides easy access to your gaming data to facilitate a smooth game, sustainable frame rates per second, and low lag. Needless to say, your gaming power relies on your memory strength, hence the curiosity with a big question mark.

How Much RAM Do You Need For Gaming?

Different Ram sizes are marketed as being suitable for a lot of activities, which includes gaming. Your options are between 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB – and each of them will be briefly addressed so that you will know what RAM size works best?


 A 4GB RAM is not a bad choice for some games but modern games have higher memory requirements and your gaming computer might not be able to store all the data that is needed to run most games and that leaves you with low lag input. To simply put it, 4GB RAM is not the standard for modern-day PC gaming.


Some games list out some requirements and sometimes, they list an 8GB RAM as the minimum requirement to run their games. This means that while the games will run at this memory capacity, it is not an ideal RAM size to get the best out of it. Nevertheless, some games can be played on an 8GB memory capacity and it’ll work just fine. 


 High performance, easy overclocking, zero lag, and stuttering are among the many things that you’ll discover when using a 16GB RAM size.  It is a very suitable RAM size that can cater to different types of games while providing you with speed, and excellent graphical performance. It is good for avid gamers as well as other 3D applications. 


As much as the large memory size and everything that you can do with it sounds appealing, you won’t be needing the whole bunch and you’re mostly going to be going overboard with It. No doubt, it is becoming popular among gamers but if you don’t intend to future-proof your gaming computer or run other highly demanding programs apart from games, then you don’t need it. 


The RAM size is not the only hardware component that sustains smooth gameplay but it sure does a lot to provide fluidity when gaming. If you need a well-built RAM that can cater to games, video editing,  3D applications, and other things, you should check out the list of articles on our website

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