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How to cool down your NVIDIA RTX 3080 without a fan

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If your NVIDIA RTX 3080 is running in the region of 70-80°c or 150-185°f you have nothing to worry about, as this is an ideal temperature for your graphics card. However, if the temperature is above the safe reading benchmarks stipulated by your manufacturer, there are enough reasons to worry in a bid to save your card from the unfortunate breakdown that awaits. 

The most effective way to get this done is through the use of your fan as we have always known it. However, there are always different ways to hit the hammer on the nail and this article will expose 5 fantastic ways to cool down your graphics card without a fan. 

If you are anxious as I am about the details, let’s get straight to work. 

5 ways to cool down your NVIDIA RTX 3080 without a fan

1. Replace the thermal paste

This sounds simple and I know it. You may be looking for a complex solution that will have you cracking a ton of YouTube videos to get your hands on it, sometimes the richest secrets require simple steps. So let’s keep going. 

When your thermal paste is dried out, it results in overheating your GPU. Yes, this is one of the reasons your GPU is perhaps overheated, and you don’t need a fan to work it out. Replacing your thermal paste is one of the easiest ways to fix your GPU. To get the best results with this step, you must buy the best thermal paste on the market. 

Also, ensure you know the difference between a thermal paste and grease before making your selection. 

2. Allow better airflow in the case

Another simple yet interesting way to fix your GPU overheating issues will be to guarantee adequate airflow gets to your components in the case. You can do this by adjusting the number of fans in your case, or providing a better cooling mechanism to enable adequate cooling to get to your GPU. 

Just like the first option above, you don’t have to spend a single buck on this process. A short DIY video on YouTube will answer all the questions you crave and give you the solution you seek. 

3. Install a GPU water cooling system

The water cooling system is proven to be a seamless way to maximise the full potential of your GPU without pushing the GPU to the brink. Interestingly, this system works remarkably well with the NVIDIA RTX 30380 processor. 

The water cooling system is great for overclocked GPUs with a generic fan or a stock cooler. It works great to reduce high temps and with the simple to use set up you can easily lower your temps to 50°c. To enjoy the best operations, you should include your NVME SSD or CPU in your loop to get a fantastic all-around cooling experience. 

4. Rollback to your previous GPU driver 

Updates can sometimes affect the GPU driver and this will often result in overheating of your GPU. Where you observe overheating after upgrading your driver, it is safe to assume the problem is from the driver update. A fine way to resolve this will be to roll back to the previous GPU driver, this will work the magic for you and get you going again.

You can easily do this operation in your driver’s settings and get your GPU running in a clean state again.

5. Disable overclocking

Overclocking can be one of the reasons why your NVidia 3080 GPU is always heating up, and this can something affects the operations of the graphics card if you don’t take immediate action to arrest the situation. 

Going with the generic aftermarket fan or the stock coolers may not resolve this issue, when a GPU is running too many tasks than what it is naturally made for, breaking down and overheating are inevitable actions you will always see. 

A safe option will be to underclock the GPU and revert to the usual benchmark, this will drastically solve the problem of overheating. 


Whether you are just starting with your new GPU or you have been an old user, knowing the tricks on how to reduce your GPU temperatures will make a fine load of difference and affect how your GPU works positively. We are concerned with the accurate working of your computing equipment, and this article defines our mission on this path. 

Our list of 5 easy to use and DIY options will ensure your GPU is always safe for use and give you the opportunity of having the GPU for a long time. You can play along with the steps until you settle on the one that works best for you. Above all, you should be able to make progress and see the results that you desire along with your NVIDIA 3080 graphics card. Check out our site for more such insights

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