Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000

Unlike other gaming accessories, your choice of a gaming laptop as a portable alternative to big, heavy, and space-consuming gaming PCs will determine to a large extent depends how thrilling your games will be. Having the right computer gaming laptop that is built with modern technologies puts you at an advantage with good gaming performance.  […]

Best 13 Inch Gaming Laptop

Desktop remains the most used computer by gamers but sometimes users require something portable to move around with and this when a gaming laptop comes to play. In determining the bes13-inch gaming laptop it must offer a balance between portability and productivity. Another factor to consider is battery life. It is ideal for buying a […]

Best Computer For Minecraft

Minecraft games are loved for a dozen reasons. The first on the list is that the games can increase one’s creativity or better still, put one’s creativity into action as you are made to build lavish, and gorgeous houses with limited resources. Secondly, it promotes teamwork. As students and players often collaborate to achieve goals […]

Best Computer Word Games

Computer Word Games are gaining popularity, and it has unquestionably earned itself some high marks as a source of entertainment, education, and stress relief. As opposed to video games, there are numerous reasons people of all ages and gender favor computer games, which includes improvement in cognitive abilities, vocabulary, and concentration. Word games are also an […]

Best Windows OS For Gaming

The next big question that plagues the mind of every gamer is knowing what Operating System can efficiently satisfy their gaming appetites. While you might be presented with a lot of options as the best operating system for gaming, I’ll advise that you narrow it down a bit by looking at a Windows operating system.  […]

Best Gaming Computer Under $2000

Gaming has taken a new dimension with the emergence of highly demanding games that prioritize speed, accuracy, stunning graphics, and easy customization. While you might have a device that you game with, nothing beats the features employed by a gaming computer for excellent performance in your games and other software that are more functional on […]

Best Gaming Chair For Big And Tall People

I love to think of a gaming chair as a chair that has superpowers. These superpowers do wonders to improve our gaming experience and our health. I fantasize about them being a declaration of war against whatever it is that intends to stop me from having a good time while playing a game. So, after […]

Unboxing the ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Gaming

I consider the ASUS ROG Strix X470-I Gaming Motherboard to be the best Mini-ITX X470 motherboard currently on the market. In this video, I take it out of a box… and show it off a bit too.