Moving Games From SSD to HDD

One of the many benefits of using an SSD storage device is its fast performance but because of its cost, a lot of gamers prefer to use an SSD with a low capacity storage feature. With time, the SSD becomes full because of its inability to store heavy data, which leads to the slow performance […]

Best Laptop For School and Games

After a hectic day dealing with school work, you just have to unwind and relax with a computer game but because most students can not afford two separate devices for gaming and school, it is only wise and cost-effective that they settle for one that can do both. Of course, the portability of laptops makes […]

Best Nancy Drew Games

Everyone has an inborn detective ability and likes to play it out once in a while. After watching a movie, we feel that we can better handle the crime-solving scenes if given a chance to take up the lead role and let all our purported actions play out only in our heads.  Well, the good news […]

Best Computer For World Of Warcraft

The popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft still holds a strong spot as one of the most beautiful games ever produced. First released in 2004, World of Warcraft had continued to evolve and remain relevant, with constant updates and client-centered improvements. While the first edition worked fine for now outdated versions of processors, the […]

Best Computers For League OF Legends

League of Legends is one of the best multiplayer arena games available on the internet for Moba fans and those who fancy the adventure life. While the game is not resource-intensive to run, having a great computer with fabulous specifications will do just great the job. The emphasis on playing games on a computer is […]