Best CPU And GPU Temp Monitor

Playing games or editing videos on a PC is fun until you notice your system not responding anymore. You touch the CPU body to find that its temperature is way higher than normal. You wish that you knew some methods to the computer monitor to control the temperature. CPU temperature can increase due to clogging […]

External GPU Enclosure

Regardless of the portability and great features built into a laptop, their graphics processing power is not very reliable for high-end games and 3D applications. Of course, the computer graphics are sharp and stunning but it just cannot compete with the graphics performance of a desktop computer.  However, recent advancement in technology has improved the […]

Difference Between APU, CPU and GPU

When buying a desktop computer, there are a series of processors that are integrated to enhance the general performance of the computer. Some are functional for graphical representation and others process the overall performance of the computer. Some of the core processors built into a computer include a GPU, CPU, and APU. The functions of […]

Easiest Guide To Overclocking Your GPU

Upgrades are essentials and should be part of every computer package that is thrown our way. To achieve the best performance on your computer you will need to optimize the computer to reach its highest limits. We are not advising that you push your computer to the brinks, you can, however, upgrade to some extent.Besides, […]

Difference Between Graphics Card GPU IGPU and APU

Many do not know the difference between computer graphics card GPU, iGPU, and APU and so terms are sometimes used incorrectly. In this guide, we will show the difference between Graphics Card GPU IGPU and APU. The main difference from an IGPU is the way the CPU and GPU can transfer information. The chip has […]

The Best Computer For X-Plane 11

A gamer’s pleasure is a high performing fast computer and a large monitor. The X-plane 11 is a flight simulation video game that requires a high performance, high-speed computer for the best gaming experience. The developers have provided for the dedicated platforms of play to include Microsoft Windows, classic MAC OS, and Linux. To get […]