Best Small Desk Radios

Tons of devices have taken over communication and radios are not as popular as they used to be, but they still maintain a tangible effect on communication outside the sphere of internet-operated devices.  Apart from being a good substitute for internet-operated devices, they are a reliable source of entertainment and communication that can be operated […]

Best Tower Speaker Under $500

No better way to enhance your entertainment experience, than the use of speakers. There are a variety of speakers in the market however, Tower Speakers (also referred to as floor standing speakers) have been the keystone for decades now especially for home audio systems. Furthermore, you must consider whether the speaker will need an amplifier, […]

Best Computer Monitor For Music Production

For best performance and seasoned productivity on digital audio workstations, which incorporates Ableton live and other Digital workstations like a logic pro, you will require great screen real estate. A large enough screen will help you to maximize the best of these digital workstation options and make do with excellent music mixing and production-related activities. […]

Speaker Upgrade on the Cheap!

Yes, these speakers have been in use for 15+ years on and off. Check out my cheap speaker upgrade that sounds awesome! Also, here is the auto translate text from YouTube if you are into that: welcome back to the computer stationnation YouTube channel my name is DustinMontgomery it’s been a while since we’vebeen filming […]