Best Lipper Writing Workstation Desk and Chair

When it comes to high-quality furniture that is tastefully designed to suit the writing and creative needs of children of different ages, you can trust Lipper to deliver more than expected.   Their computer writing workstations are built in different styles and fine finishing that blends with any type of room décor. They are sturdy and […]

Difference Between A Workstation and a Desktop

A workstation and a desktop PC are two popular types of computers that are a bit similar in appearance but distinct in features and performance. The names of these two computers are often used in place of the other and sometimes, people think that they are built with similar features to perform in similar conditions. […]

Best Computer For Ableton

Ableton is one of the most used digital studios, for music production as it offers top quality options for producers. Composing, mixing, editing, recording, and spinning are done superbly on the Ableton software and this is one reason this computer program is endearing to users. Storage, your storage capacity will determine how much information your […]

Best Computer For Pro Tools

Whether you are a beginner or a professional music producer, you will agree with us that Pro Tools from Avid technology is one of the best and most used digital audio workstation software for music production, editing, recording, and mixing. In addition to the ram, each version of pro tools requires minimum graphics support to […]

Business Computers and Workstations: Optimal Configurations for Productivity

Many companies have gone digital, and it’s made for some pretty impressive increases in productivity. According to a Business Index run by Staples, three out of four workers feel they don’t have the latest technology. A similar survey found that people who used the newest technology felt they increased their productivity by 7 percent. Finding […]

My Current Computer Station

So I decided to make a short video on my current personal setup. Be warned, it ain’t that pretty despite having 3 good sized monitors. As I said in the video, I have been building in that computer case since like 2004. That is a long time. The case itself has been around even longer […]