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Asus – Prime ×399-a Eatx Tr4 Motherboard

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If you desire a heavy-duty motherboard with amazing processing prowess, you are home to your solution, as this motherboard is perfectly built for heavy computer users and high-end gamers. Your computer will never break down, and you are guaranteed protection from CPU hitches on your motherboard.

For professional content creators, power users, the Asus Prime motherboard will allow you to work hard by day and play it hard at night. A complete package that will always awe you!

You will be able to explore, create and push the boundaries of your creativity with this motherboard. Furthermore, with the advanced controls on this motherboard, you will be able to maximize your performance and give in greater output at work and with your goals.

Why Is Asus Prime Motherboard So Popular Among Users

Built with great aesthetics, a perfect eye for beauty on the screen, and full RGB lightings, you are never short of details with this motherboard.With cost and features the most basic considerations to put on the table, before deciding on the motherboard to take home for your computer, if in addition to these two, advanced features also come to your mind, then the Asus Prime is a real deal for you.

What other features do you look out for in a computer that should be perfect for its purpose? We have the answers in the Asus Prime motherboard, and if you stay glued to this article, you will find them out soon enough.Let us dig it up further!

Reasons why Asus Prime Motherboard Is An Ideal Choice



As important as cooling is for the overall functioning of your computer, it is often ignored by most manufacturers and this can bring in a ton load of disaster.

It is only but natural that your computer gets hot on heavy usage, when you are playing your high definition games, and performing those heavy graphics-intensive operations. How you will be able to survive this will depend on your computer-cooling prowess.

So here is where the Asus Prime kills it, it comes with a Soc Heat sink, and fan brackets, that cools off vital motherboard parts to enhance productivity and overall performance. This is just what you want.

The fans provide an extremely quiet mode for your smooth operations, allowing you to dissipate energy where it is needed, with nothing in the world disturbing your workflow and thought process.


How great can you configure your computer to suit your operations make it a plus question for your good, you want the best optimization and this is just what you get on the Asus Prime motherboard.

With a single click, you can overclock and cool your computer, all at once without doing anything more. The 5-way optimization makes the computer smart and effective and in shape for anything, you would throw at it. Interestingly, the fans stay quiet and turn on only when the computer is performing heavy operations.

In addition, if you need more computing powers, you can easily overclock the computer with a single click; this will give you improved performance and stronger load time on your computer. Overclocking comes easy on this computer, with the 2nd generation thread ripper WX series processor, which gives you potential for work.


The memory support on this motherboard is the Quad-Channel memory kits, backed by superb DDR4 memory, the performance is great with a massive 3600MHz speed at your disposal, and you are guaranteed great performance on a × 399 platform.

Furthermore, the overclocking feature of this motherboard makes it easy to improve and increase your performance for optimal use. This way you can easily extract more ounces from your computer’s powers to boost your performance.


You get ×4 PCI express support on this Motherboard, on a massive 3.0/2.0 bandwidth, the data speed will surely blow your mind and leave you desiring nothing more, as it offers 32GBP/s data transfer speed and enormous access to data.

The ultra-efficient heat sink will reduce your SSD temperature by over 20°c, in addition to improving and increasing your computer’s life, this amazing feature improves your computer’s performance.

The Type A and Type C USB 3.1 ports, give you a data transfer speed of 10GBP/s, offering you an unbeatable connection and data transfer speed that is over the moon. You also get the latest Intel Ethernet on this motherboard, which reduces the CPU overhead with a high TCP and UDP.

The Realtek Codec support provides supreme sound and audio support for a seamless music and audio interface. The motherboard is great for 4K screen display demands and provides 8-SATA ports of 6GBP/s.


Working seamlessly on the Zen core architecture, you enjoy a fabulous 32 cores and a quad-channel memory DDR4 memory, running at a fantastic speed and offering 64 lanes of PCI Express 3.0, you get a native 5GBP/s USB 3.0, running on the AMD ×399 chipset.

The processor powers, are backed by the latest Intel 2nd Gen AMD RyzenThreadripper, giving you a great deal of memory and processor support options


Asus is a known computing engine house, providing effective computers and accessories. The Asus Prime ×399 is one motherboard that offers a fabulous long list of amazing features, which makes it great for your computing operations. It is budget-friendly and comes preloaded with great features.

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