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2x RAM in my Lenovo ThinkPad x220 for $13.15

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RAM update on the cheap!

This laptop is a beast, it’s been going strong since 2011 for me!

Get ThinkPad x220 RAM on eBay –
Get ThinkPad x220 RAM on Amazon –

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Get a ThinkPad x220 on Amazon –

Laptop Retrospective YouTube Channel –

If you would like to read the auto generated text from the video for whatever reason, here it is:

All right I know it’s been a while since we’ve made a video but I’ve got something special for you today this just came in the mail and if you don’t know what this is this is a simple piece of RAM for a laptop which doesn’t sound like a big deal but I bought this for big stick for 13 dollars and 15 cents and I’ll be doubling the RAM in my laptop my laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad X 220 and it’s a bit older but a lot of other people have been saying this is you know this is the best laptop to buy this day and age you’re looking for someone’s gonna last a while because this thing I’ve had it since 2011 actually so I bought this thing new but people who are buying them used for like a hundred bucks they’re great laptops they do everything this one just needed some more RAM so for 13 bucks I went all-in so today we’re going to install it alright so step one you’re gonna want to flip this band point over and get a screw driver you know why because you gotta open this thing so let’s give it a shot okay that one’s not gonna work because I used that one to file down a I filed it down to get into a macbook because yes that way is torque screwdrivers and I just wasn’t having it that day so I’m like that MacBook this is very easy to upgrade simply flip off this panel and would you look at that we got one RAM and one knob Ram it’s the technical term for so after that you just pop this other one in there and so I actually I took this cover off and looked at the the RAM slot before I ordered it I wanted to get I want to get the same piece right and as far as I can see here looks like we’ve got the exact same mistake so that’s great so after that you pretend you know what you’re doing just kidding she lived on a dry run I’m not sure how do you been clean to pop up so that’s try it over here Jimmy so the way these videos go in it yeah you just hope for the best and then you end up getting thermal paste all over the place oh geez yeah we got a break I’m not ruining this alright so I was close I just wasn’t pushing it inferno so push it in and then yeah push it down look at that nobody almost ruined a laptop today because YouTube that is a reference to one of my other videos where I almost destroyed a brand new CPU by getting thermal paste on the pins and the motherboard but luckily that computer is just fine but it was pretty nice pretty intense at least for me so after that you screw the bad boys in like soon and let’s see if she starts you notice I have the nine cell battery on this one and while that battery doesn’t nearly hold the capacity that it originally did it still gets about three or four hours which is pretty awesome I think when I had it originally it got twelve hours it was crazy but I don’t think there’s a lot of people that manufacture those batteries hmm I think it’s dead Jim all right so looking at the system info here in Linux Mint let’s get in there closer we can see with all the flashing things there voice it does have seven point seven gigabytes of RAM I can’t see that that’s alright because it is way blurry and flickering so yeah guys that’s that’s about it for this video very straightforward these things are fantastically affordable on eBay right now and so if you are looking for a laptop check one of these out there’s a lot of great youtubers that are doing videos on these right now I believe laptop retrospective is one I’ve been watching it is a great job of breaking down the different ThinkPad models differences between them doing upgrades so yeah I’ll link to his channel below and yeah check out a ThinkPad today

E-Element Z-88 Super Scholar Review

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All the RGB you could ask for!

Here is a link to it on Amazon:

Overall I do like this thing, I am typing on it right now!

If you would like to read the auto generated text from the video, you are in luck! I have it right here:

all right so today we’re gonna review this beautiful keyboard it is it’s very interesting it’s a it’s one I found on Amazon I got it for Christmas it was nice to dad to receive I picked it because of the form factor and a few other things but I wanted to show you the box it comes in instructions it comes in kind of a weird box kind of a side evil the logo thing and a very random sticker throughout the packaging there’s a lot of Chinese so that may tell you a little bit about the origin let’s get in here let’s see if I can treat this thing like a monopod without dropping it so high probably one able to see it very well back there basically this is what we’re dealing with it actually looks pretty good right it’s got the the fun RGB thing everybody’s into these days but on so I don’t remember exactly what this form factor is called in terms of you see how it’s not the full ten keyless as I’m with the full-size right you’d have a over here you’d have the keypad thing but instead it’s like remove the keypad but still keep these keys that I personally use frequently home and page up page down and it likes a little teeth ring also delete I have that done so here it is and it looks good it’s not always stuck to that annoying rainbow pattern because who could get anything done looking at that all day also look at that look at that you go right there okay don’t don’t give up on me alright maybe we’ll cut that out maybe we’ll leave it in because it’s raw anyways so it comes with this awesome little user guide which I honestly had to break out again just because there’s there’s no there’s no real indication on how to change all the color stuff but it does have just have different lighting modes look at that you can plug in and play with this bad boy yeah so as you can see there’s there’s no indication that this comes with software you know I actually didn’t even look but I’m pretty sure that there’s no like onboard software that would control this same for you so here it is on Amazon I removed the price because I don’t know Amazon’s funny about affiliate stuff but I will link to this in the description so I would get a affiliate commission from that just to be fully transparent so if you buy it hey why not but if not no worries this is uh on Amazon’s title the e element Z 88 RGB mechanical keyboard blue switched out for the block so it comes with a few extra keys in here pretty standard and a key removal thing I won’t bother showing that because it’s it’s uh I mean it’s whatever not really showing so I will show you a few modes though because it’s cool it’s got um how do we do this function plus/minus to adjust the backlight color right seven different color options one weird thing that I noticed about this and I actually I will try and do this can I do this one hand maybe not function here we go so I’m also changing but basically it can go through so I can light up like that see you can do solid color I guess that was maybe a fading color or slightly pulsating I can’t even tell on the camera um you can do fun stuff whenever Easter colors this is for like if you push a key like pounds out from that whatever that’s called you got the RGB thing I guess that’s just nothing and then this is actually what I keep it at all the time it’s just solid green I also did that the mouse which I’ll do in another video but basically I do this hello green because greens awesome but also because if you do some of the other colors and I’ll try to do this real quick something like colors have like a trailing thing I don’t know how to explain it on a technical level I’m sure there’s a name for it but it’s basically where you like glance away real quick and out of the corner of your eye you can see that it’s not like the right refresh rate but you can see that it like trails I let’s see if the camera does it actually don’t know if that’ll work so to change colors what do we do function + – all right let’s go here function + + – I can see it on that one not that one okay let’s see which is the worst offender this is the worst offender I think this is supposed to be white I don’t know if the camera is picking that up this is really silly sorry for getting dizzy but um you can kind of see a trail yeah I think you can you can see a trail different colors like they’re not all refreshing at the same rate oh it’s it drives me crazy because normally I would put this at white but every time I glance up and down from the keyboard like up and down like you get that trail of color so that’s certainly something to watch out for with this keyboard but if you’re just doing like a different like solid blue green or red you’re probably gonna be ok with that weird nuance so like I said I just keep it green was the time I mean hey if I take it to a land party maybe I’ll I’ll rainbow it up or get the WASD thing going on yeah like I said I wanted this main the main feature of having this format in the keyboard the click Enis not bad it’s a little loud but they’re supposed to be blue style with that quotes there and I mean that’s that’s really about it it does have a nice removable you can you can see I’ve routed the cord through the desk here but it has a removable USB type not see you but being any or whatever I don’t know it plugs in there it comes undone that’s a nice feature I don’t think is I think special about the underside no you can see I’ll just take these off you can see the keys here I actually have a brown part on them so if you’re super into your mechanical keyboard and that means something to you other than sound then by all means that’s what it is got your other can use that are you know home surge play whatever have those little symbols it looks like they’re kind of lit up if you’re far back but I think that’s just thick the glare off of them they are not lit up they’re just painted on you also I guess you do have the brightness level indicators on these edges nice this I guess is maybe cycling through the colors anyways yeah you got Chinese you got English instructions if you’re looking for something it’s kind of compact still mechanically still kind of gamy and this is probably gonna be right up your alley so that being said thanks for watching and I really appreciate it link in the description to where you can get this product and also stay tuned because I’m going to be recording about this pretty sweet mouse over here right after this thanks guys

Rosewell NEON M59 Gaming Mouse Review

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Just look at that sweet RGB stripe.

Here is that link to the Rosewell NEON M59 on Amazon –

In case you want to read through the full transcript for the video, here you go:

all right so we are taking a look at the Roswell neon m59 so this is a pretty sweet gaming mouse ish I mean it can be a work mouse but it’s like a gaming style Mouse this guy DPI settings it’s got the RGB most importantly I enjoyed it I like it so I’m gonna bring you in for a closer look trying to do that okay so you may have seen in a previous video I just did on this awesome keyboard but today well now we are going to be focusing on this mouse which is pretty sweet looking and green I have to say about the mouse so I got this off Amazon I will link to that in the description below and full disclosure that will be an affiliate link to which I will get some sort of kickback so if you want to buy it through that that’s great if not that is okay as well so it’s got a pretty good reviews on here as you can see it’s got the RGB us like striping if you will this is the box that comes in it’s pretty standard except it’s it’s always interesting how you get a product offline and it looks like it’s meant to be on a show as far as I know it’s not a lot of Roosevelt products on shelves me me at a few computer stores that I left so I mean like I said standard stuff does have a nice braided cable which they advertise so I mean it feels really good you see the texture on there yeah that’s that so does come with a little instruction booklet which I actually had lost but you can always look this stuff up online too which I ended up doing so that being said let’s pull up the software that it comes with now if you saw the other video you’ll know that this thing does not come with software that being said I also love it so I will stop saying that being said we got um check it out you got steady you got color screaming I think that’s like the default and I set it to slow because I think that’s pretty cool you can see it does that nice striping no yeah it’s a little bit better so that’s that’s actually what I had it set to you for how long revenues almost two solid months now and that is because this software is only for Windows which makes sense you know I guess a lot of people use Windows I am personally a full-time Linux user unless it comes to gaming so but if by the off chance you are going to use this mouse under Linux you can change the settings here in Windows and they will it’s like it like writes it to the mouse or something I’m not entirely sure I’d be fun to figure out but those settings will carry over when you boot into Linux so I had it set to green to match the keyboard we also have like tail which it’s an interesting name for it I guess but it kind of just colors back and forth tailing tail at the color tails in because it’s not lit up constantly maybe that’s sort of saying you can do fast slow medium slow it would be interesting to check it out it’s pretty neat I always think the slow effects are better if you’re actually sitting and doing stuff oh cool so if you like this is if you click it’ll light up different colors um what else we got with the wave let’s try to wave the wave yep that is basically a tiny seizure don’t want that personally so yeah I am I just wanted a nice bright you set the brightness on it I just want it to match so I think it it looks pretty similar you know anyway so that is the the Roswell neon m59 I didn’t go into any of the DPI settings it’s pretty standard you can actually which I mean if you’re really into your sensitivity you can go in here and you can set the different level so like one this is you know one click then you click it again it’s level two click it again level three then it cycles through I just left him a default there pretty pretty fine they work in Linux as well um you can set all your speeds and portray down the why you’d want to go lower but again I’m not an uber pro gamer so you make use of that one thing that’s a fun to note is I did not pick its the macro you can set different macros in here could be seen as an unfair situation but it also could be awesome for productivity if you do a lot of clicky things with work stuff I don’t know I’ve never used mouse macros on a actual mouse setting level anyways guys thanks for watching hopefully you’ve enjoyed this small review on the mouse that I’m using currently and look forward to seeing you next time thanks for watching please hit subscribe if you liked this video

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review

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Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review

So I got a standing desk. As the title says, it was the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous.

I have never owned a standing desk before, but I knew I wanted one after trying out standing and working on my laptop with different methods. It helps me focus more on the task at hand, and helps my body get a break from sitting all day (not that I don’t love other awesome computer desks that you can view here).

In a long roundabout way I found the SmartDesk 2 base and used my existing desk surface on it (probably will replace it later).

After using the desk for several months now, here is my review. The video is great, and the article provides even more detail.


This thing was a breeze to put together. The instructions were very straight forward, I did not get lost when following them.

The only thing to note here is that this thing is super heavy, and you will need to turn it over a time or two. You may want a second set of hands to help, but was able to go it alone.

Lifting Capacity

This standing desk can lift 220 lbs! I laid on it and went up and down, and yes that was fun. This should be plenty of lift for your entire computer station.

Do note that the SmartDesk 2 – Business Edition has a lifting capacity of 300 lbs. This may come in handy if you are running giant CRT monitors still or something weird.


The stability of this desk is great! I had previously looked at some standing desk that was on sale at Office Max and ready many reviews that the desk was not stable and it was very noticeable. Glad I avoided that.

The only time you notice a tiny bit of wobble is if you really shove the desk pretty hard, or when it is going up and down. Not a big deal for me since I am also going up and down with it.


This is not a silent desk by any means. There is an audible hum when adjusting the height of this desk. It does not bother me though.

It is a sound that a microphone would probably pick up, but then again so is the sound of the space heater that is next to me.

Adjustment Height Range

The adjustment height range of the SmartDesk 2 is 29 inches – 47 inches. I am under 6 ft. tall, and I have no issues with how high it goes.

That being said, I do wish it went a little lower, just one or two inches to be flush with my arms.

The adjustment height range of the SmartDesk 2 – Business Edition is 24 inches to 51 inches. This could be a future upgrade.

Adjustment Height Speed

The adjustment speed of SmartDesk 2 is 1 inch per second (compared to the Business Edition which is 2.3 inches per second). This speed is fine for me, I can take an extra second to stretch which I do any way.


The controls are pretty basic. You have 7 buttons on a panel that mounts under the desk. You can really place it any where you like. Instead of on the front I put mine off to the left side so it makes my desk look cleaner.

One button helps you save a height, 4 buttons that initiate a saved height, and two buttons to go up and down. Pretty easy!


Warranty has never been much of a selling point for me, but it can be a, “nice to have” sort of thing. The warranty of the home edition is 1 year, but the business edition is 5 years.


Should you buy the Autonomous SmartDesk 2? Yes, but as with all things, it depends on your exact needs. There are also other types of standing desks to consider.

If you are looking for a way to get standing more at your computer station, then the SmartDesk 2 is a great way to do it without completely breaking the bank.

Build Log Complete! Metallic Gear Neo G Mini Final Video

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Yes, I finally completed the Metallic Gear Neo G Mini Build Log!

Watch the video and let me know what you think, it certainly was a labor of love!

Here is the auto generated text from this video if you would rather read through that:

the time has come to show off the masterpiece I know it’s been a long time since the last video you can tell my face has grown long as they say and so is my hair I mean life happens things get busy but this machine’s been performing beautifully as you can see we got the the RGB strip down here in front cheapo knockoffs fans they don’t work or a sink that’s okay I’m not really concerned about that the only thing that kind of irks me a little bit is I have one RGB header which I put the strip on and so the case comes I you can’t see from this angle has a little bottom light in the front that works with the or a sink it’s just shining white because I had to unhook it to plug in the stripper fans of Linux and RGB may be a little disappointed because or sync does not have any native Linux clients there are some scripts out there I believe that people have created but it’s not quite the same so that stinks I’ll did I’ll live with it it’s fine one other thing is this thing is it does perform beautifully it I mean transfer speeds and everything is just so much faster than what I used to have I don’t have any benchmarks that I’ve run because quite frankly I haven’t had a lot of time and that’s why this videos late but you know I use it while I’m working from home every day you know maybe I’ll make a video on that soon a lot of people ask me how or do you like working from home yes it is awesome and you probably could find a job working from home if you really wanted to maybe there’s a lot of options out there but that’s for another video so in the meantime enjoy the beautiful footage [Music] alright guys thanks for watching I really do appreciate it yeah it’s been it’s been a lot of fun doing this it’s also been a good amount of work I apologize for the poor audio quality on something I know I need to fix so hopefully in that next video you you’ve got to subscribe to get it hopefully in that next video if you subscribe and get it I will have that audio fixed you’ll be able to hear me so much better so next time