Best AM4 Motherboard For Gaming 

Motherboards are the focal points of every computing device, and for your gaming needs, a great choice of a motherboard will add fun to your gaming needs. The motherboard acts as the primary circuit, connecting all aspects of your computer, from the hard drive to the ram, etc.  We are particular about the kind of […]

Best CPU Coolers For i5-8600k Air And Liquid 

The core i5 to date is one of the most amazing CPUs from Intel, and it has held a place of prestige and pride in the computing space for years now. When you overclock your computer, you are often exposed to the issue of heat, and this can hamper your computing operations.  Whether your goal […]

Best AM4 Motherboard For Overclocking

If you are a heavy gamer or a computer user that is constantly in need of more power and smoother operations on your computer, then overclocking will be your best bite. When it comes to overclocking, you cannot be so sure of your options, a motherboard that supports overclocking is always a great choice.  AM4 […]

Best Z390 Motherboards For Gaming 

The Z390 is Intel’s newest deployment of engineering and this generation of motherboards speaks of greatness and rich technical know-how. They work well with the 9th generation of Coffee Lake processors, this is what they are produced for anyway.  Released in 2018, these motherboards are one of the strongest in the market today, if all-around […]

Best Motherboard For RTX 2080 Ti

The launch of the RTX 2080 Ti gave birth to a technological miracle, as the GPU became the world’s first ray-tracing GPU. While success has since been recorded across diverse fields and other areas, there is no gainsaying that this GPU broke the jinx.  For a GPU of this kind, finding the right motherboard for […]

Best Gaming Motherboard For Core i9 

The introduction of core i9 processors took things over the roof, as it became a major revolution in the computing space and this has come to stay. One of the major fancies for gamers is to try their hands-on games, in a bid to explore the potentials of the Core i9 processor.  While this is […]

Best Ram For AMD Ryzen Threadripper 

When it comes to optimal processor performance, the thread ripper series ranks top of the list as the finest deployment of engineering and technology all in one. They are simply the best processors to go with and if you ever lay your hand on them, you know on the instant that this is huge.  For […]

Best CPU For RX 580

Graphics cards are a real deal today, they are not just another part of your computing experience anymore, they are a fundamental part of that experience. Therefore, to enjoy the best of gaming and other CPU-intensive operations, you will require a GPU that works.  The RX 580 is one such GPU that works and this […]

Best RAM For Gaming Laptop

Have you been experiencing slow response time in games, bottleneck, incompatibility with modern games, poor graphic quality, and overall system lag in your gaming laptop and you’ve been thinking of trashing it or giving it out? Before you do so, have you considered that the problem could be from the RAM of your gaming laptop? […]

Do all Motherboards Fit in Any Case?

Motherboards are like the foundation of your whole system because they determine to a large extent the other components that you’ll use in setting up your computer/workstation. Of course, you’ll like to get the best within your budget but before you head on to get that motherboard, have you checked the size and compatibility with […]

Best CPU Cooler For AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

How can you say you want to get the best of performance and stability from the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X without pairing it with an equally highly functional CPU cooler? Yes, it does come with a Wraith Prism cooler which is quite functional I must say, but it is not enough.  The high multiprocessing strength […]

Best CPU For Software Development

Software development is no joke at all, so why let a processor cause a hitch in your performance when in your mind are other things such as evaluating and testing different programs. For a software developer, your choice of processor is one of the most important computer components that hold your productivity in its hands. […]