Should I Put My Computer Desk In The Living Room Or Bedroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of us to work from home, while some of us had been remote workers before this tragedy. The transition has not been easy for newcomers. Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to work from home is an increasingly developing topic among many.  If you have decided to […]

Should I Get A Computer Desk With or without A Tray?

Computer trays are making waves everywhere, in fact, some companies have them fixed as a necessary part of your working environment. The benefits are enormous, from the protection it offers, to how smooth it allows you to work and a host of other benefits to deal with.  While the advantages are quite notable, there are […]

How To Cable Manage Your Desk 

When it comes to keeping your working space together, the toll can be tasking and mind-blowing. It is like cleaning up your home, while the process is a hassle at the moment. The end product from that clean-up is always great and satisfying when completed.  You will require a plan, a formidable way to attack […]

Best Full Tower Computer Desk 

A desk that can take everything and anything is that piece of fine accessory that is always on the minds of everyone, and this is where a full tower computer desk comes in. If it should accommodate your entire computer part and others, an all-in-one point for your projects is what a full tower desk […]

Can You Paint A Computer Desk

That beautiful desk won’t look that way forever – oh, maybe you already found out and it’s making you sad when you look at that desk that used to be a beauty. Well, the good news is that this problem has got a solution that can make it look new. Let’s call it a little […]

Alternatives To A Traditional Computer Desk

Everyone thinks that a computer desk is just what’s ideal for computers both at work and at home. Of course, I agree with such reasoning but then, this reasoning fails to consider some factors that could make the use of a computer desk almost impossible. Some of these factors are environmental space, mobility and though […]

What To Do With Old Computer Desk?

Now that you’ve gotten a new computer desk, and your old desk does not suit your new workspace, you’re faced with the question of what to do with your old computer desk. Of course, you can’t leave it lying around to pile up dirt in the surroundings and occupy space without being useful. Instead of […]

How To Wash A Computer Desk Mat

One of the best ways to beautify your working environment is with the use of a computer desk mat, and this adds up so much balance to your space. Not only does the aesthetics component add to your working space, but you also enjoy protection from cracks and dust hitting your desk.  Cleaning the desk […]

How To Fix A Wobbly Computer Desk 

The computer desk is one of the most essential home office requirements if you are working from home, aside from that, no workspace is complete without a good computer desk. While the importance of the computer desk cannot be overstated, things can go from bad to worse when the desk starts wobbling. A wobbly desk poses […]

Computer Desks with Electrical Outlets

Don’t know what an extension cord is? Then these are the desks for you! Ok all joking aside, having a desk with an electric outlet or USB plugs can be very handy for setting up a temporary workstation, or simply just charging your phone a lot easier. You may even want to line a few […]

Roll Around Computer Desks

How about you roll that computer over here and type that in my face? Ok, cheesy intro lines aside, a rolling computer desk is pretty excellent for many different situations. Note that these are just types of Rolling Desks; we like all other types of computer desks too! Once you fall down the rabbit hole […]

Computer Desk with Recessed Monitor

Do you want a computer monitor that sits down into the desk? Well, are you ready to get weird? Having a recessed monitor desk is not going to be something you see everyday. Unless it is because you work or go to a school that has them. That is about the only place I can […]