How To Wash A Computer Desk Mat

One of the best ways to beautify your working environment is with the use of a computer desk mat, and this adds up so much balance to your space. Not only does the aesthetics component add to your working space, but you also enjoy protection from cracks and dust hitting your desk.  Cleaning the desk […]

How To Fix A Wobbly Computer Desk 

The computer desk is one of the most essential home office requirements if you are working from home, aside from that, no workspace is complete without a good computer desk. While the importance of the computer desk cannot be overstated, things can go from bad to worse when the desk starts wobbling. A wobbly desk poses […]

Computer Desks with Electrical Outlets

Don’t know what an extension cord is? Then these are the desks for you! Ok all joking aside, having a desk with an electric outlet or USB plugs can be very handy for setting up a temporary workstation, or simply just charging your phone a lot easier. You may even want to line a few […]

Roll Around Computer Desks

How about you just roll that computer over here and type that in my face? Ok, cheesy intro lines aside, a rolling computer desk is pretty awesome for a lot of different situations. Do note that these are just types of Rolling Desks, we like all other types of computer desks too! Once you fall […]

Computer Desk with Recessed Monitor

Do you want a computer monitor that sits down into the desk? Well, are you ready to get weird? Having a recessed monitor desk is not going to be something you see everyday. Unless it is because you work or go to a school that has them. That is about the only place I can […]

Desks for Triple Monitors

A 3 monitor desk setup is an end game situation for a lot of computer enthusiasts. However, finding the right desk to fit them all can be a challenge. When you start looking at good desks for 3 monitors, there are two things that become an issue: Space. Weight. You don’t want to be cramped, […]

Best L-Shaped Standing Desks

Do you just want to go stand in the corner, like your mother told you all those years ago? Well my friend, look no further. We have the best l-shaped standing desks for you below. If you are new to standing desks, be sure to check our other page on all types of standing desks. […]

Best Computer Desks with a Hutch

Make no mistake about it, you have a lot of stuff to store and no place to put it. Time to get a hutch to store it in. Kidding aside, a hutch computer desk combo can be a great addition to your home office. My family had one growing up and we always kept office […]

Best Folding Computer Desks

Are you the one who sits in front of a computer all day long for entertainment or work and scouring the internet in searching for something, anything, that could offer a more mobile computing experience? My friend, you might just be in the right spot. We have gathered the top 3 best folding computer desks. […]

The Best Corner and L-Shaped Computer Desks

Do you have a room where you have to sit in the corner? Do you have a need to be partially surrounded by your computer monitors? Well fret no more, we have corner computer desks (a.k.a. L-shaped computer desks) pouring out all over the place and someone needs to clean them up. When it comes […]

Roll Top Computer Desks

You may think of a roll top computer desk as one of those old “roll up desks” that your grandmother used to have, but you may be surprised to learn there are still modern roll top desks out there as well. Read on and we will explore this beautiful world together. Our Top 3 Picks […]

Floating Computer Desks

You want a desk from the future? Well you are in for a rude awakening. While these desks are not floating like a hoverboard, they are floating in the sense that they are attached to the wall. Still cool. The only rule here is that they can’t touch the ground! If you aren’t sold on […]