Best Gaming Headset For Glasses

Being an avid gamer myself, I realized that there is a limit to what your ears can hold especially when it comes to holding your glasses in place and being held tightly by a gaming headset. The pressure often leads to discomfort especially if you’re gaming for long hours. Such issues can be well discussed […]

Best Headset Microphone For Recording Audio

When it comes to your podcast and YouTube recording options, you will agree with me that the condenser microphones are the favorites to get the job done and this, they will do with ease. In deciding the best computer microphone for recording your audio, the choice should tick the boxes on the following aspects; Sound […]

Best Cheap Wireless Gaming Headset

Your budget is a major determinant of your choice for a stress-free accessory such as a wireless headphone and that is why a lot of people opt for a cheaper alternative. Even with a slim budget parading itself as a basic determinant for your choice of a computer wireless gaming headset, you still want the […]

Best PC Gaming Headset Under $100

There are a handful of audio solutions for your games. Still, not all of them can simultaneously deliver excellent sound quality and stress-free communication in multiplayer games, and this is because they are not capable of isolating in-game sounds. If you want to improve your sound quality with the best computer gaming headset, but your […]

Best Wireless Headphones with a Mic

As much as I love moving around with a pair of wireless headphones, I love them better with a mic because of the stability maintained by the mic position. This feature makes the headphones handy for my music, and calls.  It is true that a wireless headphones is more comfortable and versatile and it employs […]

Best Headset For Streaming

Irrespective of the type of streaming or the app that you intend to use for it, your audio quality is one major factor that can affect your quality, and one of the ways that it does is through your choice of headset. Using a headset that can efficiently cater to your streaming tactics is of […]

Best Headset For Zoom

With the World going digital, conferences and meetings have also gone digital and while it is a very nice and comfortable idea, things can turn out ugly if you don’t have the right devices to engage with it. One of the most popular apps that support web conferencing is Zoom and while it is a […]

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

The beautiful truth that a gaming headset delivers great sounds for an immersive game-audio experience has been solidified. However, a wireless gaming headset offers more than just game-worthy sounds. A wireless gaming headset is more flexible, convenient, and offers effortless communication when gaming. It uses a dongle to cut the ties and tangled drama that […]

Best Headset For Working From Home

Working from home is a very nice idea that offers convenience and comfort. You might have a home office or perhaps a small corner in your room, dedicated to carrying out your official duties, or maybe you don’t have either and choose to work from the comfort of your bed in your pajamas. No matter […]

Best Gaming Headset

When asked about the connection that gamers have with a gaming headset, the easiest way that I could explain the connection was by saying “a gaming headset adds the extra to the ordinary, for an extraordinary gaming experience”. Sounds are very important in games and the best way to get them to administered directly to […]