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Best Wrist Rest for Keyboard and Mouse

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Think ergonomic, think wrist rest.

A wrist rest is a vital component of an ergonomically coordinated workstation that is often overlooked. I know that you have the alternative of placing your hands on the surface of your desk but have you ever considered the danger that simple excuse can place you at? Refusing to support your wrists while working places pressure on them which is often accompanied by strains and unnecessary discomfort that can be harmful to your productive health in the long run.

Employing a wrist rest will provide a more comfortable keyboard and mouse experience which in turn will boost your productivity without compromising your health. This article plays outlines the 3 best wrist rests for a keyboard and mouse. The selected brands are largely ergonomic and affordable too. They are a mix of the different types of wrist rests in the ergonomic market.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Wrist Rest For Keyboard and Mouse


Gimars Upgrade Wrist Rest

Memory Foam Wrist Rest

Improve the posture of your hands and wrist with this keyboard and mouse wrist rest. Skillfully designed with premium memory foam and covered with a breathable and smooth material that is skin-friendly, Gimars wrist rest for keyboard and mouse is a comfortable and ergonomic solution to wrist pains and other wrist related issues that are caused by straining your wrist during long working hours. It has a non-skid rubber base that provides a heavy grip on the desk and thereby preventing sliding and any unwanted movement of the keyboard and mouse pads.

The keyboard wrist rest is made of memory foam with a width that measures 17×3 and a length that measures 4×1. The wrist rest for mice is also made of memory foam with a length of 6.3 inches and a width of 3.1 inches. Both wrist rests are skillfully covered with a breathable and smooth material that is skin-friendly and very durable. The edges of both wrist rests are double stitched to prevent opening and promote durability. They are both comfortable and provide ergonomic support for your wrist.

Pros and Cons


  • The keyboard wrist rest is made of memory foam
  • They both have a non-skid rubber base that prevents sliding
  • The edges of both wrist rest are double stitched


  • The keyboard wrist rest is narrow
  • The wrist rests are not uniformly shaped

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Kensington Duo

Gel Wrist Rest

When style meets comfort, wrist strains are going to be ashamed. This nice-looking wrist rest combo is uniquely designed with a gel that molds to the shape of your wrists to provide comfort and support while working. The combo is uniformly colored to provide a nice look to your desks. The keyboard wrist rest has a measurement of 19 inches for its length 3.7 inches for its width, and a height that measures just 1 inch.  The mouse pad and wrist rest have a width of 7.6 inches and a length of 9.6 inches.

Despite its soft and jelly appearance, these wrist rests have anti-skid bottoms that make it very stable when placed on a desk. Another incredible feature employed by this ergonomic and stylish wrist rest is the ventilation channels that help to keep the hands cool and dry. Both wrists rest use the body temperature to determine its state of coldness or warmth. They are both designed to conform to your body’s natural contour and further minimize the pressure on your hands and wrists.

Pros and Cons


  • The wrists rest have ventilation channels that help to keep the hands dry
  • They are uniformly toned and made of gel
  • They are both easy to clean


  • You might encounter a musty odor but it’ll wear off after a short time
  • Sometimes, it might become sticky due to sweat

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Iveze Leather Wrist Rest

Leather Wrist Rest

Make yourself more comfortable with the keyboard and mouse wrist rest combo that comes with a mouse pad as an added bonus. It is made of fine leather combined with natural rubber that provides sturdy support when working. Despite its leather exterior, it is non-toxic and has no bad smell. The interior is made of memory foam that provides optimum comfort and support to your wrist and thereby preventing wrist pain.

The keyboard wrist rest has a measurement of 17.5 inches in length,3.3 inches in width, and 0.787 inches in height. The mouse wrist rest has a measurement of 10.62 inches in length and 9.64 inches in width and 0.79 inches in height.

Iveze’s keyboard and mouse wrist rest have reinforced stitches that prevent deformation or wear as well as an anti-slip rubber on the bottom of both wrists rests that keep the keyboard and mouse firmly in place without any chance of either of them sliding off your desk when working. This leather wrist rest is easy on the eye and well-tailored for the purpose that it is meant to serve.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of memory foam
  • The exterior is covered with fine leather
  • It has an anti-slip rubber bottom


  • You might encounter sweating issues due to its texture
  • It is narrow

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It is very important to support your wrists in a comfortable manner by employing a wrist rest for both your keyboard and your mouse especially if you work for long hours.

I sincerely hope that this article proved to be very helpful and ended your search for a keyboard and mouse wrist rest. However, if you’re still looking for more options, you can check Amazon.

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