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Best Mouse Pads For Gaming

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While some gamers tend to ignore the importance of a gaming mouse pad in their gaming setup, I’m pretty sure that they end up having ugly scratches on their desks as a result of the excitement and vigor used in controlling the mouse while gaming.

A good mouse pad is a necessary accessory for an ergonomic gaming station because while it protects your gaming desk from scratches, it also protects your mouse from dirt and ensures its durability. As a gamer, it helps to improve precision and mouse responsiveness while providing support to aid your productivity in games.

A gaming mouse pad is a great addition to your gaming station, and if you do not have one, I’ll advise that you get one for yourself. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your gaming mouse pad or you want to try it out for the first time ( which is a great decision, thumbs up), you should go for the best and to help you get such, I picked out the best 3 gaming mouse pads that are very functional and compatible with different types of mouse, plus they’re pretty affordable so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Gaming Mouse Pad

Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer is renowned for its mastery in the world of gamers, and this gaming mouse pad is credible proof of their gaming prowess. Razer Goliathus gaming mouse pad ( speed edition),  is designed with a smooth surface that enables your mouse to track fast and easily, with swift precision and high responsiveness. It is covered in a well-textured fabric that is slick and well-woven with anti-frayed stitches around the edges that makes it highly durable and less prone to wear and tear. Its bottom features an anti-slip rubber base that gives it a very firm grip on different types of surfaces to prevent gliding when gaming.

The Razer Goliathus gaming mouse pad is comfortable for extended gaming hours, and it is highly suitable for all types of mice with different sensors, and sensitivity settings. It is available in four different sizes and two beautiful designs that are a bit similar, and can accommodate your gaming theme.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an anti-slip rubber base that gives it a firm hold on surfaces.
  • It is available in four sizes and two designs. Its edges are anti-frayed.


  • It is very wide.
  • It is a bit pricey when compared to other gaming mouse pads but it is worth the price.

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Flopad Gaming Mouse Pad

Large RGB mouse pad

If you’re a fan of RGB lighting or not, this gaming mouse pad will give you more than enough reasons to include it in your gaming station. Flopad gaming mouse pad features ten static light modes and four dynamic modes whose colors are vibrant and beautiful, adding a colorful theme to your gaming station. 

Its backlit colors can be enabled at the touch of a single button, with a lifespan of 10 million clicks that are designed to serve you for many years.  It employs a laboratory tested Nano textured fabric on its smooth surface to provide a responsive and fast-tracking mouse experience, with well-defined precision and ultra-low friction and well-defined precision in your games.  

Flopad gaming mouse pad is large enough to contain vigorous mouse tracking, and its anti-slip base gives it a firm grip on surfaces, to contain your tracking style. It is made of high elasticity natural rubber, and its edges are nylon-stitched to make the mouse pad easy to roll up without creases or wrinkles. Its high-quality texture makes it less prone to fading from washing or scrubbing. 

Flopad gaming mouse pad functions via USB, and it requires no driver to be activated. It boasts of a 45-day money-back guarantee without questions as well as easily accessible customer care. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is a large-sized mousepad.
  • It has 14 RGB lighting colors.
  • Its edges are stitched with nylon.


  • The edges are curled up within the first few days of use.
  • When changing the RGB lighting mode, the colors will fade before being restored to its original color.

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Blade Hawks Gaming Mouse Pad

Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

Blade Hawks aluminum gaming mouse pad offers exceptional support in mouse functionality with its features that are designed to support fast and rough mouse movement that is mostly accustomed to gaming. Its gliding surface is very flat and smooth, providing ultra-low friction, and high control options for speed, accuracy, and responsiveness with any mouse operating on any DPI speed, sensor, or sensitivity. Its smooth and highly functional PVC surface is two-sided and is both designed to be water-proof and water-resistant.

Blade Hawks aluminum gaming mouse pad is durable and easy to clean, with a surface area that is large enough to comfortably accommodate all mouse sizes. Its four corners are covered with anti-skid rubber that helps the mouse pad to maintain a firm grip even on an uneven surface. Its design is simple but fashionable and easily fits into your gaming setup without being off.

Pros and Cons


  • It is water-proofed and water-resistant.
  • Its corners have anti-skid rubber.
  • It can be used on both sides.


  • It cannot be folded.
  • It can get broken if it is not handled with care.

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Sometimes, the lack of precision and slow responsiveness from our gaming mouse is not because it is small but because it is not supported by a gaming mouse pad. Invest in a gaming mousepad and see the difference for yourself.

I hope that this article was resourceful in defining your purchase decision as it concerns gaming mouse pads. If you still want to browse for more options, you can find them on

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