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While a mouse pad is great for protecting your mouse, an extended mouse pad protects your keyboard and mouse, while giving your desk a uniform appearance that is both fashionable and well organized. It helps to keep your keyboard steady while working or playing games, and simultaneously provide more than enough space for your mouse. 

An extended mouse pad is an ideal accessory for a mouse with low sensitivity, and it also prevents frequent slipping of your mouse and keyboard, and this makes it an ideal choice for FPS gamers and people who are always changing mouse positions when working.

If you’re tired of changing your mouse position due to limited space and you also want to protect your mouse and keyboard, then you should upgrade to an extended mouse pad. To increase your chances of getting nothing less than the best, you should check out our top 3 picks for the best-extended mouse pad.

Our Top Picks For The Best Extended Mouse Pad

HyperX Fury S Extended Mouse Pad

Plain Fabric Mouse Pad

The Hyper Fury S mouse pad is large-sized, and it comes in four diverse sizes to conveniently fit different space requirements. It employs a soft and well-textured fabric that is smooth and neatly woven with anti-frayed edges that are well-stitched to provide a uniform surface that does not wear and can withstand long and rigorous sessions of intense gaming. Its surface is well textured to be smooth for fast, ultra-low friction as well as high responsiveness and swift mouse precision in gaming. 

The HyperX Fury S extended mouse pad also features a rubberized bottom that helps the mouse pad to stay firmly attached to surfaces and hence promote easy usability and functionality in games, graphics, and other mouse-related activities.

HyperX Fury S extended gaming mouse is easy to clean and can be easily rolled up for easy portability. It is highly suitable for all types of mice with different sensitivities and sensors.

Pros and Cons


  • Its edges are anti-frayed.
  • Its bottom is textured with natural rubber.
  • It can be easily rolled up for portability.


  • It has a plain design.
  • The edges are curled the first few days of use but straightens out with time.

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Blade Hawks Extended Mouse Pad

RGB Extended Mouse Pad

With an ultra-smooth surface that offers low friction for fast responsiveness and high precision in tracking, Blade Hawks extended mouse pad is designed to be suitable for all types of mouse and sensors with more than enough room to allow you to glide freely when gaming.

It is made of two well-laid layers of micro-textured fabrics that are well woven with edges that are well stitched to prevent wear or tear. It also features an anti-slip rubber base bottom that makes the mouse pad sturdy and holds firm on any surface that it is placed on for uninterrupted sliding and tracking. 

Blade Hawks extended mouse Pad features ten lighting modes including seven static lighting modes and three dynamic lighting modes to add the needed color and glow to your work and gaming station. It functions via a plug-and-play mode which enables it to be powered with a USB without any driver, allowing for easy control at the touch of a single button.

This extended mouse pad has a waterproof design which makes it easy to clean and wipe off spilled liquid. It can also be rolled up for easy portability and takes just a stretch to flatten for use.

Pros and Cons


  • It has ten RGB colors.
  • It is made of micro-textured fabrics.
  • It functions via a plug-and-play mode.


  • The edges are curled when used for the first time but it gets straightened out after a few hours of use.
  • It has a unique way of changing the RGB lights.

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Benvo Extended Mouse Pad

Patterned Mouse Pad ( Budget-friendly )

Benvo Extended Mouse Pad features a large and smooth surface that allows for easy sliding when gaming. It has six colorful patterns that are beautiful and vibrant, adding a colorful theme to your gaming setup that is both relaxing and unfading. 

The Benvo extended mouse pad is well-padded with thick fabrics, and the edges are well stitched to promote durability even with rough use. It is designed to comfortably contain full-sized keyboards, and also allow mouse gliding with low friction for precision and high responsiveness that can be optimized for different mouse sensors and sensitivities. 

Benvo extended mouse pad also features an anti-slip rubber base that is firm and sturdy when placed on any kind of surface. Its texture makes it water-proofed and easy to clean out dirt and spillage.

Benvo extended mouse pad is comfortable for use during long periods of work or game, and it also has a money-back policy in the event of complaints or dissatisfaction.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an anti-slip rubber bottom.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • Its design does not fade.


  • It is very wide.
  • It does not have a uniform design.

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An extended mouse pad is an accessory that can faithfully serve your keyboard and mouse simultaneously, as well as provide a uniform look to your input devices.

I hope that this article proved to be useful in helping you find an extended mouse pad that you like. However, if you still want to watch for more options, you can find them on


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