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27 Home Office Setup Ideas

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Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of work that was previously done in offices is now being performed at home. Where some people welcome the comfort of working from their residences, others lament the constant distractions that this new shift brings.

One of the most crucial ways in which you can enhance your productivity while working from home is by having a space within your house dedicated solely to your work, so be sure to check out our information on the best computer desk. In this article, we bring some home office setup ideas that will not only allow you to enhance your productivity and get the job done, but also enable you to enjoy your work.

1. Declutter

This home office setup design is for you if you are someone who likes to keep things neat, pretty, and organized. Furthermore, the wall paintings add a touch of beauty and aestheticism to your home office. 


2. One for the visual people

There are people who like to be able to see everything in its place. With such a setup, you will have easy access to all your work-related material, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. 

3. Vibrant

All those years of working at the office might have bored you of the dull color schemes. This home workplace setup makes use of table lamps to create a vibrant color scheme that will make you look forward to starting work every day. 

4. Sweet and simple\

Another work-from-home setup that does not require massive investment, but ends up getting the job done. Even after placing the monitor, keyboard, and speakers, there is plenty of space to make sure that you do not feel cluttered or bogged-down. 

5. Calm and quiet

With a peaceful background and no noise of any sort, such a home office setup is particularly useful for people who record content such as music or podcasts. The daylight seeping in through the window will help you stimulate your creative juices. 

6. Working with views

This setup allows you to keep in touch with the outside world through the vivid views that it offers. However, if, at times, you feel uncomfortable with people staring at you, you can always shut the half-transparent blinds. Particularly useful for people who like standing up and moving around when they are feeling restless while working. 

7. Funky

Some people enjoy working under funky surroundings – it gives them a sort of inexplicable motivation. This home office design allows you to set up multiple monitors, all under those fancy lights that enable you to enjoy – and not turn bored with – your work. 

8. Minimalist setup

A very clean and functional setup, using a USB-C dock velcroed to the bottom of the desk to connect the multiple monitors. A beneficial structure if you are someone who enjoys working without too much light coming in. 

9. One-cable setup

Another kind of setup for people who wish to work without too much light seeping into the room. With the light coming from an electric candle and through the shades, this setup will make sure that you still have enough light to keep you working without hurting your eyes or head. 

10. Working from home is fun

 A setup which is ideal for people who work with music and musical instruments. The desk is the IKEA Barkaboda kitchen countertop, on autonomous standing legs. The guitar is from Gibson, while the speakers are Yamaha HS8, connected to a Soundrise pro monitor. 

11. Unfancy but effective

If you want to give your home workspace a bit of shakeup without spending too much time or money, this is one of the best ideas for you. Cleaning up your table and getting a new keyboard or a tiny table clock can go a long way in restructuring and improving your mood and attitude. 

12. Clean is not for everyone

Even though there are numerous people who prefer their home workspace neat and organized. However, others feel that being surrounded by work papers and other materials stimulates their productivity. This home office setup is a homage to the latter kind of workers. 

13. Healthy working

It is extremely important that, while working those long hours, you take care of your health and body. The huge LED monitor ensures that you do not damage your eyes by concentrating too hard, while the Steelcase Gesture chair allows you to keep a relaxed posture that your back will thank you for.

14. Keep it simple

This setup is another example of how you do not need to do anything fancy to get a working space which is effective yet aesthetic. A Hague Blue wall color by Farrow and Ball, an ‘Everything is fine’ art piece, and a spotlessly clean floor, come together to create an enviable home working area. 

15. A shelf that makes a statement

With a desk that houses all your essential work equipment – including a laptop, printer, and telephone – and a shelf that portrays your favorite photographs and other family memorabilia, this setup is an ideal combination of work plus sentiment. 

16. Combining work and play

Constant work can get boring and exhausting; it is just normal that you require a bit of break in between. If you want to enjoy your periodic breaks without having to leave the room, this setup from a house in Toulouse shows you exactly how to – by setting up your work desk and telly in the same room, of course. 

17. Working musically

Every professional musician’s fantasy involves a nice, quiet spot to work, with a wall that holds all his precious musical instruments – this setup provides exactly that. A nice quiet cup of tea and a soothing desktop wallpaper (Quiet, by Dennis Istomin in this case) obviously help wake your creative beast up.

18. Nature is the best catalyst to productivity

What better place to get work done, than in front of a window that allows you to peek right into the very heart of nature? Throw in a few indoor plants as well, to enhance the vibe and maximize the benefits of working in a natural environment.

19. The color of Earth

The Earth-colored walls and table give this home workplace a natural feel. Add to it the inspiring Humpback Whale poster, and you have a workplace that is silent, yet has an invigorating energy all around it. 

20. Serenity

IT workers often prefer a nice, quiet space for working. So, it is no surprise that for many such workers, a work-from-home setup is a welcome one. This setup gives you a secluded spot to get your job done, while ensuring that you stay in touch with nature and the outside world. 

21. Classy and timeless

Even though this conventional looking setup is from an actual office, such a workplace can be easily set up at home. All you need is a quiet room and a decent-sized desk to place all your work-related equipment, and you have a home office setup that is no less than the one you just left behind at the office. 

22. Peaceful

A common complaint that people working from home have, is that they are unable to find a calm spot where they can work uninterrupted. Reddit user liI-xaniel has provided a solution which is cheap and effective. Just choose any corner of your house, put up a desk, place your things, and fire away without any distractions. 

23. Less is more

This brilliant setup by Reddit user blairnet, shows us how to make the most of a not-very-large space. The user has managed to accommodate a full-blown work setup, effectively, in one corner of a medium sized room, without making it seem congested or uncomfortable to work in. 

24. Basements are useful

House owners often consider basements a place where all the house junk, never to be used, is stashed away. However, this setup shows us how, with the right kind of effort and motivation, a basement can be transformed into a stunning and smart workplace. After all, the fact that nobody ever enters the basement, makes it the perfect spot to get your work done without being disturbed. 

25. Another minimalist design

Yet another example of how you do not need an entire room to set up an effective home working space. A desktop, holding your computers and other important items, along with a wall carrying some stunning art, is more than a good enough workplace. 

26. Nice and cozy

If you are working from home, you need to feel like you are at home – relaxed. This room provides you with a working space while keeping you at ease. When exhausted, you can lie down on the sofa; when looking for a break, you can step out on the balcony with a hot cup of coffee; when wanting to relax your tired eyes out, you can always stare at the colorful plants spread throughout the room.

27. Blue is brilliant

A blue light always paints a dreamy look on everything – and even a home workplace looks enticing with it.


There you have it, some of the best looking workstations on the web. Be sure to check out some of our other pages where you can find the right stuff to get started building your own epic workstation.


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