Best 27 Inch Monitor

Sizes are becoming an issue when it comes to monitors. The size of a monitor determines the rate at which a certain number of tasks can be done simultaneously and while there is a rush for large screened monitors, people still want something that doesn’t take up all of your desk space. The monitor size […]

Best 32 Inch Monitor

The bigger, the better is the idea if you’re considering getting a 32 inch monitor anyway. A 32 inch monitor is a fine investment if you want a wide presentation of pictures and videos without having to buy two monitors. A major feature that endears it to its users is the flexibility that it offers […]

Best Portable Monitor

Times are changing and portability is really gaining ground as the most comfortable option for work and fun. Traditional technology such as large-sized monitors are no longer comfortable in some situations and with the advancement in technology, a portable monitor is the most comfortable and versatile solution. It is the best space-saving solution that acts […]

Best Monitor For Photo Editing and Graphic Design

Professional photo editing and graphic design is no joke. Even if it was, that joke is not good enough for this intro. Getting the colors and the tiny details just right can make or break a piece. Having the right display to get the job done is essential. If you got lost and are looking […]

Best Computer Monitors for Gaming

Can the type of computer monitor you use really make you better at gaming? Well I suppose that depends on how bad you suck. Just kidding… sort of. Whether or not you will get better at games is up for debate, but the look and feel of your overall gaming experience can certainly be made […]

Best Monitor For Mac Mini

I made heads turn, eyes pop and ears stand at attention when I got a Mac mini and it was really worth all the attention. Permit me to refer to it as a low-end Mac but it served me well and I have never stopped loving it. It was easy to perform office tasks with […]

Best Bezel-less Monitors

Frameless is the new frame. It is stunning and offers an impeccable viewing experience. Bezel-less is synonymous with frameless and when a monitor is described as being bezel-less, it doesn’t mean that it has no frame at all; it only means that the frame of the monitor is very thin. Monitors with a bezel-less design offer […]

Best 240Hz Monitor

I assume you’ve been wondering why people are migrating towards a 240Hz monitor. What could you possibly gain over 144Hz? A 240Hz monitor can still help increase responsiveness over 144Hz in games and this promotes swift reaction from gamers especially in fast-paced and competitive games. It also promotes smooth loading of windows and the images […]

Best FPS Monitor

One of the effective tools that will help you get the best results in FPS (First Person Shooter) games is a monitor that is designed for it.  Monitors with high refresh rates are ideal for FPS games because it offers a lag-free and highly responsive gaming session and this is an advantage that is highly […]

Best Curved Monitor

Curved monitors are the latest trend that has graced the monitor market, and so far they have earned every right as the preferred choice for games, videos, office work, designing, editing, and general computing.  They enable peripheral vision because the eyes can see the visuals being displayed in the monitor from the same focal distance […]

Best UltraWide Monitor

I don’t want to refer to ultrawide monitors as a blessing in disguise because their sizes give them away, there is no disguise. They are big and very noticeable, announcing their presence in a room while offering such immersive and seamless viewing experience that you can’t help but fall in love with them. Ultrawide monitors […]

Best G-Sync Monitor

With different advancement in motion pictures and games, screen tearing, screen stuttering, and motion blur is becoming a problem faced by many gamers and although some measures have been put in place to combat these, the low frame rates of some monitors will cause it to fall back to its original display capacity and this […]