Best CPU And GPU Temp Monitor

Playing games or editing videos on a PC is fun until you notice your system not responding anymore. You touch the CPU body to find that its temperature is way higher than normal. You wish that you knew some methods to the computer monitor to control the temperature. CPU temperature can increase due to clogging […]

The Best Monitor For Color Grading

Rendering an image at high levels will demand the right configurations, to happen. This cannot happen on any computer, your computer must be ready for the task. Our list of top three picks has it all. From best display configurations to budget-friendly components and just anything, you will need to make your list holistic and […]


The GTX 1060 is a great computer graphics card that provides a stunning experience when you get an FHD screen with a 1080P or 1440P resolution. It has a silent running operation and low power consumption. If you overclock the system more than often, then you will love to get this graphics card. You can […]

Best Gaming Monitor Under 100

Gaming monitors are a very important part of the gamer set up but they can cost quite a lot of money with the best usually costing more than $300. The best quality color accuracy, high refresh rates, and IPS panels aren’t for everyone though and that is where the best gaming monitors for under $100 […]

Best Budget Monitor For Photo Editing

After the camera, the second device that is mostly used by photographers who want an excellent reproduction of their work is a photo editing monitor. Regardless of whether they want to print the photos or share them online, they take pride in the finished work of a perfectly edited photo because it is an attestation […]

Best Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings

Modernization has gone digital and so have many activities in the world makes it close to impossible to not find a computer monitor in a modern office setting or a home. This upgrade in modernization is accompanied by a straining pressure on the most sensitive part of our body; our eyes. Way 1: Adjusting Brightness […]

Best 43 Inch TV For Gaming

Arguably, 43 inch TV is the best for computer gaming. There are multiple tiers of 4K gaming TV, which differ in price and size. Now, depending on your budget and the size of the room you want to put it in, it’s worth knowing your limitations ahead of time because this will really help make […]

Best 34″ Gaming Monitor

Monitors are one of the biggest investments of every gamer because of their display properties that can affect your success in every game. One of the biggest challenges that gamers have to face when making their gaming monitors is their size. A Monitor’s size can affect your display content, clarity, and the way the images […]

Best Monitor Under $300

The kind of monitor that you use can make all the difference in the quality of your game and work, and that is why your efforts should be directed at getting the best monitor. Finding the best computer monitor can become tasking when you have a budget under the $300 range, but that justifies why […]

Best 144Hz Monitor Under $200

One of the most important things to look out for in a monitor is its refresh rate because it determines the rate at which your inputs are recognized when gaming and one of the most popular refresh rates that have been tested and trusted to cater to a lot of games easily is a 144Hz […]

Best Computer Monitor For Recording Studio

For recording studios, a good monitor is not a negotiable piece of hardware, as it can be likened to the windscreen of a car; without it, you might see, but you can easily be brushed and bruised at the same time. It would help if you had perfect screen real estate to produce the right […]

Best 4k Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X

Monitors are great for console gaming but a game such as the Xbox One X requires a well-built monitor with only the best resolution to get the best out of it. 4k computer resolution ushered in a new dawn in monitor technology, and its outstanding picture quality is deserving of a standing ovation. An exquisite […]