Best Cheap Motherboard For Gaming

You might have made an impressive and commendable choice for your graphics cards, processor, gaming memory, and other hardware components when building your gaming rig, so you should get a thumbs up.  Your choice of a gaming motherboard is of the utmost essence because it determines how well other components will function. I must confess, […]

Best External 20TB Hard Drive

Has your storage system ever failed you at a critical point when you needed to save a very important file due to lack of enough storage, or maybe the worst happened and you lost your files?  If you haven’t experienced such, it is not something that anybody should wish on themselves, but it happens especially […]

Best CPU With Single Core Performance

Without a doubt, a lot of people subscribe to multiple core processors for different reasons.  Despite this popularity that multiple core processors have managed to make for themselves, some applications are best suited for a single-core CPU and so, they rely heavily on single cores and threads to be executed excellently.  To help you get […]

Best Ram For Ryzen 3700X

Your computer Ram plays an essential role in setting up your computer and determines how fast or slow the computer runs. The wrong Ram in a computer can lead to a host of issues, ranging from blue screen to bottlenecks with loading your programs and keeping your computing operations going.  Ryzen 7 is the 3rd […]

Best CPU For 3D Rendering 

When multiple CPUs landed on the scenes of our computing world, we knew deep in our hearts that something big was about to happen. This is not the tip of the iceberg, we could virtually point at the iceberg and make assertions as to its size and shape and then AMD and Intel took the […]

Best CPU For Virtualization 

The internet came with a bag filled with opportunities and made possible the radical departure from the known, one of the advantages of this change is Virtualization. Virtual reality is a beauty that speaks for itself and as many persons continue to embrace this new normal, there are challenges.  One of such challenges is to […]

Best CPU For Office Work

Not every hero wears a cape ( agreed) because some are in front of their computers in the office battling with a CPU that won’t give them a chance at the limelight – or to do whatever it is that they like to do – well, apart from being a spreadsheet hero. Simple things can […]

Best CPUs With Integrated Graphics For Gaming

These days, the law of gravity does not apply to the prices of graphics cards and that has got a lot of gamers looking for affordable alternatives to graphics cards. Viola, CPUs with integrated graphics makes the magic happen.  Although a lot of people think that they specifically need a dedicated graphics card for gaming, […]

Best Paint For a Computer Case

If you’re hoping to improve your computer case’s appearance, retouching it with fine paint will give it the clean and refined appearance you want. Picking your paint color is a good start. Still, the type of paint you use is equally important to get the look you want because nasty stains can ruin your efforts […]

How Much Does A Gaming Keyboard Cost?

Pretty sure that you have a lovely idea of how you want your gaming setup and well-estimated prices of all the hardware – well, except the gaming keyboard in most cases. Why? Unlike the gaming monitor with a price that the size and other features can easily estimate, the prices of a gaming keyboard ( […]

Best Graphics Card For Rainbow Six Siege 

What does 144fps and more represent for gaming enthusiasts? It means speed and complete balance, this is what you enjoy when you go hard on your gaming interface, with the best graphics cards. You will require a good and stable graphics card if you intend to make anything out of Rainbow Six Siege.  The reason […]

Best Graphics Card For Half-Life- Alyx

Resolutions, frame rates, gaming keyboards, and a host of other things can make gaming smooth and enjoyable. However, a good graphics card can make a big difference in your choice of games – if you like, you can call it the bedrock of modern gaming. Playing games such as Half-life- Alyx requires a graphics card […]