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Best Executive Office Chairs

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There are several options to pick from when searching for an executive office chair. It is not just about the image, a high-end executive office chair should be highly durable, made from the finest material and should also cater to your health. As a symbol of authority, it is understandable if you’re always busy and can barely spare some time searching for a high-end chair that meets your criteria. 

That is why I decided to do the work and bring to you, 3 of the best executive office chairs that are modern, classy, ergonomic. So please, sit like the boss that you are, and let’s proceed.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Executive Office Chair


Why You Might Want An Executive Office Chair

When I was much younger, I asked my dad why he favored executive chairs to other regular office chairs. He said that there are two kinds of chairs; an executive office chair and others. He refused to give the “others” a name. Because to him, a chair that doesn’t speak about prestige and command power the way an executive chair does, has no business being in your office – especially if you’re the boss or you are nursing such an aspiration.

He refers to executive chairs as thrones of organizational power.  Having grown up and worked in different organizations that brought together different kinds of people, I don’t think my dad was far from the truth, though I also learned more things that were quite different, they had one thing in common about executive chairs and that is authority.

I know you might be wondering why I think so highly of executive chairs but being synonymous with power, but it can also be a tough task picking the one that is right for you. A high-end executive chair should align with your body to provide the optimum result that you desire because employing your best assets and time for the best results should make you feel powerful.

Herman Miller Embody Executive Chair 

Herman Miller Executive Chair

You might want to be defensive about this but a great number of highly-rated CEO’s acknowledge a Herman Miller executive chair when they see one. Let’s talk about class, power, good taste, and the basic ergonomic features that your body needs. Herman Miller Embody Executive Chair is stylishly designed by experts and its ability to evenly distribute pressure, natural alignment and support for healthy movement in ergonomic seating attest to this truth.

The seat has four different support layers designed for airflow, even weight distribution and comfort. Each layer also has its  own unique  set of material properties, unifying to become accustomed to your shape. Herman Miller Embody executive chair highly promotes good sitting posture, provides top-notch ergonomic support to your back while allowing you to efficiently perform the day’s task. Its narrow back allows you to comfortably twist, while its “spine” automatically adjusts to your body’s curve and regardless of being in a forward or reclined position, its lumbar support remains intact and stays fixed on your body.

It has a back fit adjustment that allows you to position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural curve to give you a neutral and balanced posture. This unique feature is highly beneficial to your health and offers you the freedom to move easily, improves your blood circulation, and sends more oxygen to the brain. This is important because you need to be healthy and active to focus on your work because as you know, health is wealth.

Pros and Cons


  • Its seat has four different support layers
  • It is built in a way that supports a good sitting posture
  • It has a back fit adjustment


  • It has no headrest option
  • It is expensive

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Zuri Furniture

Real leather executive office chair

When searching for a very comfortable executive chair, at the top of your list should be a chair made with real leather. It should sit the way you want to be seated- comfortably. After considering comfort, you should also lookout for a chair that aspires authority and confidence. The confidence that your back is protected from aching while working long hours. This and many other features are what Zuri Furniture offers.

This bossy piece has a curved lumbar and head support with padding. The seat and back feature a seamed lattice pattern on genuine leather upholstery and can support a maximum weight of 395 pounds. The back of the chair and armrests are finished in high-quality leatherette match and its base is made of polished aluminum with a five-pointed frame that is attached to smooth wheels for easy and comfortable movement around the office. The seat is adjustable in a variety of ways including a standard gas lift height adjustment lever. The reclining function transitions from fully upright at 90 degrees and tilting all the way back to 120 degrees. The reclining position can also be firmly locked when it has reached a point that you’re satisfied with.

Attached to all these powerful and fully-in-control features is a tension knob that adjusts the resistance when reclining in a way that makes it looser or tighter depending on how you want this feature to be utilized. A plus feature that comes with this chair is its synchro mechanism that is capable of reclining both the seat and backrest but at a low medium of 1:2 ratio. This helps to minimize the way the seat reclines when compared to the backrest. This technological placement on the chair helps to prevent the rocking chair effect and helps your feet maintain balance on the ground while still increasing blood circulation and better spinal alignment. 

Pros and Cons


  • Its reclining position can be firmly locked
  • It has a head and lumbar support
  • The seat has ergonomic features that can be easily adjustable


  • Its seat cushion is firm
  • It has a tall frame that is more comfortable for tall people

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Yamasoro Executive Chair

Luxury Office Chair (Leather)

Personally speaking, there is no way I will have a chair this nice and feel lazy about going to the office or starting a task. This luxury office chair is made of premium and environmentally friendly PU leather that is soft, durable, water-repellent, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Its back support and seat chair is made of high-density foam and spring that features high resilience that is non-toxic and durable. It has a tilt and locking function that can be enabled at an angle of 90- 135°.

It also has a height adjustment function with the overall height adjustment ranging from 42.1 inches to 45.3 inches. Its armrests are foldable and designed to eliminate fatigue in the arms. Its maximum capacity is 300 lbs and it also features a 360° swivel and five-star base casters that roll smoothly on the floor without abrasion or noise.

Its head rest is made with quality leather and thick padding as well as its flip armrest that is highly adjustable. Along with the stainless base, this chair employs high-end material and technology that is featured in it’s Pneumatic lift, tilt lock, and flip-up handrail. This chair is not just nice to look at, it is comfortable to sit in.

Pros and Cons


  • Its headrest is thickly padded
  • Its armrest is padded and adjustable
  • It has a thick backrest and seat cushion


  • It’s reclining angle is not impressive
  • Its instructions are not clearly printed

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Highlighting your confidence both in yourself and the people you work with should be of paramount interest to you. A high-end executive office chair can make a bold statement about the personality of its owner.

Apart from the interior decoration of your office, your chair gets a lot of attention and can make a good and lasting first time impression. I really hope that this article proves to be of great help in finding an executive chair that you like.

However, if you did not find one you liked here, feel free to head over to Amazon and continue your search.

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