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Best Gaming Earbuds

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What can these small pieces of gaming accessory do? Would they deliver sounds that are game worthy? Are they durable? Oh my goodness, they’re so small… Before you get worked up with these questions, I have another one for you; are you not tired of bulky sound systems that are hardly sweat-resistant and sometimes uncomfortable?

Gaming earbuds deliver game worthy sounds despite their small size and they are durable and very comfortable. They serve as a very convenient solution for mobile gaming and other gaming activities without creating an extra burden on you.

So, if you want an accessory for your gaming sounds that scores the mark for comfort, easy portability, versatility, and affordability, then you shouldn’t hesitate in getting a set of gaming earbuds. Read on to find out our picks for the best gaming earbuds in the market.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Earbuds


HyperX Cloud Gaming Earbud

Wired Gaming Earbuds

With a 90° cable connector employed for a tangle-free gaming connection, HyperX Cloud gaming earbud offers clear sounds with enhanced bass that is well filtered for high-quality output. Its ear tips are made of three sizes of patented silicone that are well-fitting and very comfortable for extended gaming hours and its rubberized cables are well designed to be tangle-free for an unobstructed gaming session filled with the thrilling sounds provided by this gaming earbud.

HyperX Cloud gaming earbud employs a slim in-line microphone with a multifunction button that allows for easy communication, control, and stream media and as well as easy switching to games that allow in-game chat. This gaming earbud comes with a small handy case for easy portability and safety when it is not in use. It is compatible with Nintendo, Xbox, PCs, Play Station, and other devices that have CITA standard connectors.

HyperX Cloud wired gaming earbuds are functional, portable, and offer entrancing audio sounds for a thrilling gaming experience. Its features make it a nice gaming earbud for high-quality sounds and its users are protected by a two-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a 90° plug
  • It has a portable travel case
  • It has a slim in-line microphone for easy communication


  • It is not water-resistant
  • Its rubberized cables could become sticky if it gets in contact with sweat

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Vankyo X200 Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds

Wireless Gaming Earbuds

A lot of people prefer a wireless connection in their gaming devices and a gaming earbud is not left out of this treat. With Bluetooth 5.0 it is easy to pair for easy and swift transition of sound waves. The Vankyo Bluetooth gaming earbud is well designed to ensure stable connection without any loss in signal or music dropouts during games. Its premium stereo sound quality employs noise-cancellation and it produces great sounds with an authentic bass via its 8mm speaker driver. It also  features a smart touch control that allows all parts of the earbuds to be controlled with a single button.

For safety and easy charging, Vankyo Bluetooth gaming earbud employs a sturdy 3500mAh charging metal case with beautiful LED displays to charge and check the power of each earbud simultaneously. The charging case is very portable and fashionable and it provides power that can last up to 120 hours on a single charge.

Another major reason that makes it a favorite of gamers is its ergonomic design that employs three sizes of gel-flexible silicone ear caps for fitting and unparalleled comfort even during long gaming hours.

This earbud is also sweat and water-resistant and that makes it ideal for other activities such as an intense workout and traveling. Vankyo wireless gaming earbuds are widely compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an LED charging case that provides up to 120 hours with of energy on a single charge
  • The ear cups are made of gel-flexible silicone
  • It is sweat and water-resistant


  • It does not alert the user for low battery
  • Its water resistance does not apply to heavy downpour or showers and baths

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Kasott Gaming Earbuds

Budget-friendly Gaming Earbuds

Effectively utilizing an extra-large 10mm dynamic driver and a well built internal sound chamber, Kasott gaming earbud provides great 3D studio surround sound effect for clear and directional gaming sounds.

Kasott earbuds are made from flexible materials that help it stay firmly attached to your ears while providing quality gaming sounds for long hours without any increase in its temperature.

It is well designed with an in-line microphone that allows you to communicate seamlessly with other gamers while playing a game. This feature also is complemented by a 1.2m slide volume remote control that permits changing tunes or music, mobile phone calls, and volume adjustment with options for pause and play.

Kasott gaming earbud has a three-pole adapter that makes it highly compatible with smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox, MacBook, Nintendo, and of course PCs; for playing games, videos, movies, music, and Skype. It is lightweight, portable, and can also be used for other activities that don’t involve games.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a large 10mm dynamic driver
  • It has two microphones
  • It has a volume remote control


  • It is not water-resistant
  • It does not have a safety case

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Compliment your game style with an accessory that is simple, stylish, portable, and comfortable by using some gaming earbuds.

I sincerely hope that this article proved to go be very helpful in finding some gaming earbuds that you like. However, if you still want to search for more options, you can take a look on Amazon.

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