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31 Gaming Setup Ideas

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Gaming is timeless. Whether you are battling it out in the vintage ‘Street Fighter’ series or navigating your way through the modern ‘Fortnight Battle Royale,’ playing video games is an unmatched feeling and experience. Maybe you are an impulsive teenager enjoying your summer vacations or a 30-something-year-old reminiscing about the younger, better days, either way video games are just good fun. 

Gaming also presents a host of advantages. Apart from enhancing memory and coordination, it also improves your attention span and quickens your brain. Additionally, playing online with people from all across the globe, with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs, eliminates discrimination, and instills the values of love, brotherhood, and equality. 

As a gamer, you are always looking for ways to maximize your experience. There are several factors that you might want to consider, such as the room size, speaker strength, game-reclining chair, TV/projector, and gaming TV stand. 

In this article, we present several ideas about setting up your game room.

Less is more

You do not always need to dedicate an entire room to your gaming activities. Reddit user, Wuvica, shows how you can effectively utilize a limited amount of space to set up a desirable gaming system.


On the go

What is better than having your gaming setup? Having your gaming setup in your vehicle. With a truck set up with a computer gaming system, Reddit user, BudgieBeater, is living the ultimate dream of every gamer.

A battlestation in a van

Another gaming system set up inside a vehicle. If the idea of living in a van and waking up to a new scene every day is not tempting enough, add to it the pleasure of having your favorite video games at your disposal. 


This setup by Reddit user thedesigner2011 is all kinds of serene. The monitors used are Samsung CRG9 and Acer X34, while the IKBC MF87 keyboard and the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 speakers just add to the overall fun and experience. 

Cool and creative

This is one of the most unique setups on this entire list. With multiple monitors, a gaming keyboard, and a gumball to go with, this buildup will earn applause from any dedicated gamer.

Less is more

As a gamer, a private space that optimizes your focus is everything. This gaming setup by Daxiongmao87 shows that a genuine gamer can set up an effective gaming setup within a space that might be perhaps nonexistent to ordinary people. 

Bedroom setup

A rack full of video games, a desk lined up with a sophisticated gaming setup, a cozy-looking bed, and a TV being used as a wallpaper, is all kinds of fresh and classy. Getting your monitor to swivel towards the bed will allow you to enjoy TV shows and movies as well. 

Combine gaming with music

This setup, belonging to Reddit user Bokemoke, is a dream for people who love gaming as much as they love music. To achieve the desired effect, throw in vibrant, blue lighting into the mix. 

Battlestation with a view

It is a lie that gamers, once in front of their gaming setups, do not care about the outside world. This setup from an apartment in Brooklyn shows that a beautiful view overlooking a gaming system just adds to the overall beauty and fun. 

Bed away

If you are one of those gamers who enjoy their games like they enjoy their games – in bed – this one’s for you. Additionally, such a setup is also beneficial for bedridden people due to an injury or a disease and need something to pass the time. 

Minimal but elegant

Again, you do not need infinitely deep pockets to set your dream battlestation up. This setup, consisting of a whitewashed wall, a few aesthetic paintings, and a gaming computer, shows how to make the optimum use of limited resources. 

Simplicity is graceful

Not everyone enjoys playing video games in a funkily-lighted, fancy looking game room. Sometimes, you just need a bit of calm and ease to maximize your gaming performance (especially if you are a dog).

A gaming fort

A gamer does not ask for anything more than a tiny, secluded world of his own, where he can stuff all his gaming equipment, sit back and enjoy the ride. This gaming den constructed by Reddit user UncleViper comes pretty close to such a world. 

Neat and pretty

Who says that gamers are messy and disorganized? This battle station, set up by Reddit user superstrm, is the very definition of organized. With white-colored walls, a spotlessly clean table, and sophisticated wall-hangings, someone might easily mistake this gaming setup as an office in an organization. 

Maximum experience

With a monitor that is 49.4 inches wide, this setup brings you as close to a lifelike gaming experience as you can get. Additionally, the roller skate wheels on the chair allow it to glide effortlessly across all kinds of surfaces. 

Stands out

With a massive HD monitor, some of the top gaming equipment, and 3D wall panels designed by Art3D, this gaming setup might cost you a few bucks but will be worth every penny. 

Why play in one place?

Yet another battle station set up in a van – well, what can we say; we are absolutely in love with the idea. Living in a van does require some vast sacrifices, but it is worth it, especially when you can be in proximity to your ideal gaming system.

A sunset to die for (in a game, of course)

Just ignore those long lines of code on the monitors’ screens, and check out the gorgeous sunset in the background. Now, imagine yourself tearing the opponents apart on that massive monitor screen, with such a stunning natural backdrop. Do we need to say more?

A battle in the forests

This gaming setup has been installed in a friendly, secluded outhouse in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by greenery and nature, the natural breeze entering the room will allow you to remain energized and focused for as long as you play.

Benefitting from the basement

Unused basements are a goldmine for gamers looking to set up a full-fledged gaming room – you have space and the required privacy. Reddit user fortierj is utilizing his basement as his home workspace, but it is not difficult to see how it can be used as an ideal gaming setup as well.


The color combination in this room is absolutely stunning – everything matches beautifully, even down to the painting on the wall and the rug decorating the floor. As a gamer, you understand the importance of synchronization, and therefore, of this room. 


The color white has a beauty that is unmatched by any other color. This minimalist gaming setup, complemented by white-colored walls and a spotless desk, has a peaceful aura about it. 

Black beauty

Taking a 180-degree turn from white, let us now focus on this classy, full-black gaming setup. The monitor used is Samsung 49″ CHG90 Gaming Monitor, while the keyboard is the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. 

Messy? Think again

At first glance, this gaming setup might appear messy and cluttered. However, only a closer inspection will reveal the amount of effort, time, dedication, and concentration it must have required to achieve this degree of organization and precisionā€”anything but messy. 

Keep it simple

Another one of those setups which do not require anything fancy, but get the job done. The stand-out feature of this neat little gaming setup is the panel of colorful lights on the wall. 

A view-tiful gaming setup

Another setup on our list with a brilliant background view. This gaming buildup is from a house in Washington D.C and makes use of some highly sophisticated computer equipment and a comfortable reclining chair. 

Wall-mounted computer

As mentioned in the heading, the stand-out feature about this gaming setup is the monitor attached to the wall. Such an arrangement allows you to ease up, sit back, and savor your gaming experience to the fullest. 


Ever envied those gaming arenas present at malls, that charge a million bucks an hour? One of the factors that make those places so desirable is the fancy lighting that enhances your overall experience. The lighting used by Reddit user greengorilla for this gaming setup creates a similar kind of overall effect. 


This bedroom setup uses a monitor attached to a fancy brick wall, flanked by a couple of speakers. The desk lamp and the table plant give this overall setup a very cozy and comfortable look. 

Blazing red

This gaming setup by Reddit user Warnex75 is undoubtedly raising the Mercury. Dripping in blood red, the system comprises 3 HD monitors along with a couple of speakers.

Nature is the best gaming partner

Reddit user Digital_Reaction would undoubtedly agree with this statement. This computer gaming setup is surrounded by healthy and fresh greenery, both indoors and outdoors. Who said that gaming for long periods was not healthy?


In conclusion, you might feel that to establish a decent gaming setup; you need to be flush with cash. However, many of the ideas mentioned in this list can be executed with relatively little money. Be sure to check out our page on gaming desks to see what you might be missing!


Dustin Montgomery

I am the main man behind the scenes here. I have been building computers for over 15 years, and sitting at them for even longer. I currently work from home where I am able to pursue the art of the perfect workstation by day and the most epic battlestation by night.

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