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Games have gone beyond ordinary fun and relaxation and this fact has ushered in new games with peculiar specifications that cannot be met by an ordinary gaming computer.

 The need to serve gamers better with gaming computers that are built to cater to the never-ending demands of high-end games has spurred gaming computer brands to give their best in producing gaming computers and their efforts have been recognized as some of these monitors are globally acknowledged for their outstanding gaming performance. 

In a bid to simplify things, we’ve put down a list of what we believe are the best gaming community computers in the world, and this list is influenced by the positive reviews and recommendations of users, technicians, and pro gamers. These gaming computers are built with the latest processors, dedicated graphics cards, zero bloatware, and other high-end features that sustain an optimized gaming-optimized performance. 

The selected gaming computers are manufactured by top brands and they come with a one-year warranty to boost the confidence of users in their durability, reliability, and suitability for high-end games. 

Our Top 7 Picks For The Best Gaming PCs in the world

Skytech Archangel

AMD Ryzen

This gaming computer has AMD Ryzen 53600 with 6 core, 12-thread, 3.6GHz, and up to 4/2GHz max of turbo boost technology that ensures maximum gaming performance. 

It has a storage capacity of 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM with heat spreaders, a 500GB SSD, and a smooth graphic frame rate that is sustained by 6GB GDDR6 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 that sustains a smooth gaming performance.

All its powerful features are engineered to function on a Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system and their excellent performance is enhanced by three RGB fans that are powered by a 500 watt PSU,  802.11AC Wi-Fi, a gaming keyboard, and mouse as well as input ports and graphics ports.

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Omen 30L

Intel i9 processor 

Built with a tempered glass side panel, RGB lighting effects, easily upgradable hardware, and a clear EMI protective coating that helps to reduce the risk of electrical or magnetic interference with other devices, this gaming computer is no doubt one of the best investment decisions that you can make for your gaming expenditures.

It is VR-ready and comes with a wired keyboard and mouse, 32GB of RAM, 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, and 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard drive that sustains the optimal performance of the operating system and its applications. It is powered by a 10th Gen. Intel Core i9- 10850k processor with liquid cooling, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080  that sustains the fast and smooth performance of games, entertainment, and multimedia content. 

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Alarco Gaming Computer

Intel i5 processor 

Although this brand is a growing name among renowned brands of gaming computers, they have been recognized and applauded for this gaming computer’s features and structural specifications that are engineered to meet the never-ending hardcore demands of an avid gamer.

The Alarco gaming computer is built with a tempered glass side panel, and powered with Intel Core i5- 2400 with 3.10GHz memory boost, a B75 LGA 1155 motherboard, 8GB of gaming memory, a 1TB HDD, and smooth gaming performance that is sustained by 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 650.

It has diverse data and graphics ports, and three RGB 120mm fans with remote control to provide optimum ventilation to the computer components.

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iBuyPower MR

Intel i7

This gaming computer is built with tempered glass front and side panels with four RGB fans that provide colorful lighting to the internal components of the computer while providing optimum ventilation to prevent the computer from overheating. 

Its gaming performance is powered by Intel i7- 10700F 2.9GHz with up to 4.8GHz turbo technology, 16GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD, and 6GB  Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti that ensures fluidity and optimal gaming performance. 

This gaming computer is VR ready and it comes with multiple input ports for games, audio, data, and network transmission. It comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse that sustains its gaming performance on a Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system. 

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CyberPower Gaming Computer

AMD Ryzen

CyberPower is the official gaming system of several gaming organizations and it is not much of a surprise that one of their gaming computers is one of the best in the world.

This gaming computer is DirectX 12 gaming optimized with features that provide a faster and smoother game response in real-time to ensure higher frames per second, richer graphics, and low power consumption. 

It supports virtual reality games and is powered by a 3rd Gen. AMD Ryzen 7 3000 processor and   Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 graphics that ensure smooth speed, and wider bandwidth for more optimal gaming performance.  It uses a liquid cooling system, several input ports that support audio, data, and network transmission, and a gaming keyboard and mouse.

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Asus ROG Strix GA15DH 

AMD Ryzen

The Asus ROG Strix GA15DH  is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 3700 8-core processor with up to 4.4GHz memory speed,  ROG B450 board and chipset, and 6GB GDDR6 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

It also boasts of a 16GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM and 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD that provides ample storage for the applications on the computer to perform excellently on a Windows 10 Home operating system. It has a well-optimized ventilation system, a carrying handle, and a customizable Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting 

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Alien ware Aurora R11

Intel i7

Alienware is one of the best brands in gaming computers and it is not much of a surprise that the Alienware Aurora Ryzen is one of the best gaming computers in the world.

 It is built with a 10th  Gen. Intel Core i7 10700KF processor, 16GB dual-channel HyperX Fury, 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe. SSD, plus 1TB 7200RPM SATA and 8GB GDDR6 Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 that is designed to enhance the performance of graphics cards for enhanced overall gaming performance. 

This gaming computer has a good design that allows ventilation and it functions on a Windows operating system.

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There are high-end gaming computers that deliver value for their price in terms of features and performance; if you can fund your gaming desires, let nothing stop you. 

I hope that this article was helpful in your search for the best gaming computer in the world. If you still want to check out other high-end gaming computers from reputed brands, you’ll find them on

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