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Best Desk Pad With Calendar

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Time they say is precious and effective management of time is an asset that can maximize your productivity by helping you to plan and organize your activities so that you can utilize your time effectively. One of the simplest accessories that is designed to help you stay abreast with already planned activities, important dates, and deadlines is a desk pad with a calendar.

While protecting your desk surface, a desk pad that integrates a calendar in its design offers an easy reference for appointments, deadlines, and other important dates because you’re likely to remember important plans and dates if they’re written on a calendar that is close at sight and reach. 

A desk pad with a calendar is an important accessory for easy time management and effective planning. The cell sizes of each date and month are also an easy way to formulate the habit of note-taking on important dates, intuitive ideas, and meetings. 

This article is aimed at helping you make the best choice among the various options presented to you as a desk pad with a Calendar. It highlights the best three options for a desk pad with Calendar and the selected desk pads are of different sizes that can easily fit into your desk. They are also durable and the pages are ink resistant to help your writings appear neat and legible for easy reference.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Desk Pad with Calendar


At A Glance Desk Calendar

24” X 19” Desk Pad with Calendar

This desk pad is designed with a calendar at the front for the year 2021 with Julian dates to help you keep track of important dates. It is measured at 24” X 19” with large block spaces for each month that provides ample space to write down little notes. The papers are ink resistant and this feature helps you to keep a neat, and legible writing plan on the block spaces.

The At A Glance calendar desk pad features two black corner protectors and holes that allow for easy hanging on a wall as well as a suitable width that makes it the ideal size for a standard-sized desk. 

The At A Glance calendar desk pad has a color that easily blends in with other colors in the office. It is simple durable, and well-sized, making it an ideal choice for office, school, and home use.

Pros and Cons


  • It highlights Julian dates and other special holidays.
  • It has large block spaces.
  • It has two black corners protectors and holes


  • It has a plain design.
  • The holes at the top of the calendar might be a starting point for tear.

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Poluma Desk Calendar 

22” X 17” Desk Pad with Calendar

Measured at 22” X 17”, this poluma calendar desk pad is designed with thick premium paper that contains all the months in the year 2021 with major holidays and Julian dates well highlighted to help you keep track of important dates and events. 

This calendar desk pad features twelve-month reference Calendars at the bottom of every monthly page to provide an easy view of all the months at the same time. Each date is boldly written in cells that measure 2.4” X 2.7”, providing you with space to plan your activities for that day. 

The calendar pages are acid-free and can resist damages caused by light and air such as feathering and seepage. The pages are also ink resistant and each page has a different theme for that month.

Pros and Cons


  • It had a twelve-month reference calendar at the bottom of each page. 
  • Major holidays and Julian dates are highlighted for each month.
  • The pages are acid-free


  • The pages are thin.
  • It has a minimalist design.

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House of Doolittle

22” X 17” Desk Pad with Calendar

The Doolittle calendar desk pad is designed to help you become more productive with your time when planning and organizing your daily, weekly, or monthly activities. It features twelve calendar months for the year 2021 with a full monthly view on each page and each date is allocated to a space that measures 2-3/8” X 2”. 

Each month on this calendar desk pad features a design that indicates the holidays and seasons of that month to serve as a constant reminder of the seasons and expected weather conditions to help you plan your events properly.

The pages of this calendar desk pad are made from recycled papers and soy ink and are bound at the top with black leatherette that binds all the pages together for durability. The pages also feature a substantial amount of space that can be used for simple note-taking, jotting down important dates and plans as well as long-term planning.

 The Doolittle Calendar desk pad has pages that are slightly perforated at the top to aid easy removal, reference, and simple organization. Its size, design, and durable features make it ideal for use in offices, schools, and other environments that require simple planning and organization with the aid of a calendar.

Pros and Cons


  • Each monthly page is designed with the season of the month.
  • The pages are made from recycled paper.
  • The pages are bound at the top with black leatherette.


  • It is small-sized.
  • Its pages are thin.

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Desk pads with calendars are designed to promote and encourage proper time management and effective planning by helping you to keep schedules in order.

I hope that this article proved to be very helpful in your search for a desk pad with a calendar. If you’re still open to more options, you can find more on


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