Best Router for Remote Access

A wireless router is more of a necessity in a modern household. Besides that, setting up a Wi-Fi network is equally important for businesses and cafés that need to rely on high-end or multiple routers for establishing secured public connections. If you are in charge of making sure the networks stay up, you should definitely […]

Best Router for VoIP

If you are looking to set up a rewarding IP Telephony network for managing the business, employees, and clients, you might want to look for the best router for VoIP. While almost every router is VoIP compatible, it is necessary to opt for a model that is QoS optimized and readily prioritizes Voice over IP […]

Best Router with Storage

When it comes to selecting the best router with storage, it is necessary to understand the concept of external and internal data handling capabilities of a wireless device. Unlike a wired storage device like a hard drive or USB drive, the storage standards for a wireless router vary according to network preferences. In most cases, […]

Best Router for Twitch Streaming

Twitch streaming is one of the most productive revenue sources for the streamers who broadcast live games, movies, or other forms of content over the concerned platform. However, regardless of the size and nature of the content i.e. HD, FHD, or 4K, you need the best router for Twitch streaming, to keep the lags, broadcasting […]

Best Wireless Router for Gigabit Internet

Nothing feels more frustrating than to use a slow internet connection for professional use, let alone when you are just trying to relax. Although connectivity speeds in the Mbps-range are still being hailed as fast in several places, the time is right to adopt gigabit internet connections, to make surfing, downloading, and productivity-centric experiences, more […]

Best Wireless Router for Gaming

There is no denying the role of internet connectivity when gaming is concerned. Without a doubt, we all have had our share of issues with the LAG or connection drops, especially when we were about to make the winning move. Not just that, a majority of RPG, Battle Royale, or other FPS games require exceptional […]

Best Wireless Router for Long Range

It is common for the home and office-bound internet connections to drop, with signals bouncing off floors and walls. Wi-Fi dead zones are common, especially in larger establishments, having walls, pillars, and doors that restrict coverage. This is why you need the best wireless router for long ranges, to help mitigate issues related to slow […]

Best Wi-Fi Extender for Outside

Selecting the best Wi-Fi extender for outside is trickier compared to choices for covering the dead zones inside the home or office. Outdoor networks are often plagued by a host of attenuating factors and staying connected and can be extremely difficult if you are located farther from the router. This is where long-range outdoor Wi-Fi […]

Best Wi-Fi Extender for Gaming

Online gaming indulgences are necessary to kill time, especially when you are home-bound and looking to break free from the monotony of professional tasks. However, before you invest time and effort into planning a home-centric online setup for a Massively Multiplayer Online game like World Of Warcraft, Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite, or […]

Best Wireless Router

If you are planning to work from home, stream TV around the house or just plain live a normal life these days, you are going to want a wireless router. Especially if you are looking towards a more IoT driven future with smart gadgets at the helm, a functional wireless router is imperative! However, purchasing […]

Best Wi-Fi Extender

If you are encountering minimal to zero connectivity at certain places inside the home, despite investing in a good router, it might just be the time to consider Wi-Fi extenders! Finding the best Wi-Fi extender isn’t only about the coverage, but the gadget should be able to handle the inadequacies of the router or the […]