Best Asus RGB Aura Sync Keyboard

You can’t list out the top 5 keyboard manufacturers and Asus does not find its way there. Their keyboards feature the best of performance, features, structural frame, and RGB performance. Its outstanding RGB lighting effects can be credited to a handful of its software, particularly the Aura Sync that provides an endless spectrum of colors, […]

Logitech G403 vs Logitech G703

Logitech is a renowned name when it comes to gaming hardware such as keyboards and mice. Over the years, Logitech has provided gamers with the different mouse that has state of the art features; with special reference to the G-series mouse. We will mostly be comparing the Wireless G403 and the G703 since they both […]

Best Full Tower Computer Desk 

A desk that can take everything and anything is that piece of fine accessory that is always on the minds of everyone, and this is where a full tower computer desk comes in. If it should accommodate your entire computer part and others, an all-in-one point for your projects is what a full tower desk […]

Best 3D Wall Panels For Gaming Setup

Cool gaming room check – great gaming chair, outstanding gaming computer and monitor performance, cool mechanical keyboard, responsive gaming mouse, and a collection of mind-blowing games. However, some ( pretty sure not all) do not have a cool gaming room with an aesthetic covering of their walls.  They’re comfortable with the plain boring wall panels […]

What To Do With Old Computer Desk?

Now that you’ve gotten a new computer desk, and your old desk does not suit your new workspace, you’re faced with the question of what to do with your old computer desk. Of course, you can’t leave it lying around to pile up dirt in the surroundings and occupy space without being useful. Instead of […]

Best 27 Inch Monitor

Sizes are becoming an issue when it comes to monitors. The size of a monitor determines the rate at which a certain number of tasks can be done simultaneously and while there is a rush for large screened monitors, people still want something that doesn’t take up all of your desk space. The monitor size […]

Best 32 Inch Monitor

The bigger, the better is the idea if you’re considering getting a 32 inch monitor anyway. A 32 inch monitor is a fine investment if you want a wide presentation of pictures and videos without having to buy two monitors. A major feature that endears it to its users is the flexibility that it offers […]

Best Portable Monitor

Times are changing and portability is really gaining ground as the most comfortable option for work and fun. Traditional technology such as large-sized monitors are no longer comfortable in some situations and with the advancement in technology, a portable monitor is the most comfortable and versatile solution. It is the best space-saving solution that acts […]

Best Monitor For Photo Editing and Graphic Design

Professional photo editing and graphic design is no joke. Even if it was, that joke is not good enough for this intro. Getting the colors and the tiny details just right can make or break a piece. Having the right display to get the job done is essential. If you got lost and are looking […]

Best Computer Monitors for Gaming

Can the type of computer monitor you use really make you better at gaming? Well I suppose that depends on how bad you suck. Just kidding… sort of. Whether or not you will get better at games is up for debate, but the look and feel of your overall gaming experience can certainly be made […]

Best Monitor For Mac Mini

I made heads turn, eyes pop and ears stand at attention when I got a Mac mini and it was really worth all the attention. Permit me to refer to it as a low-end Mac but it served me well and I have never stopped loving it. It was easy to perform office tasks with […]

Best Bezel-less Monitors

Frameless is the new frame. It is stunning and offers an impeccable viewing experience. Bezel-less is synonymous with frameless and when a monitor is described as being bezel-less, it doesn’t mean that it has no frame at all; it only means that the frame of the monitor is very thin. Monitors with a bezel-less design offer […]