Do all Motherboards Fit in Any Case?

Motherboards are like the foundation of your whole system because they determine to a large extent the other components that you’ll use in setting up your computer/workstation. Of course, you’ll like to get the best within your budget but before you head on to get that motherboard, have you checked the size and compatibility with […]

How Much RAM is Needed For 9700k?

The Intel i7-9700k is a 9th generation 8-core processor that a lot of people refer to as the multipurpose processor owing to its ability to execute tasks on single-core and multi-core performance with ease and efficiency.  Ordinarily, the i7-9700k can run at any ram speed but getting it started and running isn’t enough because some […]

How To Test a Motherboard Without CPU?

Troubleshooting your computer to find where the faults are and fixing them right away is one of the finest steps you can take to get your computer running again. To achieve this, you will need to pay attention to details, testing your motherboard without a CPU is one of the ways you can achieve this.  […]

How Do I Check How Many CPU Threads Do I have?

The amount of CPU Threads on a computer is determined by certain things such as the model, generation, core counts, and the availability or otherwise of hyperthreading options on the CPU. For this reason, newer generation CPUs tend to have more threads as compared to others.  The reason the newer CPUs have got more threads […]

How To Check If A SATA Cable is 6Gb/s

The SATA cable is responsible for Data transfer from the disk drive to the motherboard and from the motherboard to the desk drive. The next-gen SATA cables had taken things beyond the normal parameters allowing you to enjoy a data transfer value of up to 6Gb/s.  There are three types of SATA cables, namely SATA […]

How To Fix CPU Fan Error In Asus Motherboard

When you newly install a new fan on your Asus motherboard, chances are that you will receive an error message like this. The fan will not likely show up on your dashboard and the challenge of using it comes to hand, so how do you correct this issue?  The situation is still the same with […]

DDR3 1600 MHz VS 1866 MHz

A silver lining was seen in the computing space when DDR3 Ram launched in 2007, this was the biggest computer revolution of the year and the impact was instantly felt. You enjoy more performance than the previous model like the DDR1 and DDR2, and this has been the case for many years.  DDR4 came later […]

How To Add More SATA Slots To Your Motherboard

Innovation is the order of the day when it comes to computers, and the leaders of the industry have taken active steps to ensure nothing is left to waste. The need to constantly improve on what is in place and build on the achievements of yesterday is the norm in our today’s technology space.  So, […]

Can You Use A Nvidia GPU with an AMD CPU

While trying to build a PC, we want the best of both worlds in terms of performance, especially as it concerns graphical representation, easy overclocking, better frames, and fast multicore performance. If you’ve searched for this, chances are you’ll be faced with the possibility of combining two different processors from two different leading brands and […]

How Hot Should A Graphics Card Be For Gaming

Graphics cards are very important for gaming, especially if you play games that require intense graphics and frame rates. A lot of us feel nonchalant about the temperature of graphics cards and so, we had to learn the importance of regulating the temperature of our graphics card the hard way.  If this is your case, […]

How Hot Should A CPU Be For Gaming

The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer system and it holds the functionality of the computer system in its hands ( that’s if it has one, lol).  Maintaining the right CPU temperature is very important especially if you’re mostly involved with games. While some people might wonder about the relationship between games […]

Can You Plug In A Hard Drive When The Computer Is On?

Hard drives are one of the easily accessible devices that you can use to store data for use at different points in time. They are highly valuable and to a large extent, contribute to your productivity. The portable feature of a hard drive makes it convenient for use on different computers with no carriers but […]