Best Microphone For Voice Over Recordings

If you are thinking of furthering your career or possibly building a passion for voice-over recording as a voice-over artist. This article is a one-stop shop for all you will need to strive and succeed at this all-important goal of bettering your passion and probably monetizing it. You have the option of choosing between computer […]

Best USB Microphone For Streaming

Stream quality can be adjudged the most crucial feature or requirement for success when it comes to computer steaming, however, for professional streams, there is more than just the steam quality. Our top picks of best microphones for streaming will give you a complete list of options to choose from. This is a streamlined list […]

Best Cheap Microphone For YouTube

It is often argued, that when it comes to YouTube your camera is the finest accessory you should cater for. Allow me to add here that as important as your camera, the computer microphone is an essential aspect you cannot do without, and here is why; On our list of top three picks, we have […]

Best Headset Microphone For Recording Audio

When it comes to your podcast and YouTube recording options, you will agree with me that the condenser microphones are the favorites to get the job done and this, they will do with ease. In deciding the best computer microphone for recording your audio, the choice should tick the boxes on the following aspects; Sound […]

Best XLR Microphone For Streaming

So you want a new professional-level XLR microphone to record yourself speaking or singing? You’ll need to consider 2 main things: dynamic or condenser. I also want to highlight that many of these microphones work great to record instruments and other sources of audio, but they excel for voice recording and podcasting. Dynamic computer microphones […]

Best Budget Mic For Gaming

The best gaming microphone offers improved vocal clarity for gaming in single and multiplayer games and you can have one of such even when you’re on a budget and you can’t risk letting off any more money because they are very affordable.  Gone are the days when inexpensive devices were seen to be of inferior […]

Best Dynamic Microphone For Streaming

When you want to share your golden voice with a streaming or podcast audience, the important thing is no longer the sound coming through your headphones speakers but instead the sound coming through the audience’s speakers. That means you suddenly need a microphone that can match the quality of good speakers. So, dedicated hardware is […]

Best Microphone For Live Vocals

You’ve practiced and practiced, you’ve honed your skills as a singer, and now it’s time to take your talents to the stage! But how do you amplify such a unique voice for everyone to hear? By using a quality microphone, of course. There are two main types of microphones to consider for live vocals—dynamic and […]

Best Cheap Microphone For Podcasting

With the ever growing popularity and prevalence of podcasts and videos, it’s likely you’ll find yourself in need of a good quality microphone sometime in the future. Whether you’re an aspiring or established podcaster, business owner, video gamer, or just an artistic soul looking for some great audio recording, there are options out there to […]

Best Microphone For Video Conferencing

If there is one thing Covid-19 has left in the hearts of everyone is the truth that we must not stay in the same environment or seat in a conference room together before we can reach decisions that will affect our organizations. Whether on your computer for your meeting on Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams, […]

Best USB Microphone For Gaming

A great microphone will allow you to live in the moment, and send clear sound and instructions to your computer gaming partners. This is important for the gamer, and the content creator who will want to have his voice heard in the background. You will need to sound authoritative when you are giving this information […]

Best USB Microphone Under $50

Big sounds can come in small packages that employ plug-and-play compatibility for ease of use and convenience. They deliver excellent audio quality and are better than most built-in computer mics, hence their popularity for different activities and applications. Just in case you’ve not keyed in on the big gist, I’m talking about a USB microphone […]