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Best Wrist Rest for Gaming

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As a gamer oftentimes your hands travel faster across the keys when compared to the regular typing speed. Your gaming style, which to a large extent determines your typing habit, requires a speed that is as fast as light and this is largely credited to the kind of games that you play.

With a keyboard (which I’m pretty sure is a mechanical keyboard right?) that’s quite tall, your hands, fingers, and wrists are easily strained and long term you could be looking at some painful health effects if you don’t take care of it.

Using a wrist rest while gaming has serious ergonomic benefits. It prevents fatigue and repetitive strains on your wrists that are no doubt caused by long gaming hours. It also places your hands in a natural position that easily aligns with your keyboard when gaming.

Your gaming chair is your back’s best friend, your mechanical keyboard is your gaming buddy, what’s your wrist’s best friend?

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Wrist Rest For Gaming


Cushion Care Keyboard Wrist Rest

Memory Foam Gaming Wrist Rest

To enjoy gaming for longer hours without being worried about wrist strains, you need a wrist rest at both angles (your keyboard and your mouse). Well, Cushion Care provides a wrist rests for your keyboard and mouse. Another interesting feature is that this combo comes with a mouse pad! This wrist rest is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable and padding for gamers. 

Employing an advanced cushion interior made of high-tech memory foam, the keyboard wrist rest helps to prevent fatigue, repetitive strain injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It has a rubberized bottom that makes it very sturdy and prevents it from sliding off your desk during use.

The mouse wrist rest is not left out of the ergonomic capabilities featured by cushion care. It has a rubber bottom that keeps it from sliding off during use and the fact that it comes with a mouse pad makes it a budget-friendly option. The material designed for the mouse pad is smooth and provides a reliable tracking experience when gaming.

The combination of these wrist rests helps to maintain proper wrist alignment when gaming by shedding dangerous weight off your shoulders. This product has a 100% guarantee for functionality and ergonomics from cushions care and comes with a three-year warranty that covers refund or replacement.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of high-tech memory foam
  • It has a rubberized bottom that prevents it from sliding during use
  • It is very large and has a mouse pad attached to it


  • It is lightweight which causes it to move slightly during usage
  • The outer material is dry

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Razer Ergonomic Wrist Pro

Gel Foam Gaming Wrist Rest

Borrowing the words of Razer, this gel wrist rest is made for gamers by gamers! It’s interior is filled with an angled gel that prevents strains and injuries on the wrist and also helps to relieve pressure on the nerves and tendons located among the wrist line.

The cooling gel is wrapped in a great transfer synthetic smooth fabric that is nice to feel without irritating the skin in any way. Its edges are well stitched to ensure optimum durability without the possible wear or tear that could occur due to rough game sessions. The Razer ergonomic wrist rest pro is ideal for gamers who play for long hours and will thus require the ergonomic comfort and support of wrist rest.

Being an ideal choice for full-sized keyboards, it comes at the measurement of 17.51 inches in length, 3.55 inches in width, and 1.04 inches in height. This wrist rest is very stable and its rubber feet which are well designed to be an anti-slip agent addresses this feature effectively. The wrist rest stays fixed in a particular position even with the movements that come with an energetic gaming session.

Pros and Cons


  • Its interior is filled with cooling gel
  • It has rubber feet at its bottom to prevent sliding
  • Its material is made of synthetic fabric


  • It is expensive
  • The covering fabric sometimes get wrinkled

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Tonos Silicone Wrist Rest

Silicone Gaming Wrist Rest

This wrist has an interior that is made of soft silicone that is highly durable, and functional without any possible chance of deformation even with steady rough use. The weight of silicone is fairly double the weight of memory foam, and this makes it sturdier and much geared for a vibrant game session because its position remains intact, no matter the speed used to change your gaming angle.

Its visible material is an ultra-smooth fabric that doesn’t contain or transfer bacteria making it skin-friendly. Tonos silicone wrist rest is measured at 15.7 inches at length, 2.5 inches at the width, and 0.9 inches in height. The measurements place your wrists in a natural position.

Its ergonomic properties help to prevent joint and wrist issues that are common among gamers who play for long hours. This wrist rest has a waterproof surface that is easy to clean, soft, and very comfortable. It features a non-slip rubber based bottom that prevents gliding and unnecessary movement while playing a game.

Pros and Cons


  • It is made of silicone
  • It is waterproof, skin-friendly and easy to clean
  • It has a non-slip rubberized bottom that prevents it from sliding


  • Mouse Pad sold separately
  • It might take some time to get used to

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A gaming wrist rest is an ergonomic investment and should not be ignored when setting up a gaming station. As always, if you do have any health concerns, please consult a real healthcare professional.

I hope that your search for a gaming wrist rest ends here but if you’re unsatisfied with our options, you can keep searching on Amazon.

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