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While you might not consider it as a priority when setting up your gaming station, the ugly scratches that are bound to appear on your beautiful gaming desk due to your vibrant gaming activities are something to worry about. Apart from protecting your gaming desk from ugly scratches, and spillage, a gaming desk pad contributes to the durability of your desk by protecting it from dust and providing a firm surface to support your gaming activities.

Although there is no specific desk pad designed as a gaming desk pad, the majority of the options in the market are large mouse pads but their sizes, texture, and cushioning make them a suitable option for a gaming desk pad.

In a bid to help you get the best protection for your gaming desk, I picked out the best options for a gaming desk pad. They’re durable, well-cushioned to support mouse responsiveness, and they come in different sizes and designs, plus they are super affordable.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Desk Pad


Logitech G840 XL

35” X 16” Gaming Desk Pad

The Logitech G840 XL is well cushioned to protect your desk while offering a large smooth surface for your keyboard and your gaming mouse. Originally designed as a gaming mouse pad, it is large enough to provide coverage for your desk, with a textured base that makes it sturdy even during a rigorous gaming session. 

This large mouse pad that doubles as a desk pad is measured at 35” X 16”, making it a nice choice for a standard-sized gaming desk. It is well cushioned with a smooth surface  that is optimized for low and high dpi tracking movements. It employs an optimal sensor imagery to translate mouse movement into cursor movement even at high speeds and this  makes it ideal for various types of mice, promoting accuracy,  responsiveness, and aiding its functionality to help you play better. 

Another feature that contributes to the durability of the Logitech G840 XL for gaming purposes is its well-stitched edges and a non-slip rubber base that eliminates unwanted movement and helps it stay firm and sturdy on any kind of surface that it is placed on.

The Logitech G840 XL is flexible and can be easily rolled up and placed in the transport tube that comes with the desk pad.

Pros and Cons


  • It supports high and low dpi mouse tracking movements.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base.
  • It is flexible and can be easily rolled up.


  • It has a plain black design.
  • It has a chemical smell when newly purchased but it wears off over time.

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151 Warehouse Gaming Desk Pad

48” X 0.16” Gaming Desk Pad

At a jaw-dropping size of 48” X 24” this mouse pad which also doubles as a gaming desk pad is designed to provide full coverage for your desk and also provide a smooth tracking surface for your mouse. With a size like this, permit it to call it a king-sized desk pad that is well cushioned to protect your desk with a functional responsive tracking area for your mouse. 

The 151 desk pad has edges that are well stitched to prevent peeling, fraying, and this allows it to lay completely flat hence no curling edges. This gaming desk pad also has a well-textured rubber base that aids its stability even during rough gaming sessions. Its rubber base makes the pad resistant to slipping, helping it stay to stay firmly attached to any surface that it is placed on.

Well, just so you know, this desk pad is designed with no Logo. As impossible as it may sound, its sleek surface has no logo and this allows for easy customization to your preferred desk pad style.

The gaming desk pad is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mouse, aiding in its responsiveness with its smooth surface by promoting accuracy, swift mouse response, and general functionality. It is also water-resistant, and machine washable.

Pros and Cons


  • It is very large.
  • It has a rubberized base.
  • Its surface is smooth and allows for easy mouse tracking.


  • It has a plain black design.
  • It is very large.

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Loogecy Desk Pad

31.5” X 11.8” RGB Gaming Desk Pad

Beautifully designed with fourteen RGB lighting modes that emit beautiful colors that easily complement your gaming desk, this gaming desk pad offers protection to your gaming desk while providing a smooth surface to aid the responsiveness of your gaming mouse irrespective of its sensor and sensitivity.

At a measurement of 31.5” X 11.8”, the Loogecy gaming desk mat/ desk pad is originally designed as a large mouse pad but its large size makes it an ideal choice for a gaming desk pad. Its size is large enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard and also cater to the rigorous movement accustomed to playing with a gaming mouse.  

This gaming desk pad is made of fine braided fiber gives it its smooth surface that allows for speed, accuracy, and easy control of your gaming mouse. It also has an anti-slip rubber base that helps it to stay firm and sturdy on any surface that it is placed on.

The Loogecy Gaming Desk pad is durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, supports a mouse with different sensors and sensitivity and its beautiful RGB lighting modes make it a beautiful desk protector for your gaming desk. It also comes with a 2m USB cable that can be used to activate the lighting mode by simply connecting it to a computer via the cable.

Pros and Cons


  • It has fourteen RGB lighting modes.
  • It has an anti-slip rubber base.
  • It is water-resistant


  • It gets dirty easily.
  • It has just one anime theme.

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A gaming desk pad is one of the best accessories that you can offer your gaming desks in terms of protection, and beauty. It can also save you the cost of spending on a mouse pad because its cushioning provides a smooth surface for your gaming mouse. 

I hope that this article helped fund your search for a gaming desk pad. If you still want to browse for more options, you can easily do that by clicking on

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