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Best Wrist Rest For Laptops

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A wrist rest can be an essential accessory for users of keyboards. Just in case you’ve been wondering if you can use a wrist rest on your epic laptop, the answer is yes.

It is part of an ergonomically coordinated work station because they keep your upper body and outer arm close to your body and thus keeping your wrists safe from the strains and pressure on its nerves.

Well, a wrist rest is also a very portable accessory whose benefits are widely celebrated by ergonomics and it definitely comes in sizes that are well suited for a laptop. However, if you are looking for regular wrist rests you can find those here. So, while packing your laptop, you can also take a supporting and functional wrist rest along with you to be sure of a comfortable experience while you’re being the best at what you do.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Wrist Rest For Laptops


ProElife Wrist Rest

Leather Laptop Wrist Rest

Durable, sturdy, comfortable, and very reliable is what this wrist rest promises to offer. Its soft memory foam interior is covered in PU leather, the surface of this wrist rest is waterproof and very easy to clean. Its size is 14.56  inches in length, 3.27 inches in width, and 0.98 inches in height.

This makes it very ideal for laptops whose sizes are below 15.4 inches for gaming, typing and any other laptop assisted activity. The features of this wrist rest make it very comfortable for standard and tenkeyless keyboards. The edges are well stitched to prevent wear or fraying. Its bottom is well defined with anti-skid pad and hardened leather that prevents it from sliding off the surface on which it is placed. It is slim and portable.

Pros and Cons


  • It is covered in leather
  • Its interior is made of memory foam
  • Its bottom is designed with an anti-skid pad


  • It becomes sticky when touched by sweat
  • It might take some time to get used to its firmness

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Memory Foam Laptop Wrist Rest

Your portable computer should comfortable to use, and a wrist rest can help you work better, safer, healthier, and more productive. The Yacaihong wrist rest does well to address this.

The wrist rest is 14.2 inches long, 2.63 inches wide and 0.7 inches tall. It is a very nice choice for people that are hoping to improve their hand and wrist posture and also relieve stress on the shoulders and elbows that might lead to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) on their wrists.

Its interior is made of a top-class memory foam known as Visco-Elastic foam to reduce discomfort and wrist strains when working. This wrist rest is ergonomically built and features numerous massaging holes as well as two wave-shaped groves. Its outer material is made of fine Lycra clothing that is skin-friendly and feels very smooth. This covering material is breathable and thus makes the wrist rest odorless and very easy to clean. The bottom is padded with anti-skid silicone that firmly holds it when it is in use. Yacaihing offers a one year warranty on this product and 30 days no-reason-refund.

Pros and Cons


  • Its interior is made of memory foam
  • It has massaging holes
  • Its bottom is padded with anti-skid silicone


  • The massaging holes might take some time to get used to
  • It is not easy to clean

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Hyper X Wrist Rest

Gel Laptop Wrist Rest

Get the both of both worlds by employing the features of Hyper x wrist rest. It is built with the right amount of cool gel and memory foam to provide you nothing less than the best support for your wrist when gaming. Tested and trusted for its functional features, this wrist rest has a length of 18 inches, a width that measures 3.9 inches and a height of 0.9 inches.

It has more than enough room with an ergonomic design that is durable and stable. Its awesome interior is covered with a fine fabric that is skin-friendly with anti-fray stitching that prevents possible tear or wears even when it is roughly used. This wrist rest also features an anti-slip natural underside that is crafted to remain stable even during a tasking and demanding work environment.

Pros and Cons


  • Its interior is made of gel and memory foam
  • Its stitches are anti-frayed
  • It has an anti-slip grip on surfaces that it is placed on


  • It is more Ideal for big-sized laptops
  • The clothing material is not fully attached to the internal padding

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Make a little room for your wrist rest as you do for your laptop when packing for your bag for school, work, or travel. I hope this article proved to be very helpful in your purchase decision of a wrist rest for your laptop. If you’re still looking, please feel free to check out more options on Amazon.

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