Best Gifts For A Computer Programmer

Everyone needs to be appreciated and reminded of how special they are. Even the littlest encouragement and appreciation can go a long way to motivate someone, and one of the best ways to express your love, gratitude, and encouragement is through a gift. Programmers are one of the most important people in digital technology, and […]

Best Place To Keep A Computer Tower

Most times, we are faced with space limitations after getting a new device, and while it might not be a problem to some, it is a big problem for others. Having a computer tower no doubt poses the question of where it should be kept, but people tend to ignore the fact that the location […]

Best Computer Jokes

After having a tiring day at work, with just your computer helping you get through it, you should relax with some jokes to lift your spirit. Just like your computer had your back all through the day by being functional even with your multitasking demands, I’m pretty sure that it won’t mind taking a joke […]

Best Wood For A Computer Desk

We know that you will spend most of your working hours at a computer desk, you won’t be asking for too much if you want them made from the best wood. Your choice of wood would significantly determine the durability and appearance of your desk. It may also matter for looks, especially if you are […]

Best Way to Ship A Desktop Computer

A desktop computer is one of the most popular choices for a simple and traditional computer setup, but with this simplicity comes the complexity in shipping. Its various accessories make it a bit of a challenge to pack for shipping to any preferred location. Still, knowledge is power, and this article contains easy steps to […]

Best Windows OS For Gaming

The next big question that plagues the mind of every gamer is knowing what Operating System can efficiently satisfy their gaming appetites. While you might be presented with a lot of options as the best operating system for gaming, I’ll advise that you narrow it down a bit by looking at a Windows operating system.  […]

Best Time To Buy Computer Parts

If you’re interested in buying computer parts to set up, replace or complete your work or gaming station, one of the many questions on your mind includes identifying the right buying time when you can get the best deal in the market. The first thing to understand about the best time to buy computer parts […]

Can A Computer Monitor Screen Be Repaired?

Despite being very careful with your computer monitor, you might encounter some problems that leave you with the question; can a computer monitor screen be Repaired? Maybe, read on. Using a computer monitor screen is easy, but your computer monitor might begin to malfunction, and what seems so easy can begin to be a challenge, and, […]

Can A Computer Monitor Be Used As A TV?

I hear this question a lot, and sometimes it arises out of the need to convert old monitors into something useful instead of just allowing it to gather dust. Other times, it is born out of cost ( trying to cut down on the expense of buying a TV ), and in some situations, the […]

Are Computer Monitor Power Cords Universal?

TL;DR – Technically yes, but be careful with the power requirements. There are different brands that produce computer monitor power cords and, a lot of them are highly functional and durable but the question remains “are computer monitor power cords universal?” For some reason, you might have different power cords lying around that are designed […]

Gaming Chair Brands

A gaming chair is a necessary accessory that is designed to comfortably cater to your gaming needs. It is a functional gaming accessory of an ergonomic gaming station that employs it’s sturdy and functional features in providing support, reliability, and comfort even during intense gaming sessions. Apart from the benefits and credits that it gives […]

How To Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

A lot of times, we pay scant attention to the most important input device that holds our productivity in its hands; our keyboard. What’s worse is the fact that it is a mechanical keyboard. I must confess that most time the way it is treated makes me want to be a “mechanical keyboard rights activist”! […]