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Yes, these speakers have been in use for 15+ years on and off. Check out my cheap speaker upgrade that sounds awesome!

Also, here is the auto translate text from YouTube if you are into that:

welcome back to the computer station
nation YouTube channel my name is Dustin
Montgomery it's been a while since we've
been filming stuff but that's because a
lot of personal changes in my life
anyways check out so I've been using
these speakers on and off since like
2003 there are these crazy speakers that
attach to the side of your monitor
obviously this was a big CRT back in the
day you just they just slot it into
these little holes on the side of the
miner and I've been using them on and
off ever since at one point I switched I
had giant stereo speakers were talking
something like three foot high it was
crazy but I moved around well since I
lived in my parents house when that
happened and I've just taken these with
me because they just work they just have
a single audio plug in yes they didn't
have standard colors back or they didn't
they messed it up back with compact
manufactured these speakers so it's not
it's not always the same color that it
is now anyways these things are super
quiet because they don't have any
external power but what I've been doing
when I when I have these set up is I
just set them on the stand right behind
the monitor so this is a triple monitor
mount you may have seen it with the
other videos check out they just sit
like right behind here and they get the
job done but they are terrible so it's
finally time that I retired them
I've had these amazon basic speakers on
my Amazon wishlist for like I years six
years but no one's ever purchased them I
just never follow through because these
are getting a job so finally somebody
bought them for me this past Christmas I
was like four months ago we moved
coronavirus whatever let's set these
things up and we're gonna start with an
unboxing just to see what's inside are
two versions of this one with AC power
and one
that is usb-powered I went with the AC
power just because obviously coming from
the one just because it didn't have a
lot of power I was like you know these
probably can go a little bit louder with
that not sure that's the case
officially but there are different
settings especially in your linux where
you can drag the volume over with the
max is supposed to be gets a little
distorted but if you need the volume so
i did open this previously several
months ago just to make sure that all
the parts in it there is some kind of
instructions nothing really exciting so
yeah here it is AC powered uh really not
a lot to say about it it's got a nice
volume yeah that's pretty nice very
simple volume control on off and even a
place for your headphones which I did
not realize existed so you can see it's
got a nice little headphone jack
I actually might use that so oh heck the
on and off that's nice so these are
still small enough that I could probably
set them on the stand behind the monitor
here let me go ahead and get these
things set up and I'll give you a sneak
peak what that looks like
alright so here we are taking a look at
the back of the triple monitor stand
here and as you can see we've got the
speakers right now they're just resting
there which worked well when we had the
old ones because they were long enough
that they were stable obviously this is
not ideal
I should probably tie a tie on I
strapped weight tie wraps
anyway the old plastic just hold them
down a little bit but yeah so you could
either mount them sure straight over the
air down at the desk whatever you find
works best but this way you know they're
nice and hidden but you can see it's a
pretty clean setup still you know you
don't have to look at the speakers if
you want to adjust the volume manually
you just reach over the monitor stand up
whatever you got to do but other than
that keeps them out of the way hidden
pretty well so there you have it the
Amazon basics computer speakers for your
desktop AC powered I'll put a link in
the description but yeah upgrading the
speakers on the cheap yeah I suppose one
important thing here is I forgot is if
you're wondering how these things sound
it's pretty very good just tension it
out with one of the videos I made
previously if you haven't checked it out
go ahead and check out the other videos
on this channel this one's the final
build of the computer you see right next
to this so yeah here's here's a test if
that you know helps inform your decision
on this purchase not the deepest base
but still pretty good
so this is gonna be great for just you
know casual listening there you have it
pretty awesome speakers go check out
this video maybe it'll be somewhere on
the screen where this finger is at head
over to computer station nation calm if
you haven't already got some great
guides over there on what to buy next so
good luck with your battle station or
workstation setup and we'll talk to you
next time
Dustin Montgomery

I am the main man behind the scenes here. I have been building computers for over 15 years, and sitting at them for even longer. I currently work from home where I am able to pursue the art of the perfect workstation by day and the most epic battlestation by night.

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