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So I decided to make a short video on my current personal setup. Be warned, it ain’t that pretty despite having 3 good sized monitors.

As I said in the video, I have been building in that computer case since like 2004. That is a long time. The case itself has been around even longer than that, it used to be an old server tower.

The monitors are a bit old as well, bought around 2011. The main one is starting to get some dead pixels which is sad.

The desk is from around 2005 from Wal-mart. It is nothing special and should be replaced. It is not good for my posture.

The internals of the PC are from 2011 as well, except the graphics card which was upgraded around 2016.

I am hoping to upgrade most of this stuff in the near future, so stay tuned!


Dustin Montgomery

I am the main man behind the scenes here. I have been building computers for over 15 years, and sitting at them for even longer. I currently work from home where I am able to pursue the art of the perfect workstation by day and the most epic battlestation by night.

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