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2x RAM in my Lenovo ThinkPad x220 for $13.15

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RAM update on the cheap!

This laptop is a beast, it’s been going strong since 2011 for me!

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If you would like to read the auto generated text from the video for whatever reason, here it is:

All right I know it’s been a while since we’ve made a video but I’ve got something special for you today this just came in the mail and if you don’t know what this is this is a simple piece of RAM for a laptop which doesn’t sound like a big deal but I bought this for big stick for 13 dollars and 15 cents and I’ll be doubling the RAM in my laptop my laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad X 220 and it’s a bit older but a lot of other people have been saying this is you know this is the best laptop to buy this day and age you’re looking for someone’s gonna last a while because this thing I’ve had it since 2011 actually so I bought this thing new but people who are buying them used for like a hundred bucks they’re great laptops they do everything this one just needed some more RAM so for 13 bucks I went all-in so today we’re going to install it alright so step one you’re gonna want to flip this band point over and get a screw driver you know why because you gotta open this thing so let’s give it a shot okay that one’s not gonna work because I used that one to file down a I filed it down to get into a macbook because yes that way is torque screwdrivers and I just wasn’t having it that day so I’m like that MacBook this is very easy to upgrade simply flip off this panel and would you look at that we got one RAM and one knob Ram it’s the technical term for so after that you just pop this other one in there and so I actually I took this cover off and looked at the the RAM slot before I ordered it I wanted to get I want to get the same piece right and as far as I can see here looks like we’ve got the exact same mistake so that’s great so after that you pretend you know what you’re doing just kidding she lived on a dry run I’m not sure how do you been clean to pop up so that’s try it over here Jimmy so the way these videos go in it yeah you just hope for the best and then you end up getting thermal paste all over the place oh geez yeah we got a break I’m not ruining this alright so I was close I just wasn’t pushing it inferno so push it in and then yeah push it down look at that nobody almost ruined a laptop today because YouTube that is a reference to one of my other videos where I almost destroyed a brand new CPU by getting thermal paste on the pins and the motherboard but luckily that computer is just fine but it was pretty nice pretty intense at least for me so after that you screw the bad boys in like soon and let’s see if she starts you notice I have the nine cell battery on this one and while that battery doesn’t nearly hold the capacity that it originally did it still gets about three or four hours which is pretty awesome I think when I had it originally it got twelve hours it was crazy but I don’t think there’s a lot of people that manufacture those batteries hmm I think it’s dead Jim all right so looking at the system info here in Linux Mint let’s get in there closer we can see with all the flashing things there voice it does have seven point seven gigabytes of RAM I can’t see that that’s alright because it is way blurry and flickering so yeah guys that’s that’s about it for this video very straightforward these things are fantastically affordable on eBay right now and so if you are looking for a laptop check one of these out there’s a lot of great youtubers that are doing videos on these right now I believe laptop retrospective is one I’ve been watching it is a great job of breaking down the different ThinkPad models differences between them doing upgrades so yeah I’ll link to his channel below and yeah check out a ThinkPad today

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