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Office Chair Problems

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Listen, we have all sat in a bad office chair and you don’t have to pretend the one you are sitting in now is without issues.

A good office chair helps you to stay comfortable when working. It provides a soft surface to sit on, arm rests, lumbar support and enough adjustability to guarantee your well being throughout the day. An office chair is a very important part of your furniture! Unfortunately, it can develop problems due to many years of use, damage or error during the manufacturing process. Here are some office chair problems and how you can solve them.


Weak or worn out chair cushion

The seat cushion is one of the most important parts of your office chair because it provides a pliable surface for you to sit on while working. There are many office chairs that are equipped with visually attractive chair cushions upholstered in glistening faux leather. They look plump, soft and durable but do not hold up well after long hours of usage. 

You may find that the seat cushion stays compressed even after you stand up from it. If you notice that a seat cushion stays compressed after you stand up, it is likely that it will get worn out quickly after repeated usage. In situations of extreme damage, you may find that your office chair leans to one side because of an improperly fitted seat cushion.

The best way to avoid problems arising from office chair seat cushions is to pick a proper one during purchase. There are some strategies that you can rely on to select a good quality office chair at the furniture store. Kneel upon an edge of the seat cushion and if you don’t feel the metal frame underneath, that specific chair will last for a long time. You can also sit on it and stand up immediately. If the seat cushion regains firmness immediately, the office chair will maintain comfort for a long time. If you already have an office chair with a weak or worn out chair cushion, you can have it re-upholstered at a furniture store or automotive tuning shop.

Sinking chair

Do you usually feel as though the office chair is sinking slowly when you’re sitting in it? If you experience this problem, the culprit is its gas cylinder system. Also known as the gas lift or pneumatic cylinder, it is a common issue that arises with many office chairs. If this system ceases to operate as required, the pressure monitoring mechanism has failed. When this happens, you need to contact the chair’s manufacturer to request a replacement. Relying on its warranty is always a great strategy to fix this problem. 

Your office chair’s gas cylinder can start to malfunction if you exceed its weight rating. Majority of chairs have a rating of 225 pounds and if you tip the scales more than that, the gas cylinder system will experience challenges supporting your weight resulting in a sinking feeling during use. 

Continual usage for many years can also affect the pneumatic system of your office chair in a negative way. If you use the chair for more than 10 years, its gas cylinder system will gradually begin to fail and sink whenever you are seated. If you feel the chair sinking after having used it for a decade or more, it is time for a replacement. 

Cracked or worn out castors 

Did you know that the standard castors on office chairs were developed for use on low-pile carpeting? As a matter of fact, office chair manufacturers insist that you utilize a chair mat for smooth movement that will not damage your floor. Standard castors are made of hardened plastic set over a steel frame. If your office has tiles, hardwood or laminate, always use a chair mat. Otherwise, the castors will scratch your floor and disfigure it.

After months of improper usage, the castors can crack or become unevenly worn out causing you to wonder why the office chair won’t stay up. When you’ve got worn out or damaged castors, have them replaced by a qualified office furniture technician. They can fit special castors which have rubberized edges that are designed for use on hard floors. Such castors will operate on a hard floor without damaging it and promote your comfort at the same time!

Faulty recliner

The latest office chair models are designed to recline on demand. By using a lever or set of buttons, you can make the backrest recline at angles ranging from 100 degrees to 180 degrees. In essence, your chair can recline until it lies flat like a bed. By using the recliner mechanism, you can control your level of comfort when using the chair. This gives you a chance to take a break and relax in-between your working hours. 

While the recliner mechanism is awesome, it can cease to operate as would be expected. The backrest can move erratically while reclining instead of shifting smoothly. Even worse, the recliner cogs can get stuck making the system completely inoperable. In an extreme case, the backrest can simply fail to maintain an optimum angle and fall back flat. 

When you are faced with such a problem, a suitable solution is to consult the manufacturer. They will replace the reclining mechanism at no cost to you as long as your warranty is still valid. If the system fails after your warranty has already expired, a carpentry technician can help to repair it with the objective of restoring proper functionality.


Studies have shown that your level of comfort actively affects your productivity. With this in mind, it is essential to invest in an office chair that supports your back, shoulders and seat using the best materials available today. It should provide arm rests and the mechanisms necessary for multiple adjustments.

Many of our office chairs start out with brilliant performance but begin to get plagued by malfunction during use. We have covered some office chair problems above for you. Not only are they irritating, these issues can prove detrimental to your wellness. Thankfully, we have also suggested solutions to fix these problems. Follow our guidelines as you invest in an office chair to experience fulfillment every time you go to work!


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