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Best Cheap External Hard Drive For Xbox One 

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A standard external hard drive

For many people, the arrival of the Xbox series X and Sleek Xbox series A will push Xbox One for the corners and maybe give it a forgotten place in history.

This has not happened just yet and seems not to ever happen, Xbox One is still in the game and actively operating as one great fan favorite. Xbox One has continued to command a great deal of patronage in the market, with sales still on the high side.

It remained a fantastic piece of gaming infrastructure, and this has kept it going for years. However, there is a weak point here, and it is storage, Xbox One can never have enough for you. 

You want to save those actions and load your new series, the best you can do is to get a good external storage drive and this is why we have put this article together to guide you on this part. So let’s get started. 

Our Top Three Picks Of Best Cheap External Hard Disk For Xbox One 

Samsung T7 

1000mbp/s Read and Write Speed External Hard Disk For Xbox One


When the focus is on price and performance, then the Samsung T7 is one easy pick you should be excited about. The compact build is the most amazing feature of the drive that will surely catch your fancy and leave you thrilled, the engineering and aesthetics excellence are brilliant.

The drive has fantastic speed, this owes largely to the SSD feature which makes this drive an exciting one to deal with. The Type C cord is another great feature that adds a lot to the offerings on this drive. Whether you choose to upgrade your Xbox One to series X/S this drive will still serve you the best. 

The 1000MBP/s read and write speed of this drive gives it a place on this list as one of the fastest drives you can find today. You enjoy a fine variety of options to select from, as you can choose between the 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants. Prices here start at $150, if you require quality, then you can squeeze for it. 

The SSD drives are superior to the HDD drives and this is why the cost is almost twice what it takes to get an equivalent HDD variant. However, it is worth the price. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Fantastic build 
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes 
  • 1000mbp/s read and write speed 


  • Overkill for Xbox One 
  • Cost 

Check it out on Amazon 

Seagate 2TB portable HDD

Compact External Hard Disk For Xbox One


Seagate is one of those companies with a name in the industry. Reputed as one of the best storage manufactures in the world, a product from Seagate will surely blow your mind and leave room for no shortcomings. The 2TB HDD from Seagate is one great piece to deal with. 

There are Xbox branded HDD and SSD cards produced by the Seagate group and they as usual are remembered notably for the great performance of the storage drives and their reliability which stands them out as drives built for the long term. If there’s a thing that will get you thrilled on this drive, it is the design. 

The simple design is an amazing part of the drive that makes it stand out, you will enjoy a massive speed of 120 MBP/s, although this is slower than the SSD drives, they work just fine for anything you will want to use the cards for. They are variants to choose from, and this option adds so much. 

There is a 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB option, the good news is that the drives are identical in performance, features, and build. This way, regardless of the option you settle with, you will always have a fine list of features to enjoy on the run for your Xbox One, with prices starting at $63.

Pros And Cons 


  • Affordable 
  • Compact size and amazing build 
  • Available in different variants 


  • Slow as compared to SSD 
  • It is not future-proof as SSD drives

Check it out on Amazon 

ADATA SD 600Q portable SSD

4000mbp Read and Write Speed External Hard Disk For Xbox One


If you are on a tight budget and you require an SSD Drive that works just fine and gets the job done, then the Adata drive is your finest offering. It works great for a whole lot of reasons and it comes in handy against the HDD variants, this is a fact you will surely complement. 

While the HDD drives had continued to maintain a fall in price owing to people’s demand for SDD drives, SSD on the other hand has continued to surge in the upward trajectory. This offering from Adata gives you a fine balance between price and an experience of the world of SSD robust storage.

With a massive 400MBP/s write and read speed, you are way ahead of the HDD family as you enjoy a speed that is only rivaled by higher SSD drives. Another addition here is the decreased power consumption, and the prices are quite fair.

You can easily pick the 240GB SSD variant for $40 or the 480GB SSD for under $100. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Value for money 
  • Faster than HDD drives 
  • 400mbp/s speed 


  • Slow when compared to other SDD drives 
  • Poor build quality 

Check it out on Amazon 


As your Xbox One continues to run out of space, the need to have all of your games and storage needs in one place will continue to look you in the eyes. A good way to get away from this impasse will be to get a hard drive. The hard drive should be future-proof and great for use. 

The Samsung T7 is our best pick for this category, and this is just amazing. However, If you are on a budget, the Seagate offerings will give you a fantastic option to try and this works just fine. If you want to try out other drives in this category, check them out on Amazon

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