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If you’re in the market for the best printer that operates quietly at an amazing speed, printing out very clear and finely imprinted texts and ideal for a large volume of printing work, then a laser printer is the ideal printer choice for you.  

Laser Printers are highly durable, functional, and cost-effective because they are cheaper to operate and highly reliable for businesses and office work where a large volume of a printing job is done daily. The functionality of laser Printers makes them ideal for businesses because it assists immensely in boosting the efficiency and productivity of a business.

Amidst a variety of options, take the necessary steps to ensure that you get the best laser printer by checking out our top 3 picks for the best laser printer available in the market. The list is a composition of a monochrome, color, and multifunction laser printer, and they are all built to be highly durable, fast, and highly functional.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Laser Printer


Hp Laser Printer Laser Jet Pro M15W

Monochrome (Black and White) Printer

The HP laser jet pro M15W is designed to print texts and images in a black and white format. It is built as a wireless printer to prevent cable drag and clutter when using the printer and also allow for fluidity and ease in sharing data on a network by simply connecting your device to it. 

This laser monitor prints documents at a speed that allows for nineteen pages to be printed per minute either from a mobile device, iCloud, google drive, or Dropbox. 

The HP Laser Jet Pro M15W monochrome laser monitor is portable, and compatible with Windows 7- 10 that has up to 32 bit, 74 bit, or 2Gb of available hard disk space. It is built to be an energy-saving product with an intelligent technology that supports automatic on and off technology.

Its print quality is very fine and neat and its toner level is low, thereby preventing ink smear on the paper after printing. This monitor is also designed to place a smart reorder for toner replenishment upon activation at zero subscription fees, helping you save up to 10% with dash replenishment upon activation.

Pros and Cons


  • It prints in black and white.
  • It can print up to nineteen pages per minute.
  • It recognizes an automatic on and off technology. 


  • It requires a lot of space on the hard disk of a compatible device.
  • It does not print in colored.

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Canon Class LPB622Cdw Laser Printer

Color Laser Printer

A color laser printer requires low maintenance and prints a large volume of work at a fair speed. Like most laser printers, its low cost of maintenance, low noise when being operated and it’s speed makes it a nice choice for offices, and businesses that require daily printing. Being a color laser printer, this Canon color laser printer prints at a fast speed of 10.3 seconds, and the images are clear, and without any smear of ink.

The Canon Color Image Laser Printer is designed with features that make the printing of colored paperwork easy, smear-free, cheaper, and faster. It employs reliable technologies to ensure that the quality of the work being printed is outstanding while actively minimizing the impact on support resources.

It can be easily connected with mobile devices through direct Wi-Fi and/or hotspot from the printer without the need for an external router.

The Canon Color Laser Printer requires minimal maintenance and it can easily print multiple pages into one sheet to help reduce paper consumption.

Pros and Cons


  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • It prints at a speed of 10.3 seconds.
  • It can print multiple pages on one sheet. 


  • It is not easy to set up.
  • It is heavy.

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Brother DCP L2550DW Multifunction Printer

Multifunction Laser Printer

The Brother DCP L2550DW wireless printer functions as a printer on both sides, copier, and scanner for ease of use and versatility. Its paper tray has a capacity of 250 sheet-paper that can comfortably accommodate legal-sized papers, letter-sized papers, envelopes, and other variety of paper sizes to provide efficiency with low refills. It also features a 50 sheet document feeder that allows for multi-page copying and scanning.  

Another feature of this monitor that endears it to many is the efficiency and speed it employs to print up to thirty pages of the document per minute. This makes it an ideal choice for homes and offices looking for a reliable multifunction printer and copier. It also employs a smart technology that detects low toner level and automatically places an Amazon order before it is exhausted.

The Brother DCP L2550DW has and recognizes a Wi-fi connection and this feature allows for printing from wireless devices including Desktop, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It also supports hardwire connection via an Ethernet interface and a USB connection.

The Brother DCP L2550DW Multifunction Laser Printer has a one-year limited warranty and free support at zero charges via phone, live chat, or phone throughout the lifetime of your printer.

Pros and Cons


  • It can print from wireless devices.
  • It can print thirty pages per minute.
  • It has options for printing and scanning. 


  • It is heavy.
  • It does not scan on both sides.

Check it out on Amazon


The durability and functionality of Laser Printers make them very reliable for printing a large volume of work and effectively boosting the productivity of a vibrant work environment.

I sincerely hope that this article proved to be very resourceful in helping you find a laser printer that can effectively cater to the purpose that you want it to serve. If you’re still open to more options, you can find more of it on

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