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I have been a fan of first-person shooter games for longer than I can remember and I competed with family and friends in bragging about who was more precise and calculated in his attacks. Apart from the skills and timings, a lot of the success stories gathered could be attributed to the responsiveness of our mouse.

No doubt, some of the major skills required to win in such games include speed, accuracy, and a calculated timing and precision before each move but a lot of times, many of such requirements boil down to the kind of mouse that you use.

Finding a mouse that is highly functional for first-person shooter games will require better tactics than the ones employed for the preferred FPS game itself and trust me, this can leave you drained! So, to hasten things up, I decided to do the work and my efforts brought out 3 picks for the best gaming mouse for first-person shooter games (you can find the best overall gaming mouse here). They are very reliable and come highly recommended by reviewers who are hoping to beat your score at a game. Here they are:

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best FPS Gaming Mouse 


Asus ROG Gladius II Origin

FPS Mouse For Big Hands

Scroll your way to victory with Asus gaming mouse. Specifically designed for games and other Esports, it has a push-fit socket design that is durable and very stable. It employs Omron mechanical switches that boast of a lifespan of 50 million clicks with precise feedback that can be easily switched. It is comfortable for any kind of grip style and makes for an easy and highly responsive mouse experience.

It features an advanced optical sensor with a 12,000 DPI, 250 sensors, and 50g of acceleration force needed to secure that win. This wired gaming mouse has a detachable cable design with two types of cables and an inclusive ROG pouch for cable placement and easy mobility. It has a clickable scroll well that includes an integrated Alp encoder and a rubberized panel for easier grips. This mouse also boasts of a one-click DPI button for adjusting on the fly sensitivity.

The software employed for its functionality allows for easy customization of buttons and beautiful RGB lighting in three different zones. The enabled effect can be synchronized across all Asus Aura enabled products.

Pros and Cons


  • The switches can be replaced if they are weak or broken
  • Its cable is detachable
  • It has a dedicated button for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment


  • The RGB lighting cannot be permanently saved on preset
  • It has two DPI settings per profile

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Cooler Master MM710

Ultra-lightweight FPS Gaming Mouse

Playing fps games requires speed and responsiveness that the cooler master MM710 matches. The ultra-lightweight of this mouse makes it the best bet if you’re searching for a gaming mouse that feels just like the extension of your hands. It has an aesthetically beautiful perforated frame that weighs just 53g and this is by far the lightest frame that you’ll find in the gaming mouse market.

It comfortably aids both palm and claw grip style with little or no hand or wrist fatigue, even after an intense gaming session. This ultra-light gaming house uses Omron mechanical switches with a life span of 20 million clicks. It further employs a gaming-grade optical sensor with an adjustable 16000 adjustable DPI that is very precise.

Another advantage to FPS gamers offered by this mouse is its PTFE pads that provides a smooth and control and consistent glide with less friction when gaming as well as its ultra weave cable that gainfully reduces the weight and prevents cable pull when swiping.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an ultra-lightweight
  • It has an ultra weave cable that reduces the weight of the mouse
  • It glides easily and consistently on any surface


  • The mouse cord is very light
  • The frame design might take some time to get used to

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BenQ Zowie S2

FPS Mouse For Small Hands

Adaptable with fps games and other export games that require maximum speed and accuracy, this mouse is designed to have a short overall length which makes it the ideal choice for people with small hands. It employs a 3360 optical sensor that has a four-speed adjustable DPI that provides a very smooth tracking and responsive mouse experience. 

It requires no drivers and operates on a plug and play with a cable length of 6.6 feet that is well-positioned to reduce the chances of cable drag or tangling on the mouse pad or desk. This feature makes the mouse easy and comfortable to hold because there is a fair amount of space between the palm and the back edge of the mouse.

Pros and Cons


  • It requires no drivers or software to function
  • It has a very long cable
  • It is fairly ergonomic


  • The scroll wheel is loud
  • The coating on the mouse is dry

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In first-person shooter games, every move counts, and for the win you need to employ the best FPS gaming mouse that has zero tolerance for errors.

I hope this article helped you form a highly informed decision when searching for the right mouse. However, if you seem unsatisfied with our choices, there are more user-friendly mouse options available on Amazon that you can look at.

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