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Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands

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It’s easy to get a functional gaming mouse anywhere, but when you’ve got hands that can cradle the world, then it’s a problem.

To play efficiently on a gaming mouse you’ll have to rely solely on its precision coupled with your calculated speed and accuracy. If you’re in a situation where you’ve tried a lot of gaming mice and you still could not find the one that perfectly suits you, keep calm because today happens to be your lucky day. 

Irrespective of your preferred type of game, there’s a gaming mouse that is just right for you, and this article covers it. The selected gaming mouse is very responsive and precise with a wide range of additional features that work in harmony to provide an exceptional mouse-tracking experience. So, get ready to flex your hand muscles because it’s about to find its perfect match.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands


Steel series Rival 650

Wireless Gaming Mouse

This wireless big mouse for big hands is ideal for accurate, reliable, and lag-free competitive gaming. It employs durable gaming switches that have a lifespan of 60 million clicks and an optical sensor that provides for easy tracking on any kind of surface.

For easy mobility, the weight of this mouse can be adjusted to be more comfortable and suitable for the intended gaming session. This feature is buttered by its removable sides that allow for easy and secure arrangement of the weight. The lift-off distance of this highly functional mouse is controlled by a secondary depth sensor that provides precise and accurate tracking.

Another jaw-dropping feature of this gaming mouse is its 32 bit ARM processor that delivers low latency mouse performance, and securely saves CPI settings as well as macro buttons for easy remapping of functions. The charming look of this mouse is credited to customizable lighting effects that can be saved on board for free use at LAN events and other gaming tournaments. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and has a battery life that can last more than 24 hours if fully charged.

Pros and Cons


  • The weight of this mouse can be adjusted via its removable sides
  • It has a secondary depth sensor that controls its lift-off distance
  • It has a 32 bit ARM processor


  • It can be considered expensive
  • The cable is not braided

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Razer Viper Wired Gaming Mouse

Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Getting a mouse for your big hands is one thing but having a mouse that efficiently caters to both right-handed and left-handed people is no doubt a big win.

It has programmable buttons on each side of the mouse that is responsive and easily accessible to both right-handed and left-handed people. The Razer Viper Ultimate can be fairly considered lightweight at 69g and has an enviable precision with 16,000 dpi optical sensor and eight programmable buttons that allow for easy reconfiguration and assignments of complex macro functions through its software.

It has a visible button that is located at its bottom and it acts as a DPI toggle button, which affords you the flexibility of easily switching across 5 different DPI stages on the fly. These preset settings can be reprogrammed via Razer Synapse 3 software that can be downloaded on Razer’s website. This mouse is very responsive and employs Razer optical switches that register button presses at the speed of light. Despite being a wired mouse, it is easy to maneuver because of its Razer speed flex cable design that eliminates the potency for cable tangling or fraying.

Pros and Cons


  • It has eight programmable buttons
  • It is ambidextrous
  • It is lightweight


  • It can be considered expensive
  • The side buttons are small

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Corsair Iron Claw

MMO Gaming Mouse

If you’ve got large hands, then come closer because this mouse has got your interest at every precise click.

It employs an 18,000 dpi optical sensor with 1 dpi resolution step that is fully dedicated to sensitivity adjustment. This mouse also boasts of ten fully programmable buttons that allow for quick access to specific customized functions. Each button is well modeled for macro and key remapping functions to allow for easier and faster gaming by effectively replacing a combination of keystrokes.

This ultra-durable mouse with Omron switches that are renowned for a lifespan of 50 million clicks proudly boasts of having three modes of connection which are through its low latency Bluetooth, it’s hyper-fast slipstream Corsair wireless technology and its USB wired port. The diverse connections allow users to easily switch between a wired and a wireless mode for any preferred gaming style. With a long-lasting battery that can last up to 50 hours and it’s unique CUE software that provides easy customization for its three-zone RGB lightings, this mouse is very durable and great for gaming.

Pros and Cons


  • It has three modes of connection
  • It has ten programmable buttons
  • It has a dedicated dpi button for adjusting mouse sensitivity


  • The left mouse button and the profile click button are not programmable
  • Without a mouse pad, it will work on a few selected surfaces

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To play any game the way it ought to be played, you need a functional, responsive, and precise gaming mouse that fits perfectly with your big hands.

I hope this article proved to be very helpful in redefining your purchase decisions as it concerns gaming fare for big hands. However, if you’re looking for other options, you can find some on Amazon.


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