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Best Ergonomic Mouse For Wrist Pain

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Using a mouse requires hand and wrist movements and a longer period of use can cause discomfort especially in areas like our wrist. In such a situation, an ergonomic mouse is the best solution that you can comfortably use without worsening the condition of your wrists.

Being informed on the type of ergonomic mouse that employs the features that you need can be very tasking and will require a lot of patience when compared to dealing with the wrist pain that you plan on correcting.

To ease your stress, I selected the 3 best ergonomic mouse options that will do the job perfectly. The selected options are of different designs and employ the best technical design that places your wrists in a neutral and comfortable position and thereby reduce wrist pain associated with long hours of working.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Ergonomic Mouse For Wrist Pain


Lychee Pen Mouse

Pen Mouse

The ability to alternate between different holding positions is what makes a pen mouse highly suitable for people suffering from wrist pain.  It is ergonomically shaped and uses the same muscles used for holding a pen. With lychee pen mouse at the rescue, your wrist easily assumes a more relaxed and natural position.

This wireless pen mouse is easy to use, portable, ergonomic, and features a mouse wheel and a remote control distance range of up to ten meters. It employs a plug and play design that doesn’t need any extra driver to function. With a three-speed adjustable DPI switch that can be easily maneuvered for absolute comfort, it is functional and very flexible.

This mouse also features a USB receiver that is highly functional even at a distance of thirty-three feet. It is powered by an AAA battery and features a low voltage alarm as well as an auto-sleep mode that is activated after a few minutes of inactivity. Being largely compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems, it is highly suitable for use in limited space.

Pros and Cons


  • It is portable and easy to use
  • It employs a plug and play design
  • It has a highly functional USB receiver


  • It is lightweight
  • It cannot be used on a transparent surface

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Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

Vertical Mouse

Using a vertical mouse has proven to be highly effective because it is ergonomically designed to permit little or no wrist movement. The ergonomic features employed by a vertical mouse are worthy of ergonomic praise and the Logitech vertical mouse is not an exception.

Its ergonomic design aligns your hand in a natural and neutral handshake position that helps to reduce the associated wrist strains such as CTS and RSI. The position of the hand accentuated by this mouse uses a 57° angle that prevents forearm twisting and reduces muscular strain to the lowest minimum. The 4000 DPI sensor featured by this mouse also helps to reduce hand and wrist movement because it is fast and highly responsive.

Complementing the DPI sensor is the cursor speed switch that allows for easy DPI adjustment on the basis of speed and accuracy. This highly functional and productive mouse permits easy navigation on three different computers either through its ten-meter wireless USB unifying receiver, its Bluetooth smart technology, or the USB cable. Another worthy feature of this mouse is its 240mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to four months if fully charged, although this feature depends highly on the user and the computing condition of the mouse.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a cursor speed switch that allows for fast DPI adjustment
  • It can be used through three different modes
  • It has a ten-meter unifying USB receiver


  • It does not have a hyper scroll wheel
  • The position of the button is relatively high

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Kensington Pro Fit Ergo

Trackball mouse

Protect your wrist with a vertical designed trackball mouse. The combination of these two features helps to keep your wrists in a neutral position and simultaneously reduce the wrist movement needed to operate the mouse. The Kensington pro employs both ergonomic features to provide comfort even when working for long hours.

This wireless mouse can be connected to three different devices with either the 2.4GHz Nano dongle or via the double Bluetooth connections. It employs an effective and highly functional optical tracking sensor with a 34mm thumb-operated trackball that tracks the cursor movement of the mouse. This design of this ergonomic mouse permits a 60° tilt and natural handshake position to improve wrist and hand movement.  

The Kensington pro fit vertical trackball mouse also features a three-speed customizable DPI switch that provides smooth cursor control and speed transitions. It also features nine programmable buttons that can be easily customized for quick access to specific functions This mouse can be used by employing the default plug and play setting or the software designed by Kensington. It has high precision and is also easy to use and clean, thanks to its inbuilt trackball ejection button that allows you to easily remove the trackball and clean dirt. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has nine customizable buttons
  • It can be used in either a dongle mode or via Bluetooth
  • The trackball can be ejected for cleaning or greasing


  • It is not very suitable for people with big hands
  • The cursor movement can only be controlled through the trackball

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It goes without saying, but if you are dealing with a repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or any other health issues, be sure to consult a medial professional an seek their advice. We cannot make any health claims or promises with these mice, only suggestions for you to explore further.

I hope this article helped you form a more informed decision when searching for an ergonomic mouse. However, if you seem unsatisfied with our choices, there are more options available on Amazon that you can look at.

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