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When asked about the connection that gamers have with a gaming headset, the easiest way that I could explain the connection was by saying “a gaming headset adds the extra to the ordinary, for an extraordinary gaming experience”.

Sounds are very important in games and the best way to get them to administered directly to your game senses is to get a gaming headset.  You might want to counter this and give credit to a large sound system but you’ll agree with me that the sounds from a gaming headset are more directional and this goes a long way to improve concentration and gaming awareness.

Moreover, a gaming headset offers great sound imaging in a way that only it can, eliminating distractions and external noises for a fascinating and hypnotic gaming experience. It is a more convenient and comfortable option when compared to buying separate headphones and microphones and a lot of times, its versatility makes it a nice investment.

So, while you assemble your mechanical gaming keyboard, your gaming mouse, and your gaming monitor, make the setup complete by adding a gaming headset. To help you get the sound that you’ve always wanted, check out our top 3 picks for the best gaming headset.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Gaming Headset


Epos Sennheiser Game Zero

Wired Gaming Headset

The Epos Sennheiser gaming headset is designed to offer an enviable audio performance to gamers, providing them with pleasing and thrilling sounds to complement their gaming skills. This gaming headset employs a wired connection in a lightweight but sturdy case, with ear cups well padded with memory foam to provide unparalleled comfort when gaming. It also employs a noise-canceling microphone that delivers clear and high quality sounds to aid conversation when gaming and this microphone automatically mutes when the boom arm of the headset is adjusted. 

Epos Sennheiser gaming headset integrates a volume control on the right ear cup that allows for on-the-fly adjustment of sounds and a volume wheel for easy control when gaming.

It also has two cables that allow for multi-device compatibility by simply changing the cables to switch between the devices.

The Epos Game Zero gaming headset has a collapsible design that makes it easy to fit into its handy case for easy portability. The wonderful features employed by the Epos Game Zero gaming headset can be used with a Mac, PC, Consoles with a 3.5mm audio port.

Pros and Cons


  • Its ear pads are made of memory foam
  • It has a volume control button on the right ear cup
  • It has a microphone that mutes when the boom arm is adjusted 


  • The microphone is not detachable
  • The headset might be too tight if not properly adjusted

Check it out on Amazon

Logitech G733

Wireless Gaming Headset 

If you’re a fan of RGB lighting, then this beauty will do well to be called yours while providing rich sounds for your games and audio.

With a wireless 2.4Ghz light speed for transmitting and streaming high-end audio at a 20m distance. The Logitech G733 is beautifully designed with the light sync RGB lighting that you just can’t help but love. It features G-hub acoustic for adjusting sounds and the dual-zone light sync RGB at the front of the gaming headset that can be easily customized through its 16.8 million colors for a preferred lighting setup.

The Logitech G733 gaming headset utilizes audio technologies that include 40mm Pro-G audio drivers for filtering bass frequency and an internal acoustic chamber for separating bass frequencies for a clear and smooth audio experience.

This gaming headset integrates ear cups that are well padded with dual memory foam to provide comfortable support for your ears while you listen to some thrilling sounds when gaming. It also has reversible features with mute and volume buttons that have options for play, and pause. Another cherished game-centric feature employed by this gaming headset is its detachable 6mm microphone that employs blue voice filters to make your voice sound clearer, richer, and more professional. 

The LG G733 gaming headset is lightweight and is available in several beautiful colors. It can last up to 29 hours on a full charge even with the highest volume turned on.

Pros and Cons


  • It has 40mm proof audio drivers
  • Its microphone uses Blue filters
  • It has RGB lights


  • The microphone cannot be retracted into the headset
  • The RGB lights consume battery

Check it out on Amazon

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

Budget Friendly Wired Gaming Headset

Employing memory foam to provide soft and comfortable padding to your ears that’ll help you enjoy your games with great sounds even after long hours of wearing a headset. The hyper X Cloud gaming headset is well designed to produce high-quality sounds that are great for gaming. It has a nice closed cup design padded with soft leatherette on both the headband and over the ear cushions for long-lasting support and comfort when gaming.

This gaming headset features a 53mm sound driver that provides superior sound quality with clear low, mid and high tones, blending and adjusting the tones when appropriate for an exceptional audio experience. Another game-centric feature employed by this gaming headset is its in-line audio control that provides options for fast alternation between volume adjustment and mute by using the control buttons on the headset instead of adjusting the sounds through the console settings.

The HyperX Cloud gaming headset has a detachable noise-cancellation microphone that has a frequency response of 50Hz to 18,000Hz, while the frequency of the headphone is 15Hz to 25,000Hz. Its microphone is highly effective in reducing background noise, and as well as easy switching between gaming and audio. This gaming headset has a braided cable that is 1.3m long and it employs these features at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons


  • Its ear pads are made of memory foam
  • It has a microphone that is adjustable and detachable
  • It features in-line control for easy volume adjustment


  • It might be too loud if it is not well adjusted
  • The headband is not adjustable

Check it out on Amazon


Games are not complete without sound and the most convenient way to get the best out of it is by using a gaming headset.

I hope that this article helped you to make a well-informed purchase decision as it concerns a gaming headset. If you still want to browse for more options though, you can find some on Amazon.

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