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Many of us spend 40 hours or more each week sitting in our computer chairs. Either at the office while working to meet our professional objectives, or at home when we are trying to get in some gaming.

Our computer chairs need to be comfortable and durable so that we can avoid injury and focus on the task at hand. In addition to robust construction, our office chairs need to provide ample support for our bodies. They must deliver great ergonomics to help us maintain proper posture and prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Below you will find our research.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Computer Chair


SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair

Details and Features

The SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair is an elegant piece of furniture that can help you to work at your desktop PC in a comfortable way. It is upholstered in soft, Coal Black bonded leather and padded to provide support for your shoulders and lumbar area. It has a high back that naturally follows the shape of your spine for maximized comfort. The SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair is designed with a racing style that is characterized by a pair of chrome vents under the headrest. They provide an attractive appearance and better air flow around your neck.

There is ample padding on the SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair that reduces pressure on your lower back, waist and thighs. By doing so, the chair keeps you comfortable enough to continue working upon it for long hours without experiencing fatigue. The backrest can also be tilted to recline at an angle of your choice in case you need to relax. The unit even has a recline tilt lock mechanism which secures your preferred angle for ample relaxation.

There’s a pair of padded armrests on the SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair whose height can be adjusted according to your preference. They are also long and upholstered in soft waterproof leather. Even better, you can adjust them from an angle of 90° to 180° according to how you want! You can move around with this chair because it has a 5-claw swivel base capable of 360° movement and support for up to 300 pounds  (lb). Altogether, the SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair is a fantastic unit for your office.

Pros and Cons


  • It is upholstered in soft, bonded leather
  • This office chair has a racing-inspired design
  • It has lumbar support
  • You can recline this chair according to your preferred angle
  • It has a swivel design
  • This office chair has fully adjustable armrests


  • It is not available in other colors

Why it is the best office computer chair for you

The SMUGDESK Office Computer Chair is an excellent piece of furniture for your workspace because it is beautiful, functional, durable and easy to assemble. It has a swivel base that’s strong enough to hold even heavy people. It is a long lasting investment for your office!

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Zenith BERLMAN Office Computer Chair

Details and Features

The Zenith BERLMAN Office Chair provides an ergonomic working experience for you while at your computer. It has a high back that supports your entire spine including your lumbar area. With this office chair, you even get a headrest to provide relaxation on your shoulder muscles to enable the stamina required for long hours of work. Your comfort is fully catered to by this office chair because it has adjustable armrests as well.

This office computer chair combines nylon fabric and mesh in a tasteful way that improves overall air flow around your body while working at the desktop PC. The contoured mesh adapts to the shape of your back for complete support as you work. There’s even a vent at your neck level that gives the chair a racing appearance and ventilates it at the same time. In terms of design, the Zenith BERLMAN Office Chair ticks all the boxes.

The chair is available in a deep black color that will fit in comfortably with your office interior design. You can also swivel with confidence because this chair is built upon a stainless steel frame covered in hardened PVC. The five-clawed base is fitted with casters that can roll in any direction you want. Additionally, the Zenith BERLMAN Office Chair can tilt all the way backwards so that you can change the seating angle and relax. Upon achieving the best tilt angle, you can lock it and enjoy. For all intents and purposes, this office chair has all the features you need for comfortable productivity.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a contoured mesh back
  • This chair has a nice black color
  • Its armrests are adjustable
  • You can tilt it backward to any angle you want
  • It has a swivel base with casters for easy movement


  • The armrests are wobbly and prone to breakage

Why this is the best office chair for you

The Zenith BERLMAN Office Chair is a fantastic piece of furniture for you because it is light, well ventilated and has multiple adjustable sections. Its armrests are long and their angles can be changed according to your preference. It also requires minimal assembly.

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Bestoffice Ergonomic Office Computer Chair

Details and Features

When you need a highly functional office chair that will help you to work with your computer in comfort, the Bestoffice Ergonomic Office Computer Chair is your best bet. It has a beautiful two tone design that’s available in 7 different colors and a complementary pillow for your headrest. Its backrest is contoured such that it hugs your torso perfectly and the armrests are padded and fully adjustable.

You can expect tactile comfort when using this office chair because it is upholstered in soft PU leather throughout its surfaces. It is also very strong because of the steel frame enhanced with hardened plastic frame. Notably, it has extensive padding along the lower backrest so as to deliver ample lumbar support for minimum fatigue during usage.

Literally every aspect of this office chair is adjustable because you can change the angle of its backrest, its height and even the armrest angle. The seat is nicely padded and wide enough for adults as well as children to feel comfortable while using it. With an attractive design and all the functions needed for comfort, the Bestoffice Ergonomic Office Computer Chair is an excellent option for you.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a gorgeous design
  • This chair is upholstered in soft leather
  • It has a robust frame
  • This chair can swivel in any direction thanks to the five-clawed base
  • This office chair can be adjusted in multiple ways


  • It is expensive
  • It is manufactured using carcinogenic chemicals

Why this is the best office computer chair for you

The Bestoffice Ergonomic Office Computer Chair is a great option for you because it is made with comfort and function in mind. This lovely chair has extensive padding everywhere and can swivel in any direction that you desire!

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Other Popular Computer Chairs

Not happy with our picks for the top 3? Here are a few other popular options for the best computer chair:

Things to Consider When Picking a Computer Chair

Chair Size

Your computer chair should have the correct size in terms of width and depth for you to enjoy comfort even when you sit in it for a long time. Make sure it has the correct size for you so that it can fit your physique correctly. The depth of your office computer chair should be such that you can rest your back upon the backrest comfortably with minimal effort. While sitting in this position, your knees should be 2 to 4 inches away from the seat.

To make the size more suitable for you, the office computer chair should also be fully adjustable. By using some levers, you should be able to change the height, backrest angle, armrest height and depth of your office chair. Adjust it until the chair is 16 to 32 inches off the floor so that your eyes are directly in front of the monitor while working. Seek as much flexibility as possible when considering the size of your computer chair!

Chair Style

Computer chairs come in very many styles because their manufacturers take pride in displaying design creativity. This means that computer chairs come in many different colors, shapes and frames. Despite being differently styled, computer chairs can all be organized into 3 main categories:

  • Light
  • Executive
  • Specialty

Light computer chairs are made of pliable materials such as polyester set upon stainless steel frames. Some example of these include drafting, mesh and collapsible computer chairs.

Executive computer chairs exude opulence, comfort and quality through characteristics such as padded leather, chrome finishings, wood grain and electronically powered adjustment. They are very comfortable, fully adjustable and most importantly, luxurious.

Specialty computer chairs are constructed to have unique features that promote skeletal health, posture and productivity. Some examples of these include ergonomic, balance ball, kneeling and saddle computer chairs. You can pick a chair style that fits your personal purpose while working on the computer.


We spend multiple hours in our computer chairs so they must be comfortable. The comfort of a chair depends on characteristics such as the frame, adjustability and material. Always consider comfort when you are choosing a computer chair.

If you intend to spend a lot of time in your chair, pick one that has a mesh fabric stretched over a supportive frame. If you enjoy sinking into your computer chair to relax from time to time, pick one that is upholstered in padded leather. Comfort can also be provided through the materials lining the computer frame along the exposed areas for example brushed aluminum, chrome, wood grain, titanium or carbon fiber. With this in mind, always consider the comfort of a computer chair before you pick it.

Types of Computer Chairs

The various types of computer chairs include:

  • Ergonomic Computer Chairs: These are specialty computer chairs that are developed to help you achieve a natural posture that preserves the health of your spine by providing ample support.
  • Drafting Computer Chairs: They provide easy transition from sitting to standing positions while working. Creatives such as architects and designers love drafting chairs due to the unique shape, light materials and extra height after adjustment.
  • Executive Computer Chairs: This computer chair is upholstered using luxury materials such as velvet, leather and cashmere filled with extra padding and a high backrest all set upon a strong stainless steel or titanium frame.
  • Mesh Computer Chairs: Ventilated furniture is very important when you’re working at a computer for long hours so that you can experience additional comfort from smooth air flow and the mesh computer chair facilitates this extensively.
  • Balance Ball Computer Chairs: This type of computer chair combines comfort and fitness because it is made of a huge inflatable yoga ball with a stable base. Designed for periodic usage, this computer chair is ergonomic and enhances circulation.
  • Kneeling Computer Chairs: With this specialty computer chair, your weight is divided between your shins and thighs eliminating pressure upon your lower back resulting in a healthier spine and lower fatigue.
  • Saddle Computer Chairs: The design of this computer chair is inspired by the equestrian saddle and spreads your thighs at an angle of 135° so that your back muscles can stay relaxed while maintaining proper posture.
  • Active Sitting Computer Chairs: Featuring an unstable base, the Active Sitting Computer Chair forces you to stand up from time to time to promote healthy circulation while working.
  • Big and Tall Computer Chairs: Those with significant height and mass can use this type of computer chair because its features are exaggerated for stability. It can handle heavy weights ranging from 300 to 1,000 lb (pounds) so it is essentially an executive chair for hefty people.
  • Conference Room Computer Chairs: Fitted with a mid or low backrest, this chair has a light construction so it can fit in a conference room without obstructing the line of sight for those behind you.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair is designed to be fully adaptable to your comfort requirements. It increases your productivity through the customization options provided. A computer chair becomes ergonomic when the height of its seat can be adjusted, the seat depth can be controlled and it provides complete lumbar support.

You can change the height of an ergonomic chair to make your legs perpendicular to the surface of your floor and change the seat pan so that your bottom feels comfortable. The lumbar support makes sure that your lower spine is well placed to deliver proper posture. Thanks to these characteristics, an ergonomic chair is specially built to deliver enhanced support.

Types of Chair Materials

Computer Chairs often have a steel frame construction and are upholstered using a variety of materials including:

Mesh – Mesh material is porous and has a net appearance that enables fresh air to flow through the chair and cool you down especially in the Summer months. Mesh is very comfortable because it adopts the natural curve of your back thus providing significant support.

Leather – Often used on Executive computer chairs, leather is prestigious and durable while staying easy to ventilate at the same time. This material comes in many colors and requires regular maintenance.

Fabric – The most common upholstery material is fabric because it is comfortable, easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Note that fabric is not as easily ventilated as mesh or leather so it can hold odors or moisture if not cleaned regularly.

Vinyl – Vinyl upholstery is beautiful and durable on your computer chair. It is easy to clean and polish resulting in a shiny look.


The comfort provided by our computer chairs can be directly related to our productivity in the office, or the enjoyment we can have while gaming. We spend a lot of time every day sitting in these pieces of furniture so it is important to make sure that they fulfill their desired purpose.

We have described the most important features to search for when buying a computer chair and covered ergonomics for you. Now you’re more informed to pick the best computer chair for you with confidence!

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