Best CPU For Gaming & Streaming in 2021

Gaming is one of the most intense functions you can carry out on a computer, It commands high framerates, resolution and will require your settings to be right for it to function actively. Other demanding programs like gaming include video editing and modeling, as well as rendering. Regardless of your need and wishes, we have […]

Best CPU For VR Gaming

CPU means Central Processing Unit. It is also called the central processor, main processor, or processor. It is the principal part of a computer and it composes of the main memory, control unit, and arithmetic logic unit. It is the heart of the computer and it is linked with input and output devices and auxiliary […]

Best CPU For RTX 2070

Gaming and conducting high-end computing operations on your computer, especially when it has to do with CAD/CAM jobs, will demand more of your GPU than your CPU. This is the case, however, to enjoy the massive offering of your GPU cards, your CPU must be optimized. It is just like running a race; while you […]